Jan 13, 2013

"Ingress", CHANI Project, and Dream Connections

My partner is a big gamer. He loves to read Penny Arcade and Topless Robot. Recently, he received an account for the Google game Ingress. The acquisition of such an account is apparently trickier than your average app availability. This Saturday we took it out for a spin in our neighborhood, locating portals to capture and add energy to. The game brings virtual play into a real world setting - an exciting concept for an active person like me who used to enjoy gaming but can no longer sit still very long to get far. But what is most intriguing about this game is the mystery.

You pick a side, either the Enlightened or the Resistance, and work to capture loose lying exotic matter around your neighborhood using the game interface on your smartphone for aligning, building, and maintaining portals for your side. We took the dog and kid essentially on a field trip around our town exploring centralized locations (libraries, government buildings, parks). I loved the sense of adventure and purpose it inspired in me, giving me a means of affecting toward the higher goal I have only since been doing in private ways (helping out my neighbors and friends whenever I can, performing prayer for truth and coordinating spirit efforts, conducting this research into my dreams). I had no idea there was a coordinated effort involving the public already underway.

The similarities I find between their game's storyline concept and what I find to be happening for real are eery to say the least. I have been blasting through the updates on their nianticproject website bullet boards and find myself openly questioning if this really isn't a game. What a clever guise though, if it isn't. It will force the general population to choose sides in a war they barely realize is going on. It releases concepts and connections that fit too well into what I already believe to be happening, real concepts and connections in a way that people can safely learn about them without the fear and anxiety that would result should they know it is based on truth. I have long believed video games and television series/movies have been ways of acclimating the public to real topics of concern with alarming them. Why? Fear and anxiety are the tools of the opposing forces which strive to keep everyone in the illusion that we are alone, that nobody knows what humanity's purpose is, that our version of life is the pinnacle crown of the universe's achievement, that limitations are laws of nature not results of oppression. If a benevolent work force is trying to pull us out of our prison, they must do so without further adding to the symptoms that our cell walls are made out of in the first place. So instead, they concoct their illusory way of getting the ideas through. Their 'deception' as resistance might call it, is not denial and blatant alteration of the truth as our oppressors do, it is education, the curriculum of which is shaped in such a way that would be perceived as fun and entertaining and thus disseminate important information and involve us in our own war. I am not necessarily talking about the war in the Middle East, however, there are interesting points of interest on that topic. If you observe the global feed of concentrations of either side, certain regions are strongly leaning one way or the other. In particular, our East coast is predominantly on the Enlightened side. The Middle East, is mainly on the Resistance side. Coincidence? Or an accurate depiction of what is really going on behind the facade of an oil/freedom war.

I also re-read excerpts taken from the CHANI project. The entity they communicated with from an alternate timeline made statements about things I have seen in my dreams and have only recently been able to start piecing together. Oil will have a sickness? The vehicles in my dreams all malfunctioned and became ... possessed. They convulsed with such maleability as to resemble a cartoon depiction of a car more than the capability of such solid material we know cars to be made of. They adopted animalistic features and tendencies. Rabid and angry.

The Niantic project website for the game talks about the effects of exotic matter that exists everywhere (similar to the Higg's field?) on the mind. There are so many tie in's here I am tempted to create my own corkboard. Sensitives are people who receive strokes of genius, who can think and perform at speeds assumed unachievable for the human mind. The Shapers are the spiritual ancestors I have been talking about, but some I believe are dark and some are benevolent. Figuring out who or what the dark ones are is still a mystery I am contemplating. These shaping influences support us, fuel us, communicate with us! Dreams for me, among other intense feelings of intuition and knowing I receive. Since I pulled my dream world a step into my reality these last couple days, my dreams have been difficult to remember. They have felt simplified. Their purpose shifted to rather than being programmed to be remembered for conscious analysis, they have reverted back to underlying messages for my subconscious only. If this is the mind virus they are referring to, I certainly have it. But most of us would call it awakening, not a virus, unless a virus can be a good and necessary thing. Its like the chicken pox then I suppose. Get it young so you can build immunity and acceptance of it, or risk the higher likelihood of rejecting it and dying from it later in life.

The site also mentioned people who couldn't handle the mind virus were becoming like the zombie people in my dreams, where something switches in them. They become autobots bent on a mission, usually to kill. They become mindless, in that they lose themselves and become a vessel. This was always confusing to me in my dreams, how these supposed zombies were never the classic zombies that were undead... well, not how the cult fans understand them to be. They would be undead in that they are no longer occupied by a soul and are now controlled by some unknown force that makes them all uniformly alike in behavior and mission. Once this happens, we can't save them. They succumb to their their fear, panic, anxiety and in doing so become a vessel for evil without realizing that evil could look like that. A person surrendering to the pain of their panic. That is evil winning. That is how they recruit people who could have been light workers. They lose control of the body they occupy. In my zombie series of dreams I believed I was destroying the bodies that were being violated and used by the evil force. I did so with love for the souls that once occupied them. I suppose this isn't too far off what is already portrayed in zombie shows where survivors find obligation in ceasing the zombie that used to be their loved one. I have a grander encompassing comprehension of it now though, and perhaps why there has been such a cult obsession over zombies this generation. It has been preparation for a gruesome eventuality. The picture needs to be completed though. We need to understand how this happens. Not just with a bite, although this might also be possible once they already are among us.

