Jan 16, 2013

How to Dream Vividly?

I waste so much mental energy wondering about the lack of seriousness people would afford the dream experiences I have that I didn't notice those I talk to about them are genuinely curious about the phenomenon I am reporting on.

A neighbor expressed envy at having such intensely rich, story-oriented dreams as I do, and wished he could remember his in more detail. What if there are people who do wish they had the kind of awe-inspiring communication I do (even though I don't know for certain yet that it is that)? The thought had never crossed my mind. I always just felt the sad frustration that no one would believe. With alien encounters, ghost stories, UFO sitings, and other strange phenomena the experience at least happened in the same physical realm in which they would be reporting it to someone in. Dreams occur beyond this realm, and inlaid within it, but teetering on the borders of what most people are willing to explore or accept. So the credibility of such experiences is inherently limited.

But when I speak to someone in person, I do not realize I talk with such conviction and wonder about what is happening to me that the listener so casually . In the privacy of my mind, I struggle relentlessly with finding conviction and confident certainty, yet here I am asserting those qualities in discussing my dreams all the while wrestling with the anxiety that they think I'm a quack, that no on gives credence to dreams and won't start with yours.

There I was, though, confronted with the question "How can I dream more vividly, like you?" Whaaa?! Well... um.. you... um... I have no idea. I did stumble across one thing though. In the Book of Moroni, Chapter ten, a list is compiled of gifts provided directly from the Holy Spirit (for non-believers, just understand this to be the underlying force that helps to guide the course of humanity on a complex individual basis... I know, that doesn't help does it). The gifts, which might better be understand as innate predisposition to having, included: wisdom, knowledge (information, facts, events), interpretation of many languages, prophecy, beholding of angels and spirit beings, healing, performing miracles, and a couple others I think.

Even though the grass is always greener- my dreams have frustrated me. If they are divine communication, why not just send me a messenger, why all the cryptic metaphors? I have requested a physical manifestation in the form of a messenger more times than I can count. And the best I've ever received are a crop circle, grid marks on my palms, a UFO siting, and a dream talking to a light being claiming to be God. Now, I should be fairly happy with just those in and of themselves, right? But my problem, like always, is certainty. Physical, undeniable evidence of who or what is trying to communicate with me. I suppose the problem could be that if millions of spirit beings, humans, animals, and aliens across all time and space have an open link to me, than it would be rather difficult to cram them all into my little house. But just one representative?

I have since just accepted that it is too dangerous for them to show up in this realm right now, and that ultimately it does not help me establish faith. Some people's gift it is to behold angels and spirit beings, for me I only do in dream experience, which may still be more than most get at all. I'm just not sure what my gift really is. I don't know that its healing, or prophecy, or what? Perhaps interpretation or knowledge and wisdom... that makes sense to a degree. I wish it was prophecy or healing, and my dreams do have hints of those, but I am not convinced yet of either, perhaps because i am still learning to unlock those.

How does one vivid dream? Active stimulation of a certain area of the brain, to be detached and uninvolved in the causing of vivid dreams, is one answer. Another is maybe your gift lies elsewhere.

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