Nov 28, 2013

Marine Creatures with Thermal Burns

Summary: Continuation of communication with water beings; Trying to woo my sweetheart, finding strange coins washed ashore; Childish in-fighting and unjustified territory and resource control.

Night of 25/26th November 2013

I'm in a cabin nestled in a hill under trees just before dusk. A few dim lights are on around the house. Rain poured during the night and into the early morning creating lines of water across the windows. My old friend, Kristin, is there. It's her parent's home, but it's nothing like her parent's home in my waking reality. There is no television, its a small, but modern home with wide windows and a low ceiling. I'm enjoying looking out the windows, absorbing the peace of the natural setting. Only a few other small residences line the hill further up, we are closest to the edge of the water, a bay, or mouth where a lake bleeds out into a river. I had the distinct sense that water flowed from the larger body into the river, not reverse, which implies a lake draining down by means of a river. This becomes an important distinction later.

I catch movement where the treeline meets the lake, and can't believe what I see. An upright, large brown bird humanoid (like the brown eagle woman that shapeshifted when she landed in the dream preceding my abduction) is folding its wings in and hovering through the trees along a stream and up the hill, curving around the cabin. I know in this moment of the dream that I had not seen one of these beings for a year and a half. Half in disbelief, I change vantage points to a different window to see if I can catch a glimpse of it through the trees as it turned up the stream. It comes into view again, changing red as it moved. Its feet, shaped like boots, hover a few feet above the ground. It's not flying, it's not walking. It's moving at an inexplicable hover parallel with the ground without moving its feet or wings. It's wings have folded in, covering its head and torso. I think its morphing but I don't catch what it's morphing into, only assume from the previous experience that it is shapeshifting to appear human.

"Did you see that?!!" I yell to my friend. "I can't believe it. Did you see?"
"See what?"

I look further up the road where it had gone and see two men walking down that pass it at a backwards angle. They must have noticed it, I think to myself. They are chatting and gesturing intently with one another. One dark haired, one blonde. They are wearing similar outfits and scarves. Uniforms of some kind? I was hopeful that these residents saw the bird being and could verify my sighting, then I realized... they are hovering too, but in a different fashion from the bird. They are walking on air a foot and a half above the beaten cement, one lane road. I fixate on this. How are they doing that? Are they aware that they're doing that? Is there cloaked road beneath them? Does it form only for them?

I try to show my friend a replay video of the large bird being as it descends from the lake toward the trees, but the video quality is obscured, nothing like the clarity in which I witnessed it. Her reaction and judgment that I am quick to jump to strange conclusions put me in the position of how witnesses must feel who do record strange events, but the evidence to show doesn't reflect what they saw in the moment by any comparable degree. Definitely not enough to convince someone who wasn't on the scene.

I'm called out to the edge of the water. Something strange is happening. Dolphins are showing up on the water's edge with entire sides burned by an unknown source. Wounds I've never seen before. I knew it was from an outside cause, not internal like disease. Their skin was not shredded or torn, but burned from a concentrated high heat. Thermal best described it and was what we concluded in the scene. I got into the water to turn one over and examine it, asking it 'What happened to you?' [Wait, thermal, similar to our grid mark phenomenon? Is that why these water creatures are connecting with me?] One was pushing through, beaching itself to be up against me to get my attention. It was trying to show me, or communicate something. "I'm not a dolphin." It seemed to exclaim, forcing its truth at me until I recognized it and could perceive them more accurately. "You're not a dolphin?" How curious. I looked at its neighbor behind him and acknowledged its face didn't look like a dolphin and it didn't have a dorsal fin. These creatures were larger and longer in body and had smaller snouts, but I didn't know what else to call them. "What are you?" I thought. The answer came as if the creature projected it into my consciousness with an emphasis that was marked by lunging forward. "I'm a manatee!"

I don't know why its significant that it was a pod of manatees, not dolphins, but I know the manatee popped up in a similarly surprising fashion in my previous water dream. I didn't really know what manatees were until that dream.

