Jan 7, 2013

Night of Jan 6/7th 2013

How does this answer any of the questions? There is something I am missing then?

Dream: Walking with a friend uphill in a neighborhood. Some house look a little beaten down. Grass is yellow and brown here and there, with some streaks of green. Sunny. Maybe summer? Early morning after a night partying or dancing. Her friend Melissa is the same person I knew from elementary school who passed away years ago. She is keeping her distance from me. She is angry, but whatever her issue with me is doesn't seem big enough to warrant her behavior. She won't walk by us, keeps gesturing back like she wants to be lude and is holding herself back. I am still in a calm state of mind, as I often am in my dreams, a peaceful, composed, sure of myself, compassionate, helpful attitude. Probably who my inner self truly is.

We meet someone along the way, a small man, who is also trying to get to where we are going, a building on the hill where he works. He is taken with me. I invite him to join us. The ease by which he attaches to me and wants to show affection or appreciation is endearing to me. He is not inappropriate, just wants to hold my arm as we walk and hum pleasantries, lean his head on my shoulder. My friend was hesitant to bring him along and I said "Nonsense, why not." We come to a kind of fork in the road where either way we see the beginnings a lush green field/lawn and propped crops dotting and outlining the lovely field. Which one holds the building on it's top? We can only see the bottom of either hill because maple and oak trees block our way. I just choose one. We walk toward it and start to see the buildings at its summit (not more than a few hundred feet in elevation from where we were at the base of it. I thought it wasn't the right one until our companion said "No its right. See? That tower is near where I work, and that building is my work." I have been here before. I have seen that oddly shaped tower before.

We arrive inside, go up stairs to a restaurant where all the employees are eating. My partner works here and is sitting at a booth across from where I sit with my travel companion who is still clinging to me. I explained to him as we were coming up that my partner works here so be aware of that. He didn't seem to mind. An old friend from college, a buddy of my partner, is in town visiting and we sat right next to. "Logan?! I haven't seen you in so long!" We were delightedly to see each other. I explained I was helping this guy get to work since I was coming here anyway to see Jim. Logan was not amused by the little man. Looking at his menu, he said, rather accusatory "You know her partner is sitting right there?" My smile vanished for a split second at his feeling the need to point out to him that I am in a relationship, as if I was intentionally leading him on. "I told him already. He knows." I clearly state. I was offended that he interpreted my actions and friendliness as promiscuity.

The menu was expensive. Who was paying for these meals? Their boss entered and motioned everyone back to work. I said bye. The little man between Logan and I slipped out for work. I scooted closer to Logan as they were leaving. "So how are you? Would you like to hang out and catch up? I haven't seen you in so long." He made some excuse. His attitude towards me shifted. He was cold and... well, he seemed like those influenced zombie people from an old dream. In his view, my feminine friendliness was seductive and wrong, and I was now luring him into. I tried to make other arrangements around his schedule. He did not want to see me. He excused himself. Melissa was acting the same way toward me because of my willingness to accept this little man into our entourage and let him hang over me. [Note to self: Strive to analyze these dreams with the same perspective you are shown having in them. When I awoke I feared it was trying to tell me I am still being overly sexual or attractive, a trait my dreams have cautioned and corrected me on many times. But I was simply seeing things differently. I loved the friends and new friends, male or female. It was others around me that were twisting my compassion and love into a sexual thing because of our genders. As I do my Skin Project trying to desexualize the skin and familiarize people with real examples of the human form, not just the greek gods and thin models of our visual media, I have had to remember my message will not be received well by everyone, and many people will adulterate it.]

Analysis: I believe conservativist religion will lose its place as people ascend and qualities like tolerance, expression, honesty, love, acceptance of what we are become realized. Jesus showed much affection for all his disciples. He hugged and kissed them. They even expressed jealousy for why he favored Mary Magdalene over them at times. Touch and physical expression is not immoral. It is more direct to stimulating the brain's pleasure centers than mere talk. If someone is so driven to express their love in touch, than the receive believes it to be a substantial amount of enjoyment to be in their company. Why were people unaccepting of this little man's expression of affection for me and my willingness to let him show it. I didn't want to have sex with him. It has been difficult for me to reconcile this belief and lean toward open expression because touch is too associated with sexual desire. I am extremely affectionate with my child, and with friends who are also affectionate (very few). But I never know where their line is. Is it wrong that I just want to touch people, and share in making one another feel appreciated and enjoyed? Am I muddling the issue?

As far as how this answers my previous post's questions: There were no cars that I could see. Just the fact we had to walk was interesting, made me wonder if we were drunk and decided to just walk to where we had to go. One scene earlier answered this and I can't remember.

Maybe the cause for celebration is for those of us who realize our old vehicles are no longer needed and no longer polluting. We are happier to walk, but we also have a faster way of travel? Teleportation or light speed running is what it feels like. Maybe it's not that our vehicles will become animate, but they will become temperamental, in that they won't function right, and be more dangerous to be in because of their unpredictability. That was what that scene earlier felt like. We were trying to get into a car and it was distorting or changing shape while we were in it, like it was alive. It wouldn't work though.

Twice I was traveling across the border of Idaho and Oregon when my car's electronics went haywire. I thought my car was suddenly breaking down while I was going 70 mph on the highway. I figured it would start slowing down. Just as quickly as they went haywire (all lights blinked on, dials rose to their peaks) did they all turn off, then come back on as if nothing happened. Like my car was reset. Literally. The clock started back at 12:00 default. My speed kept going. I don't even know if I lost speed. EM bursts are known to cause this kind of effect. Will there be a worldwide EM burst that makes vehicles inoperable?

Okay, keeping it simple and focused on the greater whole of people. If I am understanding this correctly, when can we expect this large scale EM pulse to happen when our magnetic grid, or whatever allows our electronics to function, goes haywire making our man-made electronic vehicles in operable? Will it happen at the same time of the severe rain storm alluded to in many of my dreams? What about older vehicles that do not run on electronics. Will they be affected too? They are the real gas guzzlers. Will this be a deliberate event or an unintentional event or a natural phenomenon? Will it be caused by the sun? Will it result from a change in our magnetic field? Will this pulse harm humans? How will communicate with distant people to check status and prevent anarchy? Will vehicles no longer work how we've known them to because of a progressive change in Earth's vibration? Machines are interesting in that they are functional, movable yet inanimate. There are no other self-automated, mobile objects in nature that match this kind of illusion of life. Can you provide me confirmation that this analysis is accurate.

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