May 7, 2013

Unidentified Technology and Thrift Stores #2

Summary/Key points: Vortex in thrift store again; magnetic toy set and microchip prizes; enslaved upon a hovering mass of bramble and vines; UFO makes crop circle and excavates inner area; dig site marked between 1k and 5k (depth or years?); metallic device built into discovered pottery bowl that releases black then pink liquid; holographic bio-implants with prerecorded message about family stability.

Updated June 3rd, 2013 with sketch.

Night of May 6th/7th 2013

At a thrift store looking through clothes, but distracted by the interactions of my older sister near the front of the store. There with her husband, she has picked out a blouse of a thin, see through material with a dark brown color and some repeating design of a boomerang like petal. A female clerk/owner reshelving around the store asks if they are ready to check out. My sister suddenly realizes she doesn't have money to afford the blouse. Graciously, after examining the blouse and pricing it very low, she gifts it to my sister. She is extremely happy and grateful, as is her husband who is glad she could get a simple item to make her feel good. They keep asking "Are you sure?" and the clerk waves them away and returns to sorting. I lean in and whisper "Thank you for taking care of them. She is my sister and they have been struggling lately." My sister has been dealing with a miscarriage the last couple months.

Next, I move into a toy section to find 'new' used toys for my son. Previous customers have been playing with them so the pieces are scattered around in a play area. The dream immediately preceeding this one I was also in a thrift store looking at a red kid chair when Link shows signs he needs to potty. I take him outside the back door (black with two large windows one on top of the other like an everyday store front door) and imitate for him that he needs to pull his pants down by pulling mine down, squatting, and pissing right there on the concrete path to the door. I notice people walking across the street are staring and giving me grotesque looks. It dawns on me that Link is not outside with me. I try to explain that I was demonstrating for my son, but rather I had become my son and perhaps felt the same humility that he maybe feels (though he doesn't show it, in fact he'd be happier if he could run around naked, but pottying may be different). Upon returning into the store, other customers express how appalled they were to see that display. I naively try to reason with them, but am feeling rather confused and humiliated.

Back in another thrift store, I organize together the different toy sets to see if any would be worth getting for Link. I am led again and again to magnet sets where all the animals or pieces are magnetized. Yes, this would be good for him in real life as well. It is time for us to rotate new toys into our house. He is bored of his current ones. However, it is odd to me that this simple thing I thought about just last night trumped so many other things I have been asking for information about when it came time to dream.

Something strange happens though. A vortex opens and I have to quickly gather all the pieces to the sets I want for Link before they get pulled in. [This same type of dream event has happened before. In fact, I have renamed that post from back in January to correspond with this one because of the similarities.] I manage to compile all the little magnets and strangely come across one that looks like a microchip. It is special and celebration happens around me like I had found the secret prize in the cereal box. Someone with me finds another one. We are assembling a mystery, a game. Something ancient and important is on these chips. The vortex is growing, so I insist we just gather the ones we can and put them in this small plastic house shaped box with a row of slot holders to store the little magnet pieces. A male figure is looming above me on a hill and the inside setting is being taken over by an outside ominous setting. [Rarely do I recall the transition of the visuals that make the set]. I am being called back as a slave of this figure.

I am atop a hot-air balloon shaped bramble of lush green vines resembling a rubberband ball. It is hovering above an ocean at sunset, though I am a prisoner on top of this unstable mass. Falling into the ocean scares me, so I cling to the hanging island and visualize pushing my slavelord into the water as he seems to be hopping around without any caution for his step. We spot a UFO in the puffy clouds that descends quickly to the ground that is now a green field. It creates a series of circles in the grass. Excitedly I shout about this event against my slavelord's insistence that the craft was nothing. I slide down to the ground and jump a horse along with two others (one whom I felt was a younger sister) and rode around the crop circles skillfully. Six outlines of small circles as an outline of a larger untouched, but implied circle by their placement. After one or two complete revolutions around the formation, we stopped at what appeared next. A large portion of the area in the center of the formation was dug out meticulously, yet happened in an instant. We came to what looked like steps dug away to lead into the larger carved away area. Not like walking steps, but like markers each with a perfectly engraved measurement into the dirt. Closest to me and furtherest down was '5k', then a block/step up was 4k up to 1k which was closest to the grass surface, so this must have been a hill (otherwise how could it have started at "5k" depth where I walked onto it also from grass surface). The 1k was not where the pit started, it dipped down to the 5k level after the measurment steps. This was indicating the depth range dug between, but it could have been indicating years not feet, no unit was given). The pit looked like an archaeological dig site with layers at different parts of the larger pit where they had started clearing away. In the deepest parts (5k) off to the right the male I was with picked up a wet clay bowl. Annoyed at this find, he said "It's just a pottery bowl. We can make these on pottery wheels. It's not an artifact." He discarded it to me. The bowl was so new its sides were flopping around. I tried to handle it carefully, but it suddenly crumbled from my hands, leaving a small metal container about 2 inches long with a black lid. It was built inside the clay of the bowl at the center base to hide it.

Figure 1. Crop circle sketch and Small Device

Text from Image:

"-Dark [filled in space] is downed crops
-Circles should be equal in size [more so than depicted in sketch]
-May have been more than 6 (six) [should actually be seven smaller circles around central site]
-[Circles should be] Smaller and spread further apart [in comparison to the overall length of site]

(Words around second object are: "black" and "silver" to describe device's colors)"

A pool of watery black liquid pooled into my hands and the container split open, releasing a neon pink (like pepto bismol) liquid into the black. I ran to my parents apartment, a derivative of our old place before we got the house, to show them this awesome thing. The liquid must have absorbed into my skin because in its place was a holographic display interfaced over my hand and up my arm. I could touch the skin and be touching holographic buttons. Embedded in the technology was a prerecorded message I wanted to play for my family. I showed off how by pushing the image off my arm, essentially slingshooting it toward a wall, it would use the wall as the primary display, from which I could enlarge it like you might on a smart phone by starting with pinched fingers and extending them apart on the screen. The first wall didn't have enough white space, so I moved it to a different wall. They were fascinated. I am not very techno savvy, its something I've asked if I should learn. Was this an answer to that? The technology I would learn would be so far advanced from what we have today that a limited amount would translate through.

The message contained a series of videos on the importance of family, stylized like a feel-good religious introductory video. The first one was on the strength and health of one's immediate family unit. The second spoke about responsibility to one's pets and how animals can enrich our lives. I didn't get through anymore but felt there were 5-7 in all.

As a note: I watched a new show Continuum featuring this kind of bio-technology and wondered while I was awake how accurate this is, whether this kind of technology already exists somewhere, and if it would then appear in my dreams. The brain implants allowing the main character Keira hear experimental frequencies resembled hearing God in my dream in my left ear, and how mediums describe hearing spirits. Does this ability have to be implanted or is it not an advancement of our natural biological and spiritual capabilities?

The black liquid, though not as thick and black as what I will describe, reminded me of a previous dream where an animated ink with programming or something to appear to be a living organism, absorbed into my body and scrawled hebrew or arabic writings across my bare chest and stomach (unposted yet).

Lastly, the archaeological site brings to mind the Ohio location from summer 2012 where a similar formation appeared. Not quite though. I do think now though it might have been 7 circles instead of 6 because when I rode around it, the circles connected more roundly than what a 6 circle formation allows.

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