May 1, 2013

Comments About the Citizen's Hearing on Disclosure

(Original posting 5/1/13)

I fear the public incidents ridden with coverups, altered statements and testimonies, and decades of ridicule are not enough to explain the extent of the reality of ET interaction that has been occurring with our planet since the early 20th century. As frustrating as coverup efforts, disinformation tactics, and psychological warfare against witnesses is, the general public and the hearing committee wants to know about the abductees and contactees moreso than the ways the information has been repressed and obfuscated. The consensus has too long been left dormant at the conclusion that 'something unusual happened.' Are people truly satisfied with that? No, of course not. But to investigate further is daunting. I was disappointed that three days into the hearing, the conversation was still beating around the bush. Does the panel and audience really need that much lead-in? People have always been suspicious. We need more congregate case study analyses, specifics and overviews.

The congressman panel has now a different drive than what the purpose of the hearing was designed for. This is good in a sense because it means that congressman are being given enough reason for doubt and curiosity to wonder the same things all the witnesses on the panels have investigated and testified of:  who are these beings, what are these beings, how do they communicate, what do they want, what evidence do we have that there are ET or ED (extra-dimensional) beings behind the sightings and crashes and such. The amount of information the panels are reporting is too convoluted, its overloaded with discussion on coverup efforts. How information is being suppressed and misconstrued is important, but we also need an outline of what we know is happening with the ET presence. Trouble is, some of the conclusions researchers have reached are too outlandish and presumptuous to the panel and an unfamiliar audience, even though other sources continues to support their conclusions.

A viewing public is looking at this and is convinced as the congressman are that some strange things have happened that were deliberately covered, no one will deny that any more if they watch the preceedings. However, what is the evidence that there were ET's behind or in the crafts, that is what an unknowledgable public and the committee needs to hear. Move away from the UFO craft encounters and coverups and into direct contact examples. I would like to hear more from Linda Howe on these, if permitted to by those contactees. Peter Davenport's address before the committee brought excellent witness reports of encounters from people in the public that lend credibility to the interactions that are continuing to happen.

While testifying to why farmers, scientists, eyewitnesses, and police enforcement do not come forward on camera or to media about what they've seen in the animal mutilation phenomenon, Linda Howe stated "People are more afraid of ridicule from other humans than they are of extraterrestrials." This sums up part of the story why the truth is suppressed:  the people's fear. Suspicion and support from the people has already been voiced in a fact repeated many times in the hearing, well over fifty percent of the population in poles believe in ET existence. We are coming across too defensive. This is an attempt at scientific investigations fueled by curiosity, experience, and logic about our relative insignificance in the universe. The data is there, have faith in the public.

Us, the younger generations need to be angry about this matter. We need to speak up anyway we can that we want media coverage and government sanctioned investigation into the same phenomena and reports that the researchers testifying at the hearing have compiled. Local media stations do try here and there to report on sightings and weird events because they are curious themselves and it grips their fancy as well as their representative audiences. 

Someday, as part of this effort, I hope to hold instructional classes to update interested people on the information that is out there and identify, from the available data, the types of ET's interacting with Earth and what their relations have been, so we can have a step up on being informed ahead of time when the reality of disclosure does happen. My students would be able to serve as liaisons in their communities between ET representatives and humanity so we can begin shared existence on our planet of knowledge and science and culture. Imagine everything advanced alien races have to contribute to our knowledge base. They already are and have been maintaining a distance of separation so we can evolve for ourselves. But if we invite them as populations, amazing things could happen to our societies and lives. This vision drives me.

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