Mar 30, 2013

Performing Magic

In the dream dimension, where imagination manifests, concepts and sequences of events are represented metaphorically because it captures a complex arrangement of factors into a summarized form to be viewable by a single mind, with additions of perspective shifts and overlapping, time lapses and memory downloads or empathic channeling. This is how concepts like love, harvest, rain, and such were personified as gods by ancient mythologies. Living metaphors are the programs, like software, in this matrix of the physical experience.

Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, who I discovered after discussing my vivid dreaming with my mother-in-law, specialized not in prophecy necessarily, but in accurate interpretation and reception of the messages he received and sensed. He was sensitive and intuitive, while being trusting of the accuracy. Cayce's best quality, I think, which made his readings important, was his faith in the truth of what he witnessed and sensed. Doubt had no lingering place in his work, it was merely a tool, the state preceding an answer. He was in cooperation and conviction with his abilities and dream messengers that made him such a powerful prophet. He has become a role model for me. Although I do not connect on all the same issues or areas that he read in, I must own the themes of my visions. Every possibility imaginable is available to be encoded as the result or reason behind my visions. What I dwell on though, is what will become manifest, and the answer will shine through again and again as the truth and it will be logical and fill me with calm certainty when I land on it.

I have a relationship with the harnessing of magic, in cooperation with advanced astrophysics I can't always comprehend. While writing a letter to a friend, I realized the fact my lessons in water harnessing would actually begin with ice finally began to ring logical (based on my own lifetime). I acknowledge it of course would be the first step, although I do not know exactly why. So now I contemplate how ice magic would work, and in what scenarios. What is a realistic first task? Would walking on water use thin layer steps of ice? Or perhaps that is related more to levitation in that the person's weight is reduced to allow walking across the surface like it is a solid mass, which it would be in different gravity, especially if that lighter gravity could be focused to a step.

Again I wonder how do I move to Alaska for this training as my narrator master explained.What if I find a picture of a quiet place for study in Alaska to use for visualization. It will provide me the material and perception I need to generate this place, or at least give me a starting point. Ah. First shot, love it when that happens. See image here. This one felt right according to the dream inside shot I had. Very simplistic with a central candle for lighting, darkness all around at night and very cold outside. Seemed abandoned or old.

I'm obsessing with ecstacy over free dancing to generate a manifestation of whatever idea I am calling to witness as light. Rain dancing was a form of this. One must be clear though about what kind of spirit they summon.

I suppose all I would need to do is choose one from the many I've met in my dreams. Is calling for exploration, as the gateway to understanding how the spirit world interacts with the physical and meeting face to face in equality an adequate enough reason for a summon? My greatest challenge in clearing up my dreaming is overcoming my doubt rooted in fear of the energies and beings that may have dominion and great power over us. Supposedly we are equals in spirit, but residing in different forms. Usually channels and mystics travel in spirit to the higher realms rather than try to bring them here. I envision, not a dance, a standing mediation, hands over heart, bowed head in prayer to fill my mind, spirit, and body with love and light to bring forth whom must be my twin flame, or guardian, the blonde-haired human male that trained me, whom works in the spirit realm to protect me. It would be opening a rift in space, and I must trust he will shield the opening from any dark spirits getting in or out. A channel meant only for our exchange. More basic, send me a light of beautiful fluxing colors like the portal in the sky. Wow, this is very difficult for me to find the right setup for this to feel pure. My conviction of intent must be honest. I will report how it goes when I can perform it.

I've been experimenting with receiving visions in a relaxed waking state. It is helping me gauge when my will is generating the vision and when it is real empathic channeling. Controlling my anxiety and will, the incessant feeling of guilt when I try to relax and gnawing shame if I don't fulfill even the most trivial motherly/spousal/neighborly/housekeeping obligations. Fear lets itself in anyway it can. Fear I am being irresponsible or lazy or hypocritical when I get after my partner for not helping as much as I or his son want. I'm such a busy body. It is quite a task for me to allow myself to sit still in quiet meditation unless I am in dire need of it. I probably would not be in dire need of it as often though if I did take preventative measures by training myself to be content to just sit. Yet again, I shame myself for not doing something I feel I should. Difficult to let time fly by without a concern when there is so many responsibilities and expectations, namely, the proper care and development of my son. My meditation is in movement, and perhaps actually in dance or song is how I meditate. Actually, that is what my dreams have told me, praise and communicate with spirit through song. Steady beat that will draw the energy until it erupts from my body. I am only content enough to sit still when I have done sufficient enough to reflect upon for the day. There is nothing wrong with that. Song it is. Yes, that is right for me. Haha! That's what that segment was about a couple nights ago. My older sister was wanting to have me sing with her to my old college professors, a nervewracking experience for me. Except we had not rehearsed, she wanted to sing children songs, and her set list was an hour long. I told her they would not want to listen to this kind of music for that long. I would feel embarrassed to sing with her as poorly as she does (speaking as classically trained musicians like my professors would judge). She was so innocently and sweetly asking though, why couldn't I. It would have been a great time to say "Fuck you, this is what we like to sing, this is what uplifts our spirits."

Settled. I will assemble a few choice songs which exemplify my true talent and appeal to the child in me and touch me deep, then sing them special for my blonde-haired spirit partner, whoever he is, whom I always know intimately in my dream state but can never remember when awake.

Songs must be hopeful, uplifting, touching.
What songs: "We Are One" Lion King 2
"Spend My Lifetime Loving You" from Zorro

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