Nov 30, 2013

Mechanized Youth

I'm telling you right now I have no idea what this next dream meant. Understand I dream every night, most are vivid enough for me to remember, only a few get recorded because some of them end up being so complicated with details I can't figure out how to even record it in words and sentences. Honestly, some of time its just so exhausting to spend time to record each one that I think on it instead throughout the days and hope it will become clearer. I see those more strange ones as being signals I'm not tuned to filtering yet. Like a station I just upgraded my equipment to receiving and its still coming through garbled. I haven't figured out how to clear up the signal. The themes and images will repeat themselves down the road when my antennae is more sensitive and tuned to reading those signals.

Dream Nov. 29/30th 2013

[Note: My son is named Link, and I have recently been playing Zelda Skyward Sword. We bought it a couple years ago and haven't dedicated the time to playing, my partner working 50-60 hr weeks, dealing with our toddler, house maintenance and chores, and writing occupy our time.]

(Out of order, an ending sequence) In this end scene I am pushing Link, my son, through a maze in a construction of a labrynth in Zelda. We pick up the last tear of the collection puzzle race, retrieve a new cat familiar [not sure where that element came from], and rush him into a microwave oven where his electronic player panel molded into his back can be registered to mark his completion. The results are printed out and I'm disappointed to learn that we took a 14 day hiatus. Other competitors finished the day of the initial race. We were way late. I explained to him that we wouldn't get any prizes or compensation because we had to pause our in-game play for too long while we tended to other matters. I had the memory download of when we started the game 14 days ago, but I guess I figured the in-game time was paused as well as our presence in the game. It had carried on ticking during that time away. I misunderstood the rules. We had a good shot at winning too if we were able to have carried on from the first day.

What were those other matters?

Scene change:  I'm with my family. We've received a letter from our dead grandmother. My dad calls someone at the listed location where she's having her wedding to explain that if this is indeed a wedding invitation then his mom has been forced into the engagement. She met this guy named Ted maybe 8 months ago. I'm skeptical of my dad's intentions. His dad, my grandfather, her husband, died years ago. I never knew him. Could he not believe that she was lonely and finally met someone who made her happy again? I argued with him in defense of my grandmother preparing for exactly what the letter says and that she is happy with him. Even if they don't last, she deserves my dad's support for her to make her own decisions and not assume she's being manipulated or blinded.

"Where's she having the wedding?"
"They're staying at her friend, Joss Whedon's, place for the wedding."
A confusing cross over of scenes erupts in my mind. "Wait, Grandma is friend's with Joss Whedon? I had a strange dream [dream within a dream] recently where I'm at Joss Whedon's place he's renovating, preparing for something. It's a cabin, but with three large connected rooms, and he's laying down fresh tile. How weird, right?"

[My partner informed me while I was telling his this dream today that he has a bizarre tie-in. Joss apparently filmed his next Shakespeare movie at his house. Two ideas I've been trying to work about dreaming are does information transmit between people with close relationship, and can information be easily received when enough collective thought and attention are devoted to it by others, unrelated to the channeler?

This may be building off a similar discovery I had yesterday while watching the first episode of the TV show Leverage. In the opening scene the lead character is sitting at a nice bar. I leap out of my seat in surprise and say "I know that bar, I've been looking for that bar! Where is that?" Leverage was filmed in my home town of Portland. I saw this bar in a particular dream that has lingered on my mind over the months because I was divided into two selves:  one bathed in light that enjoyed intimate time with my partner in a beautiful hotel room, the other was under a soul contract to terminate the lighted expression of me. I switched perspective between the two expressions of myself as my dark half carried out a surprise assault on my partner and I as we lay in bed. Read the whole story here.

"Is that a hotel bar?"
"Yeah I think so." Jim said.
"I've seen that place before. But I've never been there. And instead of the fireplace, that was the front entrance, though I knew it was oddly placed." In the dream context compared to the actual location's layout, when I ran from my dark self out of the hotel onto a cliff top viewing platform, I was running into the fireplace. I adventured down the cliff face dodging flash grenades she dropped at me from the hilltop. Perhaps I have been there before, I don't know.]

The final sequence I remember is being with an older woman dressed, like me, in elegant clothing and jewelry. We were queens. Our appearance reflected personal choices as if her own imagination produced the dress and styling she wore, as did my own for me. I appreciated the similar beauty she dressed herself in as my own, though I had figured her personality to hold no gentle compassion that her appearance before me expressed. It was a pleasant reminder of the complexity of the human soul.

There are large floating island-like ships in the sky. Our kingdoms? There is a sense of a drawn out war being the reality of this land, a war we both opposed and thought the wrong way to go about achieving the goal of the kingdom's we represented. We are on ground away from whatever elegance we may be from. We both come from a kind of poverty of spirit and have built our way up to be personalities of respect and representatives of the people.

A small ship drops down to release passengers. The ship is dark gray. Cyborg children are walking off. They were converted into these machinations against their will, because they had no where else to turn, they were picked up and used as soldiers by the machine race that we wage war against. I know if anyone else from my clan had been here to witness their release into the land, they would have killed them. But I couldn't bring myself to feeling they still contained the soul and body of the children our society failed. The machines recruit our outcasts and forgotten. I chase after them, asking them questions desperately to gain insight into the process.
One turns around and speaks with the same voice she had before the process. How much of who they are
really changed? Seems they were only given added programming, not wiped and made into automotons.
On each of them is a different part made of gold instead of the same dark gray material that covers the rest of their body. The gold highlights in my memory. What purpose does the gold play? They each show the gold or touch it favorably, like it was there prize for being converted, their incentive. They got to share in the wealth of the rich, but at a high price.
Finally I ask the most pressing question on my conscience:  "Did it hurt?" I say to the girl turning to follow down the path with her comrades.
A voice next to me answers "No. It didn't hurt." I look over into the face of a tiny infant still in its blanket, but fixed and weaved painfully into a pair of thin mechanical legs. The blanket had become fused to its skin as part of him, and his skin had a cold blue tint like death. The sight horrified me. I watched as they walked down the path, wondering where they were going, if they were even given instructions or just released as free agents until they were needed.

(Images were from Star Trek Voyager, the Borg race).

Both scenes showcased youth being pushed to fulfill obstacles and converted with technological alterations. Maybe a metaphor for how we abuse our children by encouraging a desire for material gain and to be above others or to long for the ease of living wealth and high status represents to those struggling to survive and find loving connection. The empty promises or failing promises that become lies. Our wealth, mine and the older woman's, was self-generated. We still related with those on Earth. I want to raise Link to create his own spiritual wealth, the confidence of knowing who he is and what he stands for, not to accumulate empty material gains.

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