Apr 12, 2013

Communicating with Other Realms and Advancing Our Technology

Summary: Portals in my skies; sound field and tonal communication with other beings; attempt at being a medium; how anti-gravity technology may work; re-examining the past dream sequences trying to understand the CHANI project entity's warning about an 'oil sickness'; merging of two objects in space; Walt Disney's UFO documentary rediscovered.
A few things. First, the portal(s) is moving around in the sky. Its not in the same place. How far will the stars shift in the relative sky in a matter of a few months? Regardless of the shift, there are multiple ones in my skies for certain. One on either opposite sides of the sky relative to my position. The portals I am referring to are wildly fluxing stars that appear very early after sunset, before the other stars do, or at the same time the more brightest stars like Sirius do. They cycle through colors vibrantly to the naked eye and in intensity and size seem closer than the closest stars to our solar system. I had almost forgotten about them, until one late sunset/early evening I stood on my porch and straight ahead of me just a couple hands above the hills on my horizon was that same star that used to be 45 degrees further to my right in the sky perpendicular to the horizon. What a great shift just to get my attention. This is the same object that when I finally found it in my shitty telescope and chanted with glee "That is not a star!" a slow comet shot in the sky nearby it as if to say "Congratulations, you found me!" It was a beautiful moment. I am still awed by the coincidence of it. I know in my heart it was deliberate, a sign just for me from the heavens. It stands as the example of what ecstatic joy feels like. I remembered, after seeing it again off my porch, how much I want to discover what it really is. I call it a portal because the way it dances and moves through the light spectrum makes me think a Stargate in the sky. The only other thing I can conceive is a ship cloaked to imitate the appearance of a star. Why has no one else investigated these in my area?! My partner is finally starting to notice how odd it really is, when before he just kept telling me it was a twinkling star. But it is so much closer than a star to our planet. It looks like its right above us. Don't the planes that fly near see it?! I almost want to fly exactly at late sunset just to try to get a closer look. Need a better telescope...

I'm going to also experiment with the idea of a sound field. In dialogue with my dreams (and waking life when I heard two notes and a repeat of the last in the air of my bedroom), I believe I can communicate with another realm of beings through pure tone. The prevalence of my choir dreams tells me to recapture the enjoyment of song, feel confidence and joy in song. Along with the cage device I was shown, recently I was also shown holding a metal rod and with another thinner rod swirling it on the side of the larger one to create a constant resonating tone: a sound field that I believe will allow me to communicate with beings that vibrate on particular frequencies. Such frequencies may be joy, fear, hate, especially in focused song when the emotion is purest felt. The communication may only be tonal responses, like in Close Encounters, or it the generation of the field may allow them to appear easier. If they reside in that frequency, flooding the space around me with that frequency may allow me to see them. I wonder which race it is that has been giving me the clues to do this. Now I need to figure out what kind of tuning rods will do this.

Are they always present? Can a sensitive person pick up on when they are around like Robert can in the BLT Research case reports? (http://www.bltresearch.com/robbert/dutchoverview2012.php)
I experimented with the possibility of this while I was sitting at my computer after reading his 2012 part series by Nancy Talbot. I relaxed my body and focused my thought on creating a welcoming atmosphere by saying "What can I do for you?" I kept getting a pain under my left ribs connected to a recurring knot I've been having from breastfeeding in my back below my shoulder blade. I also felt my abdomen extend and feel like it was a balloon, like I was 6 months pregnant. And the most bizarre thing, my eyelids fluttered wildly, purely on the feeling that they needed to. When I tried to stop them by keeping them closed, a build up of tension forced me to let them continue again. I don't know what came of it, but it must have looked like some sort of spirit possession, or an information download (although I don't recall any new info). That or morse code, haha! I eventually figured they were actually trying to help heal and address my persistent pain by encouraging me with carefully place pains to pull out my ribs as opposed to how I keep trying to correct the knot.

Finally, I believe I know how anti-grav technology works! Reports detailing the insides of some saucer-shaped crafts mentioned large tubes of liquid all around the inside rim of the craft and in the center. The entity communique from the CHANI project said:

“many being live deep oceon and holow earth can give u
human answer and helpings
when u understand oceon u wil unerstan how cosmic
travelings work easy ok
oceon have same compositing than space same element ok
u unerstan salt and water and magnet u wil unerstan life
and everything living"
(quoted at http://www.earthfiles.com/news.php?ID=2053&category=Real+X-Files)

Cosmic traveling when we understand how salt, water, and magnet interact:
"Water is dimagnetic, which means that it exerts a weak magnetic field, and repels other magnetic fields. If a magnet is suspended over water, the water's dimagnetism will repel the magnet. This weakens the magnet's effect on other objects. When salt is added to water, it weakens the water's magnetic field further, so that it ceases to have any significant effect on other magnetic fields. However, salt water conducts electricity better than non-salt water, so magnets placed near it can cause significant turbulence in the water."

