Aug 15, 2015

Cat Channeling Series Finale

Dedicated to our RGMP Experiencer Jillian for her own feline affinity. See Jillian's case report part 2 here.

I'm officially calling my search to a close. Here I tell the rest of the story of my dream channeling and synchronicities that led me to rescuing these two five week old kittens from the streets.

 Seen here almost a week after being found, these two 6 week old siblings were
starving, infested, and desperate. 

This series has been about the previous kitten I came to care for and the bizarre synchronicities that convinced me to take her in: 1) dreams of an older cat I later discovered to be her father, 2) finding the exact litter box and a kennel I wanted/needed if I were to take in a cat FOR FREE on the side of the road, 3) dream signaling me to her birth, 4) my snap decision to choose her from the litter when I thought she was a boy and I had previously picked a girl in the group; we found out later she was female and she was a pleasing mix of both my old calico cat, Jadzia, and a cat I dreamed about sometime after (whom my parents and cousin ended up caring for, see this post). In reality, this series is about all the cats in my life and how I have come to have them. It begs the question of how a person comes to have this kind of connection where events and clues about the waking world can be perceived in the dream world? What aids this ability? 

As you may remember from the most recent post in this series, I was putting posters around my neighborhood to look for that year old cat that all those dreams and synchronicities had brought me to, only to have our bond prematurely broken. Her running away made all of that seem pointless. 

 All those synchronicities and introductions seemed pointless after loosing her.

I was desperately searching for her. "Every day," I told through myself to her, "everyday I search for you." I had one final dream. I'm looking through the house and hear a mewing behind the couch. This was the place that corresponded with my previous dream, except this time, I did find her. I lifted up a pillow cushion to find her laid out weak and hungry like the cushion, despite its lightness, had pinned her down. I'm happy to have found her, but something was off about where the cushion had her pinned. Sores or blisters covered her backside, and it was flatter than the rest of her body, like she was only starving in her lower end, and not throughout her whole body. Hunger wouldn't have done this, I thought to myself in the dream. I didn't understand it. 

Two days later, I received a phone call from a man who lives down the street. He has five cats of his own and felt compelled to inform me of his findings, saying "If it were me, I'd want to know." He's scooped two carcasses off our busy road in last few months and one had tabby stripes like mine. My dream finally made sense. She had been run over. 

I mourned and told myself I had to move on. Four months of searching had to come to a close. 

In the weeks that followed, I challenged myself with questions that would test my resolve. What if I came across a cat that needed help? I could provide for a cat that could really use my help. I already had everything to care for a new one, anyway. But I wasn't about to go to a shelter and adopt. I decided it was going to take that circumstance for me to take in another one. It took me years to get over my original cat. I know that sounds silly to some to grieve for a cat so long, but I took her in as a stray, saved her life twice, and had her through my childhood into my college years. I loved her. 

Wouldn't you know it, days after making that decision, I come across just that. A hispanic family living in a small house found themselves inexplicably overwhelmed with cats. "My friend dropped them off while we were gone, and the shelter won't take them. I don't know what to do." The 'man of the house', no more than twenty, welcomed me in to evaluate their situation. They had three separate litters with three different mothers. Litter 1 was theirs, a mother and her older kitten of 6 months. Litter 2 was a mother with three newborns. All that was left of litter two were two five week old kittens. 

This young man explained to me that they have no food for them, they can't afford the 'abandonment fee' shelters charge, and the cats were living under the house. The kittens were so hungry they came up to my dog and jumped into my arms begging for food and affection when we were walking by. 

He said one of the kittens had already died from their conditions. One of the newborns needed immediate medical care, and they all had fleas and upper respiratory infections. First things first, they need to eat and drink. I brought over three varieties of cat food. One to feed the newborns (combination of milk and egg yolk with vitamin powder), soft food for the five week olds, and hard food for the two mothers. We went about feeding litter 1 and 3, seen below, and I instructed the kids there to find a space for the mother to be alone to feed her newborns. I brought over a kennel to separate litter 3 from the others, and set up food, water, and litter for litter 2 in a closed room.

 Two five week olds from litter 3 eating in my lap at the hispanic family's home. The two kittens were so hungry they would fight each other for space at the bowl. Pictured here is my hand separating them while they fed.

After I got a grip on the situation, I established a plan. It was night now, I had to get home and I wasn't yet ready to take any of them with me. Tomorrow I would return. First, I had to make a call to the shelter. 

The next morning, I called the director of a local shelter I had worked with and arranged for them to take the most concerning group, litter 2 with the sick newborns. I organized the cost with the hispanic family, covering half the bill myself, and took in the litter. "I don't know if this one will survive." Said the receptionist, examining one of the newborns with his/her eyes crusted shut. "They have a better chance here than out there." I replied. 

When I returned, I took the remaining two from the motherless litter 3 home with me and began flea de-festation. Now, I have a serious issue with parasitic bugs, so I was relentless. It took three days to fully clear them of fleas. During that time we had to monitor their temperature, their eating habits, their energy levels, their food and water intake, and begin to train and acclimate them to life without want. To keep from them hurting each other while they ate, but also help then learn how to eat safely together, I sat with them each feeding time, correcting hisses and growls, reassuring They slept bundled in blankets on myself and my partner all day and night, ate often, and were simply so wiped that they slept all the time, purring loudly whenever we stroked them in their sleep. 

That was two months ago. Today, they are two wild, healthy, and happy kittens that can't get enough play and affection.

Kittens at 2 months old, healed, well-fed, and comfortable.
What brought us together? I will take some claim and say my active love of this animal and resistance to the way they are used, abused, and mistreated motivated me to assist, but the timing of the matter, yet again astonishes me. I could have found them any time before my decision to only take in a cat that found me. Some force is there linking these ends together and creating order to what we assume is random intersections of events, chaos, and will.

Am I controlling these forces? Is this an example of manifested will? Are there beings enacting these 'command's, or is it lifeless energy existing as a field that encompasses all space-time around us? I have forces around me, my army of guides, I sometimes call them. They need my input, and direction as much as I need theirs. My questions are answered and I am guided just as much as I guide energy in the field, and in this particular circumstance, together we connected two groups (my family and the kittens) who needed each other.

I realized what my personality and will and dedication are worth in this matter. "You don't have to waste your attention searching for one lost soul when there are many other creatures who would benefit from it now" was the affirmation I received. My energies are much better spent giving two young kittens a home and a fighting chance than holding out hope for a lost one. I don't always know how to relegate because I assume I'm the only one who cares in whatever task I undertake. I suppose I passed on the responsibility back to Tyr or whatever forces can assist. Best I can do with what I have is be of love.

As my final farewell to Tyr, I prayed "If you are still out there, if you are not gone, and you ever find your way back, I would happily take you in again. You are always welcome here. I would make room for you. I love you, and be at peace."

Now, I barely remember her. That may sound sad to you, but it is a release to me. I have her pictures, and my love for her remains, but I am freed of my desire to find her. I smile at her memory and let her be a source and reminder of my love and devotion, rather than a hope that keeps me stagnant. My devotion kept me going, but moving on saved me, and ultimately those kittens. It brought new life and laughter to my home. I will always be on the lookout for her, but I don't have to actively pursue it anymore. I defer to faith that if she still lives, the same timing that brought those kittens and me together, will help her and I reunite as well.

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