Dec 19, 2013

Underwater Base

During my hiatus these last weeks, I've been contemplating how to characterize the kind of dreaming I do. Remote reviewers are not sleeping when they see, and I do not see with the same clarity when awake. I enjoy actually that I can relax, fall to sleep, and receive information and images while I'm recharging. It's like a double whammy. So, then what do I call what I do? There are aspects of channeling, there are aspects of remote viewing, and forecasting, and astral projection even. A better question really is how is it happening? I mulled over this question last night hoping once again to inspire a metaphorical response using imagery and scenario, as my dreams do. Based on some things Jim Mars said in an interview podcast with Linda Howe, I wondered if I am interacting with electromagnetic fields. Would that explain how I saw that storm that hit Spokane a couple years ago while I was camping. Something told me to take my caravan on a different route, I thought because it would be more fun than to go home to Portland the way we came (going west). Instead I turned south at the last minute, festered all night long because something had me on edge (to the point I spooked my younger sister and forced myself to hide the feeling so she would not erupt in an anxiety attack). I dreamed simply of a storm in the sky, heavy gray, rumbling clouds. I hoped to dream about my grandfather because the campground we stayed at was home of a great story my dad told me about. I never knew my grandfather so this was my greatest chance in a lifetime to catch a link to him.

I heard the following day that torrential rains and flooding shut Spokane down. We would have been caught in the middle of it. How strange. So is dreaming electromagnetic interaction? How does it work then for me to connect with events regarding other humans hundred of miles away, continents away, lifetimes away, planets and galaxies even, I just don't know.

The experiment I considered I should do is about how play generates the code of a feeling (the complexities for the particular individual of commanding a crew for instance), and is easier to tune to similar events or persons who've shared that experience if you can get yourself into the position to experience it. It is not mystery to me that experience fuels the dreamscape, however, not in the sense we've mistakenly assumed it does. Experience acts as an upgrade to your software, allowing you to receive signals of a similar frequency, though it manifests differently from your experience. Still, all you see is the code with what seem like misplaced elements (riding an oversized cat instead of a horse like you would in your cattle runs). Those misplaced elements are so important, and the code that is used from your experience is what allowed you to pick up on it. The misplaced elements are filling in details from your library of other information and knowledge as approximations to what other pieces in the signal were separated out and mistranslated. When the SD card that my book was backed up to malfunctioned, I took it in to a computer repair. The guy there managed to find the information but because it was in a format only my Scrivener software could read, he recovered the project in pieces and documents filled with nonsense coding language. The information would have been received clearly had the computer been installed with the software to read it accurately.

I schemed how I might create a role-play scenario where I could explore myself in a more commanding role. I could get my friends together and tell them the experiment, then create a simple scenario and act it out. Seems logical. If I want to know how to command or channel someone who has commanded, I need to know what that feels like first.

Last night, presumably in answer to those questions, I dreamed Jim and I climbed aboard a private vessel on the ocean. It's dusk, still very dark, but the light is rising and the crew wanted to get on the open water away from shore asap, before people woke up and could spot us. We transported from a smaller vessel to this one, but I'm not sure 'vessel' is right actually. Before I slept this night, I also pondered about a previous dream I had where I was led along an invisible path on the water of a lake to a camoflauged entrance down into some sort of vessel or base under the water. A Captain in the military who managed a Psi Spires team, announced at a UFO conference that they had confirmed four alien bases on earth, previously remote viewed by someone years earlier. I again wondered if that dream was a remote viewing of a base in a lake, but I didn't see inside beyond the entrance.

Jim and I are led to an opening, similar to the one on the lake I saw before, a thin rectangular entrance with a ladder descending vertically down. I'm hurried to go down, then stop. I vividly recognize the feeling of claustrophobia, though I don't have the fear. I look to my teammates and ask if someone else can go first because I'm feeling claustrophobic, impressed that I honestly acknowledged this reality of my state in the dream and gave credence to managing the problem. I imagined myself like a knowing of certainty that if I crawled down that narrow space, I would feel trapped in the small rooms within and would panic. Someone understood and chose to go before me. We all followed in a hurry.

Inside, Jim and I were considered the newbies of the team. We were assigned the duties the others saw as laborious and time intensive as our hazing. The task was odd. We were to loosen up pounds of gray clay. I didn't mind so much that this was our task, could be worse, doesn't seem like such a terrible job. The others were doing crafts. What strange jobs, I thought, given the military submarine feel of the place. This craft room was huge though, with higher ceilings and wider dimensions than I would have expected in an underwater vessel. No decorations, just simple gray and utility colors. Furniture arranged for utility, rather messy. Materials strewn about in some places. We were making decorations to liven up people's personal spaces. I asked what we were supposed to do with the clay. "Make ID tags?" I inexplicably knew to ask. Someone nodded, unconvincingly, more like agreeing. I looked into a white plastic bag that came with the clay bucket and mounds, and saw an unhardened example of a name tag, along with what it would become:  a high tech label/panel that adheres overtop the hardened clay. The panels were applied to both sides, adding 2/3rds a percentage of the clay's thickness to the tag. The panels were hard plastic, not stickers or lamenation. Black display on white with square colored buttons (touch screen) with no symbols that I can tell.... [Hey. The same color scheme as the triangular device that came through the portal in a previous dream and spoke to a massing population that were called from their homes to listen. My theory was that it had something to do with the branch colors of the federation system of government/society I saw in my New Year's Day dream of 2012.] The tag was triangular on one side, so that it looked like a sideways house, but slim. They were not the typical rectangular ID tag seen everywhere else. I was puzzled by the shape, but rolled the clay out as I was being shown, and cut them into the clay by the dozens. Two of our teammates there making decorations with us were an older couple, and this was their vacation somehow. There was an agile man, a rogue wanderer who was very handy and had rare ability in certain tasks everyone else did casually without skill. We also had a military soldier, a commander (though not sure of his background), and a couple others who were there for their own unique reasons. I couldn't figure based on all our backgrounds at the time why we were all there together, what brought us together as a team, but I did think it was smart to have such variety.

Next we chose our rooms and bunk-mates. The scene turned playful. A couple different people were prospective roommates for me, and I felt a sense of mastery, that here was my expertise. I might not have the stylistic expertise to perform their jobs, but maybe here was where I was useful:  in connecting to people as individuals. I would still have to choose to stay in one setup. A call came from the bridge (wherever that was) that we were to begin our mission. We all scrambled out of the bunks we had all just claimed to dress and race out of the submarine-like door down the hall toward where the commander was. I don't know what the mission was, and I remember having to sync my assumption that this was a surface-floating vessel, with the corrective images that flashed in my mind of the observation room where the commander was being at the bottom of the ladder, not on any kind of deck I kept trying to see there. It was somehow fixed just below the surface of the water, like a submarine, but maybe not mobile. Or could become mobile, but was indefinitely fixed as a home base.

Say this was a remote viewing. Where was I seeing. Well, I saw a city on the water. Rock spires out beyond the city near our base. No sense of there being a shore. Odd. How can a city just be sitting on the water? A dock? Island? Other than that, I don't know where specifically. Felt like ocean, but not quite right. No high rises in the city, all house level. Also felt it was far away, miles away from the hatch to this small base, but close enough that anyone looking from the edge of the town might notice a small boat and movement out here in daylight. Might be able to catch suspicious activity on bodies of water in the near distance of land just before morning.

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