Jan 23, 2013

Night of Jan. 19/20th 2013

Dream: Primary sequence that confuses me - Young woman I am perceiving experience through but does not look like me nor feel like me. With younger female sibling. We are taken from our parents hurriedly out of a compound/enclosed town surrounded by fencing or barrier of some kind. Two agents are removing us, man and a woman. They have our best interest at heart, but we are resisting being pulled away from our parents. We all know they are trying to spare our lives; something is going to happen to the town. We struggle, sobbing, but are pulled out of view of the town. I break free after a flash of light, and run to the edge of where the town grounds seemed to begin. It was marked by a clear change from dirt [not sure what material the rest of the flat ground surrounding the compound grounds was] to ash. This was no explosion, the ash started in a precise line. What used to be the town was obliterated. Ominous sky, like smoke clouding the sunset, and ships battling in the air with lasers. I dropped to my knees to pick up some ash as if I was feeling the remains of my parents.

The agents didn't want us being too close to the incineration zone too long, maybe because of radiation or because of prolonged emotional trauma staring at the leveling of structures and people to a flat square area of ash. What a powerful weapon, whatever caused this so quickly and without incident. My sister dropped down to do the same with me, partly to copy my grief. They pulled us up. We had to get moving. I broke away again and ran for the gate exit. Guards were posted everywhere. [Where am I? Why were we prisoners in that town being guarded and fenced?] They were responding to my escape by showing up down my path in lines and as deterrents to funnel me toward where I could return to an agent's supervision. I hear a narrator again who is talking only to me. He says "They cannot harm you. Pass by them if you wish, they will not touch you. They are only acting as deterrents." I test this by heading straight down a road toward on of them. As predicted, the guards part as I arrive close to them. I run right past them.

Another scene was training in the rain on a large wooden jungle gym-like structure with others. I was roleplaying being a woman in distress and Chris was playing Batman, who was driving around in a go-cart on the structure. Annoyed with him at how he was playing the personality of Batman with a comedic sarcasm and goofiness. This to me was meant to point out my unrealistic expectations of Chris as having the dark knight personality of Batman. Understandable. So why am I drawn to that persona? Is that the call of physical desire? That certainly is separate from my relationships. That is my imaginary companion Darian more than any living man that exists for me.

Analysis: I do not know what to make of that first sequence, hence why I finally wrote it down; its been lingering on my thoughts. What is going on here? Is this a past life experience? Am I channeling someone? What are all those stiff guards about? Who is this narrator that keeps guiding me? He talks directly into my ear, into my consciousness like God did in my old dream. It is a calming voice, very wise and caring. Whoever you are, I am ready for you to reveal yourself to me. Three times now I have heard you teach and guide me. Who are you? I am excited to know. Thank you for your direct communication into my dream self. Who is the young woman? Is the sister the blonde little girl I have seen twice already? Does she need my guidance? I would be glad to spend more direct time with her as well to understand who she is.

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