Water has been successfully levitated in experiments at the Radboud University. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamagnetism#Curving_water_surfaces).Saucers are sometimes filmed spinning like a top. Riding along a repelling force must be allowing the sudden travel and might initially appear like skipping a rock across water but faster than a mere stone's throw. It must be able to turn on and off, perhaps a reverse polarization of the hull so it no longer repels. Items float if their own density is less than the density of whatever they are floating in. That old toy of a spinning top that when released in a spin flies into the air but drops when the energy of the spin runs out; one mechanical aspect then of a saucer is maintaining the right energy of spin to keep it afloat in the air. What is the source of the spin though? Rockets would be absolete (they already are retired) if we could 'reduce' the density of a craft so it literally floats to the surface of Earth's atmosphere. There's no sound from a saucer craft because they are not using propulsion. More on this later.

Update: Re-quoted from an email newsletter "Filer's Files" (#14 2013) I receive weekly from MUFON:  "At around 9:00 PM, a silvery colored bullet shaped craft” was seen to break through 37 feet of solid ice approximately ½ mile from the ship, and fly off into the sky at a high rate of speed. A Brazilian scientist by the name of Dr. Rubens J. Villela was shocked as he saw the craft tear through the ice. As it broke through, the strange craft hurled enormous blocks of ice high into the sky which fell back to the surface with a great roar. The craft left a circular shaped hole in the ice when it departed. Two additional eyewitnesses (an officer and helmsmen) also noted that boiling water and steam were seen emanating out of the hole where the craft had broken through. This particular UFO/USO case ranks among the most important in all of historic due to the fact that the craft travelled through four different mediums: water, ice, air and space (Source: Invisible Residence by Ivan T. Sanderson)...." It went from water, through solid ice to air, then out to space. Turbulence in the water where the craft had made an exit through. Must have also been a concentrated wave beam at the ice to cause the boiling and steaming (perhaps microwaves). How do you get an object that looks to weigh a ton weigh less than air? Rather how do you treat air/atmosphere like you're drifting in space or water. Air with full gravitational effect is the medium most puzzling to overcome. Helium is lighter than air. But you can't simply fill a craft with helium and expect it to float. The material of the craft must be light enough to be carried by the amount of helium in it, and humans cannot survive on helium. Important to note that we cannot assume all anti-grav UFO's are employing the same technology. There very likely are different ways and schematics which different groups have discovered to achieve the same goal, especially if these different groups had different materials available between them. This should be encouraging because it means we are not trying to find a needle in a haystack, there are many needles in the stack for at least one to poke us.

Close encounters with unidentified crafts report a 'whirring' or 'hissing' sound. In the 1967 Falcon Lake incident (http://thenightsky.org/michalak.html), abductee Stephen Mickalak (see following posting after this on Red Marks) smelled sulfur. With all the available reports on these objects, I should be able to compile a framework of what various types of crafts might be using what kind of technology, which I'm sure has already been done but whether it is publicly accessible is a different story. This one had began as cigar shaped and became oval, and emitted a brilliant purple light. When Michalak touched the outside glass-like surface of the craft, it melted his glove. 

The entity's word 'compositing' to mean composition, saying the ocean and outerspace have as similar element. Water reduces the effect of gravity allowing a living object to swim through the space without having to travel on the bottom (ocean floor is to the ocean as the Earth and other bodies are to outerspace). How do we 'swim' through space though without using an initial propulsion system to begin our inertia and how still can we travel closer to light speed?

Pure hydromagnesite powder is sometimes found after a crop circle and UFO siting by medium Robert van den Broeke. It is a hydrated magnesium carbonate mineral naturally common in many caves. It is used as a retardant sometimes. Are they just preventing the crops from igniting or burning beyond the circle after using whatever intense waves they use to create the formation?

Before, when I was exploring the oil sickness dreams where cars weren't functioning and were contorting and were in an animated frenzy chasing after us, I couldn't figure out what about their oil was causing their behavior? Another line from the entity in the CHANI project identified oil would become dangerous to humans because it would emit radiation. What would cause oil to emit radiation? Naturally occuring radioactive material is drawn to the surface through oil processing. Radioactive material emits gamma rays, which are a high frequency radiation that is hazardous to biological matter. Gamma rays are emitted during radioactive decay such as those found in fission of nuclear reactors and nuclear explosions. Electromagnetic radiation are longer wavelengths. Gamma rays are emitted by the nucleus, while EM rays are emitted by the electrons. Bursts of gamma rays occur from supernovas and hypernovas (collapsing star), are constantly hitting Earth from the sun, and from cosmic background rays.