Their burns were first degree I believe, similar to the photo below in appearance, but of a different color palette. The burns on the animals were dark grey. 
Some had the burns on the left side and underside by the tail and belly, and then again toward the head from the left fin. Mostly though, the heat source came at them from underneath, as if they careened over and to the side of it. A thermal vent? Like a volcanic underwater event? (See hydrothermal vent definition.) Would have had to be sudden, not a consistent venting. Could be a contact burn with a moving object. How do you generate burn from friction underwater though?

The scene changes and I'm now walking door to door through a neighborhood with a sense of emergency. A man answers at one house. I show him the manatee that beached itself out of the water and is laying beside me on the man's lawn. He takes me for someone trying to peddle for signatures to save marine wildlife. I am disappointed because those signature peddlers have cried wolf for too long and here we need immediate help. I also had the sense that it concerned all of us because it had to do with secret operations by our government, but even the knowing of that aspect was confusing to my avatar self. I searched for more details on that, but didn't want to waste time since it seemed if this man represented public attitude, that people wouldn't care.

"Can I at least use your hose?" I'm desperate to help the creature beside me. "Oh, sure, of course." The man says and lets me wet the animal. I'm at a loss about what to do and hope this wetting provides a little comfort. It does. I feel its gratitude and relief at feeling the water. I take care to massage the water around its body, but know its minimal assistance. "What am I supposed to do? How do I help you?" I wonder.

[I did a search for manatee or dolphin burns and found an article about 152 dolphins boiled alive and a witness capturing a photo of a waterspout like phenomenon over them when it happened. I don't know how credible this site or author is, but nonetheless, I'm just trying to find connections for what this dream might be picking up on. The author discusses HAARP's experiments with earth's ionosphere and mentions small earthquakes being recorded in spots after these events.]

Sequence change. [Extensive scene preceded this, what was it? More interaction with Chris.] I'm walking along a lake shore with my sweetheart following a few meters behind me. I ventured out here alone, expecting he would want to follow. My intention is to show him my adventurous spirit. I collect coins in the silt and water. I keep finding so many. 'How has no one found these before?' I wonder, seeing another one immediately after another. It's cold, and overcast. To my left is a bank down to a roaring river and up the way, up the hill, in the direction I'm walking, is a small manmade dam. The coins are not American, they have little targets on them and a profile of a Native American man with feathers in his long hair instead of a dead president. I'm greatly confused by these coins and just when I settle that they must have just been dropped by someone, not an ancient find, I pick up a vastly different coin from a different country, again unrecognizable. I can't determine at all where it might be from, but sense its from overseas. Maybe they are older and just washed up after a storm.

I reach the top of the hill. Someone already up there cautions me about the current of the water flowing over the dam and into a pool that lay beside the lake and flowed into a side river. I take the opportunity to do something daring, to show my confidence and ability to take risk. I slip off my boots and wade into the pool at the top of the dam. Someone else leaps over before me and ruins the thrill of the risk by showing its safe enough for them to come out okay. My desire is just to be wanted by him. I imagine us kissing in the pool at the bottom and laying in the mud atop each other on the bank.

Sequence change. Driving to and around a large grocery warehouse that just opened. I explore the different sections and isles. Sell furniture and amenities as well in just as large sections as the foods. I see these warehouse, everything you need, type of stores in my dreams often. Outside of the warehouse though are gang wars on go-carts. We have to defend the right of anyone to have access to shopping there, that it wasn't a place to be claimed. A gang was attacking some patrons. I helped enforce the hope we had that this be neutral territory for us all to resupply our groups and aim toward cooperation and unity rather than the divisions we've endured for so long. There was a deliberate silliness given to our history of disputing by the metaphor of our behavior and go-cart racings. We were like children, and I saw that, but the fighting was deadly and nerve-wracking.

I suppose this was a metaphor for our world. We are divided into territories and fight amongst ourselves when there is enough food and materials for everyone. Are we like children in our cool, but silly, go-carts, setting up unfair boundaries and using scare tactics to hoard and be greedy? Is this how I see mankind, or how someone/thing else sees mankind?

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