May 10, 2013

I Know Who I am Channeling

Summary: Role as 'girl in red'; sponsored by teachers; holographic changes; determining how to interface with ET beings.

A few nights ago I dreamt again I was coming onto the set of a play during rehearsal looking to speak to someone in the cast, but I got swept up by the movement and had to adopt a part. Not knowing my part all the time, I had to defer quietly to people at my sides playing other roles to verify when my cues were and what actions I was to take. Though there was no audience, not even an auditorium, just a floor surrounded by curtains and an exit for the actors off stage, they were performing as though it were real. That is to say, when they answered me they whispered and had a tone of hurriedness in their voices without visibly breaking from their roles. I played, along with a young girl I called my sister but is not recognizable to me, 'the girl in red' who walks onto the stage distracting everyone from their petty squabbles and fighting to revel in my countenance. My role was of a quiet, sweet, attractive young woman who enticed the hearts of these people. I both aroused them and eased their minds away from their chaos. Somehow we both played this part. She had dark, long, wavy hair and black eyes, half my age. I was confused why the others told me to play this role when she was still there to play it and it was originally her role.

I had a similar role in a play dream again a couple nights later walking through time as I walked on the stage, moving from beloved companion to another reminiscing about our years (though I don't recognize any of the men), and I again stepped down from the risers as 'the girl in red' so to speak eliciting the same reaction and having the same quieting effect and countenance. Those on the risers still singing as a choir showed mixed feelings of jealousy and desire toward my position as I walked smoothly singing a solo across the stage whose setting changed like holographic projections.

I have been asking who I am, and what makes me special, what purpose do I or will I serve? I cannot be a leader in the sense I know one to be, I cannot take charge in a task where others are more experienced and do better (why would I expect to?) and I bet there is always someone better than me at something.

In the next scene, I am taken to my old elementary school to a teacher of old age. She asks me if I recognize her; she used to be my sister's teacher [younger sister]. She says she has helped me get where I wanted to go before. "Mrs. Eckert?" [My older sister's teacher who sponsored me in college to help me pay for some expenses.] "No." She said. She then turned or I changed angles to look at her face more closely and she shifted into a blonde-haired woman with a tight bun and a commanding presence. "I was your younger sister's teacher." I remembered, but my memory of her never happened. My sister never had this teacher in this life, yet I had a strong familiarity with her having been her teacher after I left to middle school. No name. Pretty face, beautiful bright eyes. The shapeshift resembled the effect of a 3D/holographic billboard that changes the image depending on the angle at which you look at it. From one angle she was an old, fat, frail woman of greying hair, from the other she was a strong blonde woman in her thirties of leadership. I believe when we reach the ascended stage they have separate from the confines of this physical body, we can shift between the different expressions of ourselves throughout our lives and stages to match the situation at will.

She told me I should return to schooling and that she would pay me to do so. "But I have a kid, I don't have time." "Bring him." She replied, and put a folded $60 in my hand almost pleadingly. "I suppose I could, always helps to repeat a grade, you forget things in time." She gave me little acknowledgement at that comment. I don't think she meant repeating a grade, but I assumed so since we were at my old elementary school.

Another teacher came out of the classroom where we stood watching in asking what was going on in a cheery voice. No face to this person. I said "Oh sorry, she was telling me she will sponsor me to come back to school." "Yes, here I will too." He then put another couple $20's in my hand and patted my on the back. "Wait, she already gave me what I needed." But he didn't hear me and went back in. Now I had an excess. These teachers believed in me so much they were willing to fund me beyond what I was needed, just to express how much they wanted me to do this.

I watched an interview with Sgt. Clifford Stone through Project Camelot about his alien companions Korona, and when he helped an alien escape captivity during his service because it was being severely mistreated by his captors even though it was regarded as a 'guest'. Stone calls himself an interfacer, along with six others who were able to do what he does:  communicate with alien beings by linking minds and downloading experiences and empathizing.

You should know I have been trying to communicate while awake in a call and answer way with the beings that send me the strange sequences and concepts of my dreams, sometimes resorting to bizarre methods like sticking my hand in a vat of ice water in the hopes of stimulating the grid marks on my hands to reappear (they didn't, but I couldn't hold it in very long either).

Watching another interview with the Sgt. taught me an answer I have also been stressing over:  different between spirit beings and physical ETs and where the Arturians and Pleidians and others I've seen in my dreams lie. Korona was visible to Stone, but only to him because their minds were connected across the vastness of time-space. It may be that I need to better understand astral projection. If we were to go to Korona's planet his species would be physical beings visible to us all. They originally seemed to connect through Stone's loss of his son. Korona was also a father and in his investigation of our culture and psychi he was curious as to why he felt so sad. I wondered if this mutual empathy is what allows a connection. So do I then need to attract a personality I can better relate with than what I have been doing, perhaps a nurturing young mother?

Then it hit me. I know who has all been trying to reach me:  teachers!! I am always asking one question or another, wondering about one thing or another. Teachers and mentors and narrating voices of great understanding, have always been a dominant theme of my dreams. I have been reaching out and they have all been trying to answer me. My deep wish for structured guidance and schooling into these greater topics not taught through traditional channels on Earth has repeatedly connected me to beings who have the return desire to teach. Basic law of attraction. Could you imagine?! Instruction by alien masters and ascended beings?! I see classrooms and schools, bus trips, team-organized missions and activities.

Now how do I make this manifest? Water (another primary theme) somehow helps the transmission or link connect (suggested to me by the pilot episode of Fringe. [I love sci-fi shows. Also watch Continuum, X-files, -though it's negative spin on everything turns me off to it at times- Doctor Who, Star Trek, Terra Nova, Stargate Universe]. Okay then, next step is a relaxed bath on Mother's Day. I have narrowed my focal point:  to connect to a teacher, specifically I would like to know if I could study with them while more awake.

I suspect they are trying to observe the bliss of ignorance for us by not interfering too much with physical visitations. Love protects. I need to radiate love for myself more and faith/trust that a higher power will protect me if I am to survive the jolting experience of encounter and learn the fuller truth these teachers are willing to teach me.

Next post will be scanned drawings of the communication devices I have received in my dreams.

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