Jan 23, 2013

Arctic Conditions in California

Update Dec 19, 2013: This dream post was originally published early this year, and I since had a series of snow/blizzard related dreams and cues to prepare for cold (see here, here, here, and here). Then, this month, George Filer, Director of Mufon Eastern Region, reports "There is a mountain of data including already conducted experiments, satellite imagery, lab tests of snow, observations on the ground, and multiple existing patents,  all of which point solidly to the conclusion that snow storms are being engineered with well established weather modification processes." (From Filer's Files #50 2013) I am not privy the the 'mountain of data' Filer is aware of, so I must remain passively observant, but nevertheless I am intrigued that I may have been remote viewing planned storms. However, I'm more inclined to wonder neutrally, why would they be motivated to do so? Is this a war with weather, or is it one point on a timeline series of events that are being orchestrated to produce a particular global or cultural change?

Night of Jan. 22nd/23rd 2013
Dream: Only one scene carried with me throughout today. My partner, Jim, son Link, dog Odin are in a vehicle driving south on interstate. I am in passenger seat constantly pushing toys Link is tossing on the floor towards bottom edges of seats. Seats are spaced out more than in my actual car. Transparent floor. Objects will fall through and be gone if they are not caught and put against one of the solid seats. Magnetism? Light consisting of whiteness and colors streaking by underneath us. Snow everywhere. Terrible blizzard. Tree falls, blown over onto road. "Where are we going?" I ask Jim. "San Francisco." He replies. "No, what are you thinking? We can't go there. They are closing off those roads." Heard it from the radio news announcers. They are deterring people from going into that region. Snow has accumulated so much, no roads, cars, houses, anything can be seen. It looks like a frozen tundra, like the Arctic. The blizzard conditions are so bad you can't even see there is a road because the landscape blends together. Road starts to disappear with the accumulation of snow. He halts the vehicle. "See? We should turn back." I tell Jim. He sighs, relenting.

That was all. That was the most significant part to me. I can't remember anything else but know there was another sequence.

Analysis: I became aware today in Bible study [still weird for me to say that] with my neighbor that prophets foretold the coming of the Messiah 500 years plus beforehand. Wow that is a long time to wait. So I wonder, if I am seeing prophecy, how far into the future it is showing me? My knowing from the dream was that it made sense there would be flooding in Oregon, and blizzard build up in California closer to the equator. Now in what geological scenario is this ever possible? The Earth would have to fall on its axis for this to happen, for the poles to be temperate and the equator to be icy. However, I don't know that the poles were temperate, only that San Francisco region was freezing over and eliminating it as a place of habitation. People were evacuated, I assumed in the dream.

Have I been prophesying about this event of weather change in my lifetime or in the far future?

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