Jan 18, 2015

RGMP Case Report #7: Gabriel

 "It was so sym[m]etric, we could not bel[ie]ve this was a skin rash."
-Valerie, girlfriend to Gabriel

Valerie, 39, contacted me from Montreal in Quebec, Canada, on behalf of her boyfriend, Gabriel, 22, by leaving a comment on the grid mark's testimonials Summary and History Post on January 8th. Five days earlier, on the night of January 3rd, 2015, a 3-inch diameter circular grid of small prick-like marks in diagonal rows appeared on Gabriel's right hip.

The mark appeared while they were having sex, at around midnight. Only when they finally relaxed did they notice it. But being too tired from their romp to investigate it further, they fell asleep and left the mystery for the morning.

"When we woke up in the morning we took the pictures but it had faded.... I swear the c[i]rcle was almost perfect."

Valerie snapped these two pictures the following morning, the marks had already begun to fade after 8-9 hours. She added in the diagram to demonstrate it's original appearance.

"No pain, no bruises, no symptoms. Just the dots under skin." Gabriel couldn't recall any burning, discomfort, tingling, pinching, pressure, or any other sensation that would have otherwise drawn his attention to the site. Its size and symmetry alone were what caught their eye.

They tried to brainstorm what might have caused it, but when they came up empty, they looked around online and found Jordon's and my website.


Like so many others, Gabriel and Valerie were both curious and confused about the mark. "It was so sym[m]etric, we could not bel[ie]ve this was a skin rash." I asked her if they had any intuitions about what may have caused the mark. Valerie replied "The first idea that came out of our minds..[was it is] totally ... not associate[d] with a normal bod[ily] reaction. I dont think that our body can represent a perfect grid...with a c[i]rcle formed by dots."

They asked the same question I have been:  What could create such a symmetrical grid below the skin? No reaction medical science is aware of creates a near perfect grid without intending or raising the skin. (See post listing what the RGMs are NOT). 

Why do they vary in shape and size between cases? Their is no consistency on which part of the body they appear, either. My previous hypotheses that the marks occur over large muscle groups, or in paces where there is significant blood flow, or along the body's line of symmetry were contradicted by outlier occurrences. Sometimes the marks occur in identical pairs, most often they don't. A couple have appeared over the forehead, a bony, not muscular area. Two or three experienced heat, or a burning sensation at the site prior to the mark's appearance, or sweated profusely in the night and woke in damp clothes and bedding.

Thinking heat may still be a factor to investigate, I questioned Valerie and Gabriel at length about his body temperature, excess heat he may have felt at the site, and what he may have been wearing. Other than always being thirsty, and the expected heat of the act they were engaged in, Gabriel could recall nothing unusual related to his body temperature. Valerie consistently verified that he was bare naked. 


With no luck in the heat aspect of the investigation, I figured more general information about his profession, hobbies, interests, and overall personality would have to do. 

Gabriel worked in construction as a brick layer, but left to explore other job opportunities. He currently works produce at a grocer, and is considering returning to school someday. Pretty standard  for his age. 

He has no history of serious illness, and takes no medications. Valerie describes him as "a very serious guy. He takes everything very seriously." She believes his maturity and perspective is what drew her to someone so much younger than herself. She identifies him as being independent, sensible, empathic, impulsive, capable of showing emotion, social, lovable, and compassionate.

Nature and science are key areas of interest for him. In all their emails, led by Valerie, but cooperatively informed, they seemed to have a healthy level of skepticism that did not impede their openness to seek answers.

All these traits are typical of persons whom have experienced these marks. Balanced, thoughtful individuals with a kinship to both nature and science. One more 


The pattern in my research has been the affected area was facing out, or up, not down against the bed or a wall when it appeared. Gabriel's adheres to that pattern. His skin was exposed to air, with his backside facing the ceiling when they think it showed up. 

