May 9, 2015


A few nights ago I (Jordon) had one of my more important breakthrough OBEs. If you've read about some of my other experiences you know they've been quite traumatic and confusing at times but I've also had some transcendent and breakthrough encounters with this other realm. This particular one is important because it feels like I took conscious charge of a situation and defended myself. Before I had often felt helpless and at the mercy of something totally Other and overwhelming. I also have had trouble "seeing" after entering this state. It's often as if I'm in a black, blank room. This is likely due to not entering a relaxed and deep enough vibrational mode. One of my goals has been to have more of a visual experience. Below is my dream/OBE journal entry written in the early morning hours right after I woke up. I often have trouble recalling the entire experience and I'm left with a feeling that more has happened so there could be more to this than I am remembering.

(Around 3am) I have trouble falling back asleep. After not too long a good portion of my body feels numb, energetically activated in a way, particularly in the upper portions. After a good while longer I enter the OBE state pretty confidently and determine to be able to see. Then I feel some of the evil presence/rapeyness. I feel like I’m slightly above my bed. Then I see a shadowy figure and give it my attention. I can vaguely my hands in front of me and I fire several balls of light at it. It moves to my left and it appears to have a top hat. As I recall, I fire at it again and it leaves or disappears. I wake up from this for some reason and then fall back into the Focus 10 state. I manage to see a little bit but it might have only been some bare notion of my surroundings in the room.

One interesting thing to note about this is the top hat. I had never personally seen this item before in a dream but it's a common clothing item for a dark trickster figure that appears to many modern dreamers, including one of my closest friends. 
About 22 minutes after waking I walked into the bathroom and noticed a hand print on my chest. Unfortunately my crappy phone didn't capture it very well but it was fairly obvious under my bright bathroom lights. I remembered that I had fallen asleep with my hands on my chest. This coffin-like positioning seems to facilitate OBE's more than any other for me and so I had deliberately fallen asleep like that. It was fairly cool in my room, about 72, with a light breeze from a fan and I was sleeping under a single sheet. I'm quite certain I wasn't hot, in fact it's generally impossible for me to sleep well or have an OBE at night if I'm at all warm. Perhaps my hand got sweaty from laying against my skin and so this mark was left but it's still an intriguing synchronicity given my use of my hands as weapons in the experience. The mark was mostly gone after a warm shower but I feel more confident than ever for my next experience.

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