May 20, 2013

Red Grid Marks Case Report #1: Jordon (previously "Michael")

Since writing the Summary of Symptoms on the Red Grid Mark phenomenon, the most visited post in my archive, other cases have been contacting me seeking answers to their own mysterious occurrences of similar marks. The following is the first case of a series I will be reporting based on email interviews.

(Names changed at request for anonymity)

Email dated May 17th 2013 from "Michael"

I just saw your comment on and wanted to confirm that I've also had similar marks. These were from July of 2012. I have no idea how they got there. I wracked my brain for days trying to figure out a good explanation. The marks lasted for several days and had no sensation associated with them. I've attached several pictures in case you're interested to see.

Reply email from me, Interviewer, dated May 17, 2013:

"Hello Michael,
Yes they definitely seem like the ones I've become familiar with. Since that posting you read, I have been investigating these marks further. See my research so far here. Others have come to me with their personal experiences, so I am trying to find some answers by doing the grunt work of compiling the testimonies for possible patterns in the individuals.

I visited your photography site, lovely work btw. You seem to be a person who analyzes the human condition through your photography. Am I correct in saying you enjoy perspective, natural scenery, beauty as defined by simple but out of the ordinary, as well as natural?..."

The following are email Q and A between 'Michael' and I:

Me, JENNY: "1.) What do you do for a living? Are you religious/spiritual?"

'MICHAEL': "Thanks so much for responding. Yes, I'd say I analyze the human condition in my photography. It might be safe to say that much of that is my own condition I'm analyzing. I do tend toward towards exploring the natural world and exploring my own psychology through that.
I currently work for a courier company and I dabble in the arts. Right now I'm also looking to get into a graduate counseling program. Psychology is one of my primary interests. I am certainly a spiritual person. I used to be a pretty serious Christian but now I consider myself something of a seeker and I'm not affiliated with anything organized. It's hard to be very specific about all of that at this point though."

JENNY: "About the marks, when did you find them? What were you doing prior to their appearance, as well as when you discovered them?"

'MICHAEL': "I found the marks on July 8th, 2012. A few days before, I can remember being outside in the evening and looking up at the sky with a sense of longing. It was something like a need to connect with whatever "other" is out there and feeling that some part of myself i[s] connected to the alien phenomena. Part of me is skeptical of all this and feels that this all could arise out of some need to feel important and that my early levitation experiences (see below) were related to feelings of being out of control of my life.
On the 8th, a friend just happened to see them as I was outside trying to move some fish out of a pond. I had never seen anything like that on my body before but I never really look myself over for that sort of thing. I also don't go swimming very often so the odds of someone getting to see something like that on me are pretty low.  I had posted about them in the thread you linked in your blog post. See username Rex84. As it says in my posting, I'd had a vivid abduction dream a few weeks earlier. I had found myself just a little obsessed with reading about abductions for the past few weeks before that. I tend to go through phases where I'm intensely interested in all that. Just recently I've been reading Carla Turner's books and that's been fascinating. If you haven't read her books, I highly recommend them. I have PDFs of them as they are out of print.
Ever since I was young (I think 9 or 10?) I can remember having nighttime experiences where I felt like I was being levitated off my bed and as much as I hate to admit it, anally raped. I did not relate them at the time to anything alien though. I was exposed to ideas about UFOs (not a whole lot about abductions though) at a young age since my dad is [a] not-so-famous UFO researcher and author [omitted]. I've had a good number of nighttime experiences in the past few years with feeling like I was being raped and even once hearing the wind rushing by ears and feeling gravity on my body as I was hoisted upwards.  Since I've been seeing a Jungian analyst for the past few years I've been recording some of my dreams and nighttime experiences so I do have some of these cataloged."

JENNY: "Did you see a dermatologist to evaluate what it was or wasn't?"

'MICHAEL': "I did not see a dermatologist. All I did was wrack my brain trying to think if there was something I could have slept on or leaned on that would have done that. I've come up with nothing."

Original posting by 'Michael' as username Rex 84:

"reply posted on 8-7-2012 @ 09:25 PM by Rex84
I just discovered today that I had this orderly grid of dots on my back. I'm not sure how long they've been there but someone noticed them when I was swimming today. There is no pain or itching associated with them, even when they're pressed. I've thought back carefully about the past few days and I have no idea how they could have gotten there. Someone told me they look like allergy shots but I've never had those and I'm a very healthy young man and not prone to allergies or rashes.
I had a rather frightening abduction dream a couple of weeks ago but when I woke up I attributed it to psychological factors. I've never thought of myself as someone who has had contact with aliens but I know marks like this have been associated with such phenomena."

MUFON newsletter #20 by George Filer (Eastern Regional Director) highlighted a new volume in an interesting series about abductions and the move toward understanding the spiritual nature behind them. Copied directly from email newsletter sent May 16th 2013. All rights are those of the original authors. Its reproduction here is for topic relevance.

