Mar 19, 2013

Study in Astrophysics with Higher Dimensional Masters

Morning of March 18th 2013; Originally published 3/19/13

In this dream, a vision appears to my avatar's perception (meaning I am perceiving the dream through an avatar of myself within the dream world) of a small avatar of myself standing motionless in a room surrounded in darkness to depict isolation, like the protagonist in a video game idling.

An invisible presence communicates with me, asking if I am certain I wish to be his pupil and learn the harsh truths of the universe. "Yes! I have been waiting to receive lessons from a master for so long!"

I'm shown a cycling counter from 100 to 500 like a classroom series where the 100's and 200's are novice and 500 is master level. I am watching it like a lottery, willing it to give me a 300 or up number. I somehow have memory that I had already studied the lower division classes of this topic (not in a traditional school setting in my waking life, but on my own time by my own research). How funny that this dream, without my deliberate thought on it, has led me back to where I started. I originally wanted to major in cosmology, but it was not offered at my university. Instead, I have explored it to my heart's content on my own time. My study is driven by hashing out my own theories. But I have great humility and doubt that I am on par with even a bachelorreate in that field. Nonetheless, I say aloud that I am at least beyond the introductory series.

It hovers in the 400s and I am nervously surprised, before it lands on 350. I yip in joy and relief that it both judged my knowledge, interest, and ability higher than novice, and yet not too far out of where I'd be comfortable. However, I sensed from the master that I may have underestimated myself. The counter generated the number based on my perception of myself, not knowledge alone; in other words it was responding to me.

(Out of sequence) I ask about the overlain vision of my little pixelated avatar in a room in the middle of nowhere:  "I would be alone in my studies?" They answered in type; the words appeared behind the vision in my perspective avatar's consciousness (separating myself from the vision). They said Jim (my life partner/spouse) will accompany me. They want me to be aware of the isolation I face in wanting to be a student of their knowledge. I am a relatively social person even though I only live with Jim and my son. Excited to be given an opportunity to study I say in midsentence "Yes. I would like to do this."

The voice pauses, then says "Make sure you take time to decide."

"I don't need time to come to the same decision."

They respond by saying "the Hysenberg principle."

 I'm caught way off guard. "What? I don't know what that is."

With a tone that is both cautionary and accusing, the voice explains: "We use it to describe a human who makes a decision on something prematurely before they are entirely sure of what they are agreeing to."

What? Is that true? I knew this at one point, but can't think at all of what it is. Somehow, though, their definition seemed a sarcastic adjustment to prove a point to me. Here I will look it up now.

Heisenberg's uncertainty principle (correct spelling). (Holy shit.) Right, it's the strange reality in particle quantum physics that the more you know about a particle's acceleration or position the less precisely you can determine the other, because they're in constant motion. The voice was referring to me then as a particle. Odd that the information I seek was not the particles in that metaphor. It's suggesting the more certain I am of something the less precisely I can know about other possibilities. (I've been struggling with the impossibility of certainty with things based in imagination. How can I be certain of things other people take on faith? Specifically, religion, truth, right and wrong, matters thought to be black and white.)

This defines me in a nutshell. I have always been a kind of devil's advocate, vouching for perspective and over-analyzing for alternate possibilities. Perhaps I was right all along to have a healthy amount of doubt, but then I may never be able to have the power of faith, at least not faith in the order of things, the loyalties of persons and beings. How can I bring magic into this reality without faith?

A webpage (closest way I can explain it) appeared to my avatar out of thin air, without a medium like the computer to receive and translate the string of data. But it was already translated so it looked like a series of papers at first that had to be laid out in vertical sequence to get what would later become a scrolling effect. It was a guide for a video game I've never seen before. I thought it was a special message from my teachers. I was excited to show my sisters and my partner Jim that I'd been given a message direct from on high.

The papers are a walkthrough/guidebook for a video game I've been given to play. The game is new. I am testing it out. My avatar travels through a 2D world battling monsters, and avoiding fires. I show it off to my sisters, who are anxious for their turn to play. I insist they let me figure it out first.

I struggle to utilize my magic abilities, but they aren't working. I look to the guide to determine what I'm missing.

Four groups are listed. One is for the elemental fire. Another is for Earth. The other two are for Ice. Each element is attached to upright pictograms of animals species. In the dream, I know the Ice element is meant for me. However, I would have figured earth (since I had just started my first garden the previous day and thought it would respond to my having been communing with nature), or water were my elements. Why Ice? [Update: Mix of water and air]. Ice made sense in the dream because I was to be taught in Alaska [I have no desire to go to Alaska]. The animals listed for ice between the two categories were sea lion, elephant seal, walrus, and otter maybe. What do these creatures mean for me? [See future post on channeling sea mammals].

In a higher dimension, imagination is the very fabric of existence. All things are created out of imagination. Collective ideas, whether realized or not, deliberate or not, are stronger if they do not have an idea otherwise to overrule the current default. Developing the power of the imagination is essential for us functioning in higher realms. The state of the spirit realm is determined by a battle of wills, where cooperative wills have power in defining what other individuals perceive. If you have deliberate enough will on something others do not, you can change that thing (a specialty). On a small scale, this kind of infiltration into the larger established reality of things can add up to actually have large-scale effect, because you are focusing on things others are not as hard-pressed to keep a certain way. The more certain you are of one idea, the less options you have available to you as a creative source to mold the reality. Healthy balance of consideration of various ideas. Some things are relatively certain, that there is a particle for instance. But its movement is more fluctuating. If our physical world is somehow maintained by a collective consciousness, what the hell are we doing keeping ourselves stuck in it? We should be coming together to change certain aspects of the program we find intolerable and unhelpful. All it takes, in this theory, is concentrated, collective belief. [Did we create the gods? Or did they create themselves in our consciousness'?].

The spirit helpers moving things around in this matrix for us are trying to guide us toward models of existence based on that higher dimensional existence where consciousness and collective create, but it doesn't always translate directly because concepts are represented as living consciousness in the spirit realm, where they are events, invisible forces, and effects in this 3D physical reality.

UPDATE: This indeed has been a terribly lonely journey, one I struggle with each day as I pick up my laptop to write or sit myself down to meditate and contemplate or research. It's interesting to look back a year later on this dream and remember that loneliness was anticipated. The concepts and areas I explore are hard to understand, and deal with spiritual realities, as hard to understand as particle theory and quantum mechanics. Finding community has been a challenge. Essentially, through my private investigations and inquiring, I am creating a community of people I know and have good rapport with. Writing about imagination studies for my book, and about dreaming for my website are both tiring jobs, but I can't get myself to do anything else. I'm determined that this is where my efforts must be spent, for better or worse.

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