Jan 27, 2015

RGMP Case Report #8: Bruno

When Bruno L. was 13 years old, life was about enjoying the simple things. His day began like any other. He went to school, studied there in the morning, then paused for a bathroom break. When he examined himself in the mirror, something unusual caught his eye. There in the dead center of his forehead was a small grid of subdermal dots.

"It was 3 rows with five points each (1 inch x 0.25 inch)." The mark was distinct, with no faded edges. "I didn't take photos of it, as I t[h]ought it was uni[m]portant at the time.... If it [had] happened nowadays I would google it instantly, but that just didn´t happen back then."

Bruno went on with his day to music and English classes in the afternoon, barely to think about it again. Sure, it confused him at the time, but the mark was so small, no one else noticed, except him and his mom.

Eight years later, he comes across my website exploring a phenomenon of marks similar to the one that appeared in the middle of his forehead so long ago. With no picture to refresh his memory of the mark, he discussed it with his mother and drew a diagram.

 Computer drawn diagram of the grid mark that appeared on Bruno's forehead in 2006-07. Left is how he remembers it, on the Right is how his mother believes it looked.

His mother remembered the rows being in a rectangular shape with horizontal/vertical row alignment, but he could have sworn the rows were spread out to create a diagonal alignment. Either way, he says he had doubts himself at first that the mark was not the same phenomenon because his was so small, only an inch long.

Raised in Brazil from the age of two, but born in America, Bruno's citizenship contradicts the culture and language he calls his own. His ancestry is primarily from Italy, and his family is Catholic. He considers himself an atheist and takes pride in his physical athleticism. He's weight lifted since he was 16, enjoys music, studying aircraft, and time spent on his computer.

Despite their difference in religious opinion, he is very close to family.

 Bruno in the locker room at the gym, taken recently this month, January 2015.

Currently, at 21 years old, he lives outside Valinhos, Sao Paulo, in a gated community 15 miles from the city center, where he studies industrial engineering at the local university. He describes himself as "introverted, above average IQ, curious" but "highly skeptic[al] about paranormal events."

Bruno, like so many others who contact me, was insistent he didn't believe UFO's or aliens were involved in the appearance of his mark. I reassured him that UFO's and aliens are not my primary lead, and perused for other potentially useful information.

JENNY: "In what position would you normally sleep on the bed when you were 13? On your back, side, stomach?"

Almost certainly expecting him to say his back, he breaks my assumption by saying:

BRUNO: " I sleep sideways or on my stomach."

In all the other cases in which I've managed to obtain this detail, the mark appeared on a part of the body that was exposed to the ceiling/air. Now it could have been that he was sleeping on his back that particularly night and simply doesn't recall, or it could be the mark didn't appear the night before at all.

Gabriel's case (Report #7) has shown this phenomenon can appear spontaneously while the person is awake. Bruno's mark could have appeared anytime between when he last looked at himself in a mirror, and when he found the mark in the school bathroom. That leaves a wide range of time, and different positions and circumstances for when the mark could have appeared.

He didn't mention any pain, discomfort, or accompanying sensation to hint as to how the mark may have been created. No news there. And he doesn't seem to be disturbed too much by its previous existence, just curious as to how and why it happened.


As our case load continues to expand in number, so does the available data. I reached a point of acceptance that the answer may not become clear so some time. We have 20 case files in our personal archives, and growing. Lately we have made significant improvements in our organizational process and filing to help us better communicate, share information between cases, archive, compare cases, and fill out our spreadsheet for statistical analysis.

No sooner did I finally relax into my role, did it strike me, my next lead. I've been debating the details of the RGMP for two years now. First and foremost, I want to discover how it occurs. What can attract or pull blood to the surface in such a symmetrical pattern without disturbing the levelness of the skin (no bumps, indentations, dips, or texture at all), and without identifying sensation?

Could the blood be rushed up to the skin in that organized fashion by a natural process? Is the iron metal in our blood enough to react with sound wave or some kind of charged field that could both organize it and attract it toward the surface of the skin? Could it have something to do with the plasma holding the blood cells?

See Upcoming Report.

If you or someone you know have experienced the RGMP, please contact our investigative team by using the contact form in the right column of this website. Or you can fill out a General Info Collection Form here. See the Investigations Page for an archive listing of all posts and published case reports on this phenomenon.


  1. The exact same dots have been appearing on my forehead for a while now. They appeared again this morning.

  2. The exact same dots have been appearing on my forehead for a while now. They appeared again this morning.

    1. Do you have pictures? Please send them to experientialdreaming@gmail.com if so.

  3. My 7 year old keeps waking up with these on her back. Dr. Has no clue what it is, what exactly is this? How is she getting them? I have pictures.

    1. Send us your photos at experientialdreamingatgmaildotcom. I know it can be disconcerting to discover them on your child, but we do not believe there to be enough verifiable evidence to support the notion that there is malice involved in the RGMP.