Jan 18, 2013

Exploring Multiple Dream Theories

These theories are based on the material of dreams I have had and heard from others so far in a wide-scale attempt to understand what our dreams are, why they occur, rather for what purposes they occur.

1) Life is a training ground for spirit agents (potentially us/humans). We are choosing our sides, determining who we are and where we stand on the grander universal spectrum of either service of others or service of self.

2) A way for some body or organization, either with good or selfish intentions, to identify ideal personalities for recruitment, either for activation in dreaming realm, or for eventual recruitment in physical realm. Choices in dreams and/or physical realm would be monitored for assessment of progress, ability, and stance. (Compare to #1)

3) Faith testing and development.

4) Product of leaks in current timeline from alternate timelines that have been reversed and manipulated again and again leaving trace memories in our souls that surface as dreams when significant events in those other realities coincide with the day or events that happened triggering the dream/memory.

5) Communication with other humans - producing the remote viewing or astral projection sense - with animals, aliens, divinity, spirits, dead relatives.

6) Tuning to thought waves, events, energies of past and present of anywhere and anyone in time and space (Compare to #5).

7) Means of implanting ideas into unsuspecting humans. The physical world being the only realm of existence is an illusion (Matrix) and in dreams the unaware soul of that body can be manipulated or influenced by spirit creatures that feed on fear, anxiety, confusion (parasites in this sense), or to help guide the individual toward wisdom, love, confidence - essentially their ascended self.

8) Subconscious self working to bring whole self to an enlightened state where physical, spiritual, psychological dimensions of self work in unity.

9) Some complex combination of all the above. Any particular dream, sequence, or scene is one or another of the available options.

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