Aug 16, 2015

RGMP Case Report #16, Part 2: Brian J. 2015 Recurrence

[Read Part 1: Brian's History with the RGMP]

Brian J.'s case report continues with the story of his July 2015 grid mark recurrence.

"There's something on your back, it looks like a pattern of dots." -Brian's wife of 4 years 
"This time I've taken digital photos as documentation."

July 28th, 2015 - Nineteen years after his last mark in a stream of annual appearances suddenly stopped, his largest one yet showed up on his back one Tuesday morning. "It was quite a bit larger than normal, 2 or 3 times the typical size." He was laying in bed on his left side, when his wife brought his attention to an unusual pattern on his back. 

Standing close-up of Brian's 2015 mark.

Jenn: "Was your wife already familiar with your history of the marks?"

Brian: "She had seen my notes and sketches before, and although she believed me, seeing them in person brought a sense of proof to her."

Brian is currently in his 3rd marriage. He has only been with her for the last four years, through which time he has been grid-mark free. All his previous occurrences happened during his first marriage.

Jenn: "What did your first wife think of the marks?"

Brian: "My first wife Helen was a witness to all of the previous marks in the 80's and 90's, and would sometimes point them out to me, especially when they appeared on the back of my body. It was a mystery to her too, and as far as I know their appearance didn't bother her at all either."

Both of his partners have awoken him from sleep to help him out of a dream. Their cue is his odd moaning. "My method of getting out of a bad dream is to make a noise." He explained.

In the week preceding the appearance of these marks, he recalls a dream wherein he went downstairs to close the back door. Some unknown entity was trying to get into the house. He fought at the door to keep the being out and recognized he was in a nightmare. That realization reconnected his waking body to his dream walking avatar. He vocalized in his dream and it came out as moaning in his sleeping body. Less than a week later the mark appeared.

In 1996, his first wife told him he mumbled about people with big head and eyes in his sleep, though he has no conscious memory of a dream encounter that night. 

Brian's had a number of other dreams where he's communicating with aliens. One particular race "looked human" and "talked to me telepathically." He's also seen UFO's landing in his dreams. Brian has a 40 year history of OBEs. 

When he was 22 years old camping in Virginia, he had a vision (not a dream) of being in a rounded, white corridor. He came to a control room with limited furnishings and objects, but made no mention of any intelligent operators present. 

In 1990, he awoke in the morning following an OBE to find those familiar dots and wondered if they were somehow related. 

Brian considers himself a spiritual man, fascinated with cosmic mysteries, science, archaeology, and other realms of consciousness. "Just because we might not be aware of them [other realms], doesn't mean they're not there." 

When his OBEs started happening every week at one point in the '70's, he decided he needed to find help. He didn't know what they were, why they were happening, or what to do when they did. "I rolled around the bedroom," he said, describing his typical unsteered floating experience during his early OBEs. A friend recommended a book by Robert Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute, and Brian determined to attend a week long course there as soon as he had the funds to do so. In his studies, he learned 'rolling' was the best way for him to get out of his body, and now applies that term to what floating around during an OBE feels like. He'll hear a rushing in his ears, vibrations in his vision, then roll out of his bed and body. 

He's flown around his room, beyond his roof, and above his area, but he says there's no particular destination he wants to go so he hasn't had a reason to go any further than that. Still, he's satisfied with his progress and enjoys the experience. 

We both agreed fear was an inhibitor in both initiating and controlling altered state movement. His whole approach to any of the unknowns he's encountered has been that of curiosity and wonder, more than resistance. When I praised his uplifting perspective on a lifetime of strange occurrences, he recounted a psychic reading he had where he was told he was surrounded by a lot of positivity, and that indeed he tries to align himself with positive energies. He believes in a benevolent universe; "light attracts light" he stated. "If you go in with the right attitude..." he began, waving away what he believed the resulting charge of whatever situation you were in would yield. He was suggesting you take out what you put in, and emphasized the role of perception in searching the unknown. 

Every time the marks appeared, he would think either "Oh, dots again" or "Hey, hey, they're back" with near excitement. "I called them my personal crop-circles" demonstrating a fondness for their intimate and random nature. He figured that since they haven't adversely affected his physical being, they pose no real threat to him. "[A]fter 33 years of this nothing bad has happened to me, and that might ease someone else's fears." 

Jenn: "Do you have any theories about what they are then?"

Brian: "I'm not sold on any explanation for them, but it is reassuring to read the comments here about others having them.... I don't believe I've been abducted.

"[A]ll I know is that the appearance of these dots or marks hasn't had a noticeable detrimental effect on me. If anything, quite the opposite - they have led me to explore possibilities and explanations that go outside the lines of conventional thought altogether. Whether it's related to alternate realities, aliens, out of body excursions, or something we haven't figured out yet or can't grasp the concept of, it's still a fascinating thing.

"[N]othing harmful or bad or evil ever happened as a result of any of my experiences, and so we [his wife and himself] both understood that these were learning opportunities for us, and as long as we kept things in perspective... we really had nothing to fear, and maybe a lot to gain."

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