Lead, aluminum, water, soil, and concrete shielding can protect against gamma rays, with greater thickness required for higher energy rays. The metallic shell of alien craft must be shielding from cosmic radiation. I've had dreams of being in underground facilities or broken brick buildings while the world outside is dark and dead like a wasteland. I dreamt I looked down a man hole into a storage room with agricultural supplies where a colony of humans lived for hundreds of feet into the ground down a spiral staircase of a large drill hole a hundred feet in diameter. They asked me if it was safe now to come out yet? The surface was still dangerous I said. Living underground was protecting them from the surface conditions (though somehow I was unaffected). They desperately wanted back up after having been waiting for years already. I sense some of them had never seen the surface. For at least two generations they had been surviving underground.

The CHANI entity referred to a 'fuse year' when the 'merge' would occur. Research by two astrophysics scientists in Germany reported their evidence that a high burst of radiation from space, which they deduce was resultant from two neutron stars colliding and merging together around the year 775 CE. Their evidence was from tree rings with high byproducts of a high energy burst (http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/01/130121083255.htm). The CHANI entity said to watch what our sun is doing. With some of the greatest solar activity in centuries, it is not unlikely a dangerous GRB could hit us from our sun. The terms 'fuse year' and 'merge' though suggest another event where two close stars or black holes will combine, sending lethal GRB. Or even that our sun will be merging with our supposed dark neighbor star Nibiru in a wide oblong orbit of the sun, which I am still skeptical about. [What if the EBEN home stars Zeta Reticuli 1 and 2 merge?] Wait, the entity also mentioned Jupiter and our sun together. That will be the merging? Jupiter is large enough to almost be classified as a dwarf star, but missed the cut. What would happen to the inner planets if it did merge? How will our orbit be affected? I dreamt about Earth falling out of its orbit after the impact of an enormous planet sized body (maybe our moon). The author at this site on the Chani project talks about the merge being when the two time lines merge and changes in our sun and Jupiter will be indicative of this event, as well as a sonic boom. [This site also talks about careful efforts to gauge public reaction to classified materials by sending anonymous letters (or posts!) to certain individuals or groups:

"Rubicon was and is tasked with the sanctioned release of classified information for "public consumption", in a controlled fashion, through various platforms and outlets. One of these platforms is Internet discussion forums. Another is sending anonymous letters or making anonymous phone calls or using fake credentials and call-routing to write to or call selected individuals and groups."]

Depicting animated vehicles in my dreams weren't telling me our cars would become alive, but that they would be harmful (chasing us to hurt us) when turned on (animated with headlights lit as eyes). I've emailed a PhD in Chemistry about the idea of oil radiation and we have been unable to determine how the oil in our cars could emit radiation. However, the sites where oil and gas are mined and processed has concentrations of radioactive materials and wastes brought up from the ground. It is a concern for these sites if the background radiation of the Earth were to spike. Updates to come.

One last thing: Walt Disney made a UFO documentary back in 1995 to build interest in their Alien Encounters exhibit but was only broadcast in 5 states before being shelved. It is available again in its entirety here and is incredibly informative. I've wondered lately if Walt Disney had priviledged knowledge about greater issues surrounding our existence. His animations set the stage in conveying messages in humorous, light, entertaining ways. Fun animations are cornerstone to depicting, celebrating, and nurturing a child's imagination in our culture. I believe they are important in magic casting in our physical world because they rely on the joy of creating, like magic is. What is holding me back from bringing magic into my world, I struggle to maintain long enough a state of mind of ecstatic joy and faith. I am too full of doubt and analytical tendencies. But pursuing these bizarre leads as detailed throughout this post are a step toward living my joy, the joy of knowing there is a greater community out there intimately connected and concerned about humanity. My joy lies in capturing the wonder in the existence of celestial beings. How else can I visualize complex concepts without the free imagination animation provides the basis for.

Update: Intense solar storms, like the one of 1859, interrupted telegraph operations, and cars wouldn't start up because of their batteries malfunctioning. Although I have read from 'Acolyte' about a kind of unconventional virus that sits dormant but reproducing in oil, and I still do not understand the meaning of the black slime/ink that entered my skin and wrote across my chest in hebrew or arabic in a past dream, I do believe the dream warning me about our communications grid going out and our cars not working is also related to a massive solar storm that will happen.

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