Apr 29, 2013

Citizen's Hearing on Disclosure Now!

You can still purchase livestream access or an archive pass for the Citizen's Hearing on Disclosure of the ET presence on Earth and with humanity. The hearing runs 9am to 5pm each day this week (April 29th - May 3rd) featuring more than fourty of the top witnesses and investigators from multiple countries on the issues surrounding ET interaction. Topics discussed aside from the obvious UFO research are military involvement, coverup efforts by black operatives higher than the president, how ET's are communicating and their telepathic capabilities, sciences yet undisclosed about antigravitic technology, interdimensional travel, free zero-point energy, the oil/petro scandal that keeps our country and world in chains and the macro-economic issues free energy means to those in power of the oil industry (Dr. Greer's testimonials and documentary "Sirius" talk primarily on this subject). This is not just heresay or conjecture anymore. Be aware. These courageous men and women covering this issue are grown weary from the fear and doubt they encounter from those unwilling to listen to the truth. We must step up and help them by spreading the word, bringing more and more people to the light of these issues. Begin by watching the hearing completely through to satisfy your own issues of belief.

Thank you to all the witnesses alive and deceased who have come forward to try and remove the veil from our eyes. Ready yourself for open communication with ET's. It's not a matter of 'if' but of 'when.'

Do your own investigations. Discover for yourself. Dedicate your thoughts to ponder the questions honestly that are raised in your mind. Logic and knowing will be your guide. Discuss it however you can, so long as it is coming to the forefront of our consciousness'.

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