The fact the mark appeared while the person was awake is a first in my data set. That it happened during an act that requires adrenalin, produces serious heat, raises blood pressure, and raises core body temperature, among other physiological changes, puts to rest many questions. This case confirms the marks appear spontaneously with no apparent source. It is not the result of direct contact with a physical object, like a fabric or object with a texture that could explain the grid pattern.

Because no pain or discomfort is usually associated with the appearance of these marks, experiencer's aren't inclined to see a physican for a check-up, and because the marks can fade considerably by the time someone could get in for an appointment, the rationality of having the marks examined by a medical professional never gains weight until after they find me.


"It took 3 days [for the mark] to finally dis[app]ear," but Valerie and Gabriel's minds are far from resolved on the matter. 

I received the following email from her this morning, January 18th, 2015 7:03 AM PST:

"Good morning Jennifer.
Its 10am here. My boyfriend just called me. But we could not [h]ear each other. There was an AWFUL SOUND. I [have] never [heard] this kind of sound beffforree. Me and Gab [could hear each other] but we could not talk.  It was so loud and strong like somebody screaming over something scratching with distortion.

"I'm pretty sure this is just coincidence and it was interference. I though[t] Gabriel [was pulling a prank]. But he is at work. We both are scared now. I'm alone home in my bed.... and i feel like in the movie Signs.

Gab told me this sound happened once when he did call me one month ago.. but he just though[t] it was interference.

Ok. Sorry. I think those marks are driving us nuts."

RGM experiencers tend to feel targeted because no natural reason has been identified for why the marks appeared, so, of course, we resort to outside sources. I tried my best to gather more details, then to calm her paranoia, not at all sure whether to panic myself. I've had particular email correspondence mysteriously disappear from my email archives. I worried this was a sign my reportees were having their phones tapped.

[Email dated Jan. 18th 2013, at 2:49 PM PST]:

"Try not to psych yourself out too much, it could be something as simple [as] your phone carrier. Do either of you get dropped calls too? If you use a cell, take it in to an outlet or repair shop of that brand to have it checked out. Tell them the issue you're experiencing and see if they've had similar complaints. A quick search in yahoo search engine reveals other people have had the same thing recur.

It's easy with something as yet unexplainable to stir the imagination, especially if you're alone when something weird happens. The best thing you can do for yourself is get in touch with someone, so that's good you have your mother within reach.

I'm still not convinced myself that some unknown entity (governmental or extraterrestrial alike) is involved in the appearance of the marks. It's origin does date back to a case involving a landed UAC (unidentified aerial craft), but it wasn't clear who it belonged to, since there were no operators present when Steven examined it.

I have a few connecting points that could suggest outside causation, but until I'm sure, I don't want to panic anyone.

I will let you know when your case study is posted. You both have been very helpful getting this information to me. I only know of one other person investigating this phenomenon. He's actually in Canada.


The overall fact remains that none of the other cases, besides myself, have been harmed in anyway by the appearance of the marks. My Leading Theory post still upholds the possible relationship to other potentially natural factors science simply hasn't caught up with. Other theories I explore are as follows:

Microwave radiation (natural cumulation enough to produce an affect)
Microwave radiation (targeted, source controlled, device)
Excess heat expellation (forced out by the body)
Extraction site (blood, plasma)
Injection site (vaccine, immunization, live illness, nanotech)
Unknown reaction with air, magnetic field, radiations

(Original Publish Date: 1/18/15)

If you have, or know of, an occurrence of the Red Grid Mark Phenomenon, please contact me using the form in the sidebar of this website. Any information greatly contributes to this research. Requests for anonymity will be honored. 

If you find these marks on your body, try to have them inspected by a medical professional as soon as possible to acquire a medical opinion.


  1. I am a paranormal investigator and this has happened to me twice now both times the day after investigating a location called wheeldon manor once in July and havent returned until dec. 1st and it happened again

  2. Contact me? My bf has these marks.

  3. I have these marks!! No idea how they got there

  4. I have an area that is small but obviously hexagon. It has been there a few weeks. I don't have any reason how or why its there. I do have a possible abduction story from 26 years ago.