Jan 25, 2013

Response to Drought

My awesome partner who somehow knows exactly what to connect to helping me interpret certain aspects of my dreams I was unaware of, has pointed out to me that dousing rods will cross supposedly when water is found. The thin steel bars of the cage that my knowing recognized as a kind of radio or receiver had crossing wires on top. I will draw this simple radio sized cage and upload it. There was nothing in it, which seemed odd to me that it looked to be an empty container, and knew it was the device itself that served some other more sophisticated yet simple purpose. Is this a communication device, or is it related to water like dousing rods?

According to the recently released National Climate Assessment by the US Global Change Research Program from Washington, D.C., drought is a serious concern plaguing the US because of rising temperatures and low rainfall. Wildfire season in 2012 was the third worst on record because of the dry forests. War over water within our own states (as well as other parts of the world) has been theorized as a current issue of concern that will grow with global warming, as discussed in documentaries like "Blue Gold" and "Water Wars." Southern California and south central States are at most risk.

My dreams focus on a sudden pouring of rain leading to flooding and unheard of accumulations of snow in atypical areas like Southern California may be explaining a plan to intervene by creating weather conditions that will replenish these areas of water. I always assumed it was a cleansing of the people, but it is a relief effort. How could I have been so wrong. Perhaps it is both.

The snow dream last night (Jan 24/25) was in Portland; Northern Oregon. If the Earth turned on its axis in order to create a switch in climates, would Northern Oregon and Southern California both be in a zone where they would both receive the same weather? Or is this a deliberate manipulation of the weather to help with the water crisis?

I am excited to discover what function this wire cage is and how I am to use it.


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