Jan 4, 2013

Night of Jan 3rd/4th 2013

While thinking in bed last night I had asked a multitude of questions, requests for revelations to particular concerns. Lately I try to prioritize and clearly explain my requests on helping to bring about change toward love. I recently wrote a letter to my old friend whom I haven't seen in over six years since he joined the military telling him that since he won't seem to meet me halfway, I am coming to him some 500 miles or so up north. Last night, I asked how am I supposed to try and heal the division between me and this friend whom I used to believe was meant to be my partner on Earth [undoubtedly we are connected, as my dreams, which I will be typing up each day starting back in October, will attest to, but I now believe our time is not meant for the present or even in this life. I accept and trust the course of this relationship to be what it needs to be deemed by fate, or heaven, or whomever governs such things]. How do I see him and ensure my partner I am not veering, but also keep my friend (and myself) on track toward healing our souls that for so long felt cheated out of being with one another.

Only a couple things stood out in my memory from the dream. I was showing off the ring I finally got. During Thanksgiving, my partner and I decided to get out commitment rings, representing our connection and love for one another, no matter what might come to pass so that we have a symbol of our time together. We went to an outdoor artisan's market where he found his (based on the one I originally got him that we had to return because of sizing), and I found the style I wanted. The vendor didn't have my size though, so I got his card and have been meaning to check if he had replenished his stock yet. I had almost forgotten until this dream. And I realized later it may have been the answer I was seeking. Although I am not a traditional woman, being polyamorous/bisexual, a ring is still a cultural symbol for 'claimed' or 'taken.' It would be enough to ensure my visit stays on the track I want for it, and reassures my partner that I am taking the truest part of us with me. I have to get that ring before I can go. Thank you for the solution my spirit guides.

The other aspect of the dream is recurring theme I still as yet don't know how to interpret. I am in a tiled section of the room from floor to ceiling, like a large shower. Water is streaming, and filling up the area and draining. Can't remember the purpose of me being here. What does water mean as a guiding symbol for me? I love water. It has always been where I am most at peace, I crave to be literally engulfed in clean, pure, floating water in and out of my body. Not like drowning, like... like being part of the water. Maybe like a fish?

Invisible structures on lakes (2; numbers will denote times dreamt of in my immediate memory) and full room baths like baptist tabs (2) and dragons flying over the ocean (2) and flooding creeks (2) and rain storm channeling (1, 1 unconfirmed) (empathically saw the storm that passed over and flooded Spokane WA last summer the night it hit) and training in warehouse filled with water (1 or 2?), raft racing test (1), survival testing in a shallow lake for three days (1), submerging some kind of device in a deep swimming pool (1), jellyfish-like creatures trapped in a flooded, broken-down shack near the coast after a tsunami I imagine (1), paved channels in enclosed facility filled with water as a water-training course complete with jungle gym like structure in a pool.

Wow I hadn't listed the number of water dreams I have had the last few months. This might be the most perpetual theme that appears in my dreams. What do these mean? Do magic and reptiles I channeled have anything to do with this mystery? Are these water-related dreams all independent of one another or building on the same idea trying to explain something to me? Our coast is due for a large seismic event... is this what they are warning me about? If so, when? Why am I being trained for water survival? Didn't God promise he wouldn't flood the Earth this time around? The flooding from the dream about Oregon was specifically due to torrential rain, not a large wave. There has been flooding due to rain around the world the last few months attributed to warming temperatures. More of this is to come? Why should we do living in Oregon? Should we leave? Please clarify these.There is often a cleansing element to these water based images. Is there a forced cleansing coming? Again, sounds like a broken promise if so. Shit. Forced cleansing like some say the storms over New York were? The same thing to happen to the West, like I pondered while New York was rebuilding and another two storms hit. Are these deliberate? Is this just a paranoid supposition?

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