Oct 21, 2014

Channeled Language - Ancient Chinese or Alien Symbols

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The closest human enscriptions that compared to the symbols I was inclined to express for months before finally letting out the need to swipe my hand in certain ways was an ancient Chinese bamboo scroll. The style fit, and some of the characters looked approximate.

 Ancient Chinese Bamboo scrolls began their use in the Zhou Dynasty, and continued until the 4th century when it was replaced with paper. It was popular during the Warring States and Chun Qiu periods. Source: http://english.visitbeijing.com.cn/shopping/souvenirs/n214703113.shtml

The dots, slashes, swipes, and spatial arrangement of them in a given character seem to match, though I don't know that it would actually say anything.

The sheet of symbols (numbered by order of transcription) I wrote out Aug 28th, 2014 after weeks fighting a nagging, though joyful urge to express these patterns of movement.

I wrote starting at the bottom left corner, moving right and working upwards. I can't find a language that writes like that, but it felt appropriate at the time. The urge to explore a nagging pattern of art had been building up for months. It was an incredibly joyful experience, and the need to draw it out felt like a need to express something deeply hidden about myself. I felt there was something to be expressed about myself through these symbols, but I saw it as art at the time, not symbols or writing or language. "If the soul could write, this is what it would look like." That's what it was at the time.

Then, as I was reading through the Blue Planet Project compilation document, I found a page with alien symbols about human genetic cloning. In particular, the column of larger symbols interests me.

Alien symbols described as human cloning formulas from the Dulce underground labs.
 Source: http://www.whale.to/b/BluePlanetProject.pdf (pg 41, cropped from print screen)

From the top down, lets label the alien symbols from A through F (six symbols). Using the numeric ordering present on my art, let's compare:

Symbol A looks similar to my character 17 (XVII).
Symbol B looks similar to my character 14 (XIV), which is amusing to me because that one was an oddball experiment. I had the urge to test the download by creating one with symmetry, while the others had symmetry only in the balance of black and white space. 
Symbol C is represented as a general partial used in many of my characters. It underpins the style.
Symbol D is clearly like my character 5 (V), and is a character I saw many times when I first tried to express these inspirations in chalk outside. They ended up looking like little tornadoes or sound waves, like characters 19 (XIX) and 19 (XVIII).
Symbol E resembles 19 (XIX), with the slash through the center connecting where the dots are in symbol E.
Symbol F is also an underpinning character found in many of my characters. Particularly in 1 (I), 2 (II), 9 (IX), and 15 (XV).

These symbols may not represent exactly the concept or letter which the alien symbols are meant to. The real discovery in this for me was that the pattern matches the alien symbols best. If I am extracting information from deep in my consciousness, or channeling alien language, it should confirm to me things I have suspected before, however, there are too many possibilities still to force a conclusion:

Am I channeling information from past experience, like repressed memories?
Am I channeling the truth of a collective's experience on their behalf (i.e. abductees)?
Have I seen these symbols before my expression?
Is the alien race at the Dulce lab linked to or communicating with me?

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