Nov 11, 2013

Existence in Solid state and Non-localized state

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Update to the forms ocean dwelling beings take in and out of the ocean of nonlocality. I dreamed I'm searching for a quick spot to fish with my father along a country road before the rain comes. There is already some flooding. Another truck zooms by us away from the mountain wilderness and into town to beat the storm. We spot a small, flooded pond that climbed the bank up to the driveway down to it. We fished off the concrete road that disappeared into the relatively little body of water.

Close to the shore I saw pairs of angel fish facing one another kissing. Beautiful sparkles and ribbons of blue, pink, and purple streamed from their kissing faces. They're making love, I thought, if love itself had a physical appearance. There were also long grey fish that looked like bass swimming colorlessly around. On top of the water were the strangest thing, floating spirits of angel fish wandering about, pursing their lips at the water here and there. I'm not sure if they were doing some kind of maintenance or gathering excess bits of love streams. I signaled to myself right there in the dream (my investigative thoughts have been highlighted to my dream self lately when updates occur) that I may have been inaccurate in my previous conclusion from water dreams before. Based on my previous water dream, what are represented as marine life are beings that only survives in the conditions of the ocean of nonlocality. In other words, they are beings of pure consciousness, or souls, that do not exist in solid state reality. But in this latest dream, a different idea to correct my previous assumption and enhance my overall understanding of how the ocean works, is a distinction between souls of these water dwelling beings, and their solid forms in the ocean. These water beings that exist entirely in the ocean (humans exist outside of the ocean on land, represented as land and buildings and play structures in my dream metaphors, but we can still swim in it via sleep and meditation) exist in as solid of form in ocean as we do on land. In order to exit the water and come into our medium, they must be formless energy. When they do so, they cling to the surface of the water from whence they came. To put it bluntly, there are sentient entities that freely move through the realm of pure consciousness, and for them to exist in our solid realm, they appear as spirit.

I reeled in a bass right away. Over-zealous, I reel in too much slack, catching the bass's mouth uncomfortably at the end of my pole. But it didn't struggle.

Someone else had stopped by the pond as well, a local who said the bass was not what it appeared to be. Confused, I looked back to notice its shape disintegrating into a different form. It became a rusty brown, miniature whale posed in position like it was presenting itself to me. Seemed it wanted me to be it's new adopted parent and praise it, because it put on its cutest 'ta-da' pose. It had a little pink bow on one side of its head, and its skin flexed with strong divots, seen in second picture down. From its profile it looked like it was smiling. Obviously it was a baby. I looked back and heard the local say that it was a manatee and that everything in that lake were manatees.

"Even the angelfish?" I asked the local.
He nodded, and I was even more confused.

Manatee was one of the four marine mammals that were assigned to me in a dream with an omnipresent voice that first nudged me to study into quantum mechanics. He presented me with a unique video game which made me choose between four elements, fire, earth, and two ices (strangely). I chose an ice, thinking it was a prerequisite to water, the element I kept seeing in my dreams. In the ice category I chose were four marine mammals:  sea lion, elephant seal, a walrus or manatee, may be both. I thought I may have also seen an otter in one of the ice categories.
The thing about all these creatures is, being mammals, they need air to breathe, and must resurface regularly. They survive by alternating between hunting or scavenging in the water, and warming and relaxing on the surface. What does this say about all the ocean fish I thought were limited to the water? That they all have the ability to shape-shift into solids in our world? Might also mean that some intelligent animals move freely between the ocean of non-locality and solid reality.

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