Am I just crazy? Fine, move on. The evidence will reveal the truth eventually. But it would be prudent to learn what you can now and have a head start.

The Entity talked about the moon not being present in their sky. I used to have dreams where our moon crashed or side swiped us. There were meteor pieces falling to Earth and in one of the three dreams I remember, I was filled with faith and peace and trust, then celebration and relief. The relief I thought was hope we would live the collision. In another one, Earth was thrown out of its orbit and I felt an endless falling feeling as the planet drifted further and further from its place around the sun. I also had an odd dream where the moon, brilliant, was quivering, then dropped down into water the out back to its place in a loop. It was animate, like a cartoon again, like it was dancing. It looped dropping down into the water than circling back to its position in the sky, then quivering again and back down. I saw this while out on an expanse of ice, I was loading on a bus with other students after having been to a building in the middle of this flat frozen wasteland. Where was I going in these experiences?! Who was guiding these excursions?

Answers to our questions can be found in the bottom of the ocean. I would say in (or on) our lakes as well. The Entity also made prediction about many waters falling. It doesn't get much clearer than that as far as predicting goes. My prediction for torrential rainfall in this region leading to intense and sudden flooding more than we have ever seen stands. Would the removal of the moon cause this? Weather patterns would shift, I imagine.

They are coming through the portals yes, but it seems we decide whether to welcome them or refuse them access. Do we act out of fear that they are hostile, or do we trust we simply do not know the entirety of the story and if they can influence our minds, then why don't they just brainwash us into allowing them to enter? Instead, we have the choice. Do we want to maintain our existence how it is, or welcome the guidance and knowledge and help they will bring? Do we stay in the dark, or take the leap of faith.

What if I have been thinking about deception wrong all along. I have always been nervous I am being deceived, tricked into thinking what is good is really bad and vice versa. Always trying to decide which side I'm on, even though in my heart I am just trying to decipher which way leads to the good. I know my side. Now what if, in combining my dark and light side, as two posts ago I was discussing, means I can actually tap into what evil is planning! I never considered that possibility. What if my dark side is really my means of spying on the dark forces. When I lean toward fear and anxiety, I was more likely to have zombie dreams. I feared they were punishment, that I was being shown what awaited me if I did not clean up my mental capacity to stick to good. But that never felt right either. Why would good work that way? Thus the problem I created of whether bad was portraying itself as good and I wouldn't be able to see through it. That is my greatest fear. I work in love though. That is my ticket to ensuring my energy goes to the right side. My dreams were not warning me if I didn't shape up I would be doomed to an existence on Earth forced to survive apocalytic circumstances because I couldn't belong with the enlightened. They were showing me a glimpse of the dark ones' plan. The whole time, whether dreams based in heaven, or dreams based in Earthly hell, I was still seeing realities. Neither was a permanent place for me on judgment day. Either way, I still worked for good. When I was doubtful and worried, I saw into the evil's plan in my dreams, still as a light worker. That never stops being. I always was and always will be.

So, if this virtual reality game is what I think it is, the product of intelligent humans privy to clues about what is happening to humanity and our Earth between the dark ones and galactic ancestors trying to decide logically what it all means and which side we need to be on, then sign me up. It offers the chance to finally coordinate larger scale efforts. Wake up. Involve yourself somehow in the war that has always been going on that lies at the heart of our very existence.

Anyway, its fun to think all these connections are true and provide me the most personal and epic backstory/motivation for playing this game ever. Makes it thrilling at the least. It lets me think I am helping my community and the health of my people (claim association by location and the knowing of many individuals in the area) in the grand picture. Unfortunately though, my partner and my area aligns with the Resistance primarily. I will have my work cut out for me. It already caused some tension between my partner and I. As a game, it adds competitiveness, as a reflection of reality, it concerns me that he might really prefer to maintain the status quo as it is. Or in treating it like a game, is he representing his rebellious nature without knowing for what he is rebelling? Do people really prefer the side they are working for in the game? Perhaps this is a training course...


"Ingress" is the property of Google. I do not claim any relation or cooperation in or with the game or organization. They hold exclusive rights to the game, name, and content. I am merely speculating and drawing connections.

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