"Ray Fowler is Well

Ray Fowler writes “Thought I should let you know that I am very much alive and very, very healthy. My doctor tells me that I will live to be 100 so please refrain from informing people of my death” Best, Ray Fowler who writes about the Paperback Edition of Watchers II!
This is the fourth book in a fascinating series which follows the longest and most well-documented case of interaction between aliens and human beings. The first three volumes describe the strange interactions between a couple and the alien presence involving mysterious unmarked helicopters, strange paranormal experiences and time loss abductions.
The book reveals the paranormal metaphysical and spiritual dimensions of what the abduction encounter is pointing toward. It is a whole new understanding of what reality and life is all about for human beings. It reveals the positive side of alien contact- the opportunity to gain new insights into the spiritual dimensions of reality and to discover how aliens have played a major role in the development of our religious history. Thanks to Ray Fowler"

(More to come)


  1. Hey guys, I too have had this mark, but I've actually had it a couple times, once on my back and a couple times somewhere else including my hand. I actually did go to a dermatologist the first time it was on my back, and I wasn't even the person that found it. I had my shirt off in my house and my gf noticed that it was on my back, and when they took a look at it at the dermatologist, they had absolutely no idea what it was, and the only explanation they had is that my gf was beating me with something of an odd shape,(which actually made me laugh.) They then actually contacted a government specialist without me knowing, and told me later on that even the iconic government specialist they contacted had no idea what it was, and they wanted to do more studies on it, but by then it was gone. I actually do have really really vivid dreams, but they're not related to aliens, abduction, or violation in any way, but I have always been interested in aliens and goings on in the universe around us, and I was wondering if anyone had any more information on what the hell these marks are exactly, and if they mean anything

    1. Hey so a few days ago the same marking showed up on my shoulder. The grid with red dots. I can send you a picture of it. I took a bunch as soon as I saw it. Like you, I have never had dreams of being abducted or aliens or anything like that but the night before they showed up I remember having extremely vivid dreams and I can still remember most of the details of them. So weirded out by it all. I also have always been interested in the universe and what this reality really is. Lately I've had many surreal experiences where life has felt like it's programmed or a simulation. It's hard to explain that feeling but it's somewhat out of body but more so 'out of mind.'

  2. I've had those marking twice now and broke my head trying to come up with a explaination..!!!😬😬😱

  3. Right now I'm reading everything in this chat because 2 nights ago I woke up so scared because I think my boyfriend pushed a little blackboard that we had close to our bed, and everything it was close to the blackboard fell to the floor, he was sleeping so I think he did it with his arm, I woke up immediately but he kept on sleeping, after that, he was acting so weird like he was crying or someone was talk to him, the morning after, I saw in his shoulder a red mark, I asked him but he didn't know what it was! So he didn't pay to much attention, but I was looking on internet and I found the same marks that he has! And I want to share the picture that I took from his shoulder..!

  4. My Husband just got those marks 2 nights ago. I kept breaking my head trying to figure out what happen or more or less how it happen. But nothing. No results other than here. He didn’t have strange dreams either. The marks are still there till this day. Except his marks are in two locations on his back.

  5. A few years back my wife woke up and discovered the same red dot grid pattern on her left hand, about 20+ total. About a month later same thing happened under her left wrist/hand, around 30 dots that time. She thought she had an allergy sickness, but jokingly I acted bug eyed serious with a straight face and told her she had been abducted. She rolled her eyes! A week or two later it happened a 3rd time. She started crying believing that she had been. That's because around a week or two before it happened the first time, me my son her and her brother spotted a very very huge triangle craft parked several hundred feet above our house just sitting there seconds before it slowly started moving away until it was out of site. It was night time and we had been outside cooking BB&Q on the porch when we seen it. My 12yo son is the one who spotted it! From what we remember we didn't experience missing time though... A minute later we went inside and didn't speak hardly a word of it then are since it happened until recently. Not because we were scared or embarrassed, it was because we felt like it was no big deal and could care less. We still fill that way somewhat. The reason I'm really saying anything now is because I realize that our behavior/reaction to that siting is strange indeed considering that years before I had seen a tiny ufo light thingy far away in the sky yet still find it more exciting and one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. What I'm trying to say is.... it is as if we were programed to turn our backs and walk away like nothing ever happened. Another thing we could have tried taken a video or picture of it with our phones but for some strange reason we never thought to.

    1. Do you feel you are more desensitized to such a sighting at the time of the triangular craft than you were to the previous one? Hindsight is often 20/20, but I am curious what you believe you would have done differently if you were 'in your right mind'?

  6. Yesterday early morning, when I woke up there's was some red marks in grid pattern on my right arm. I was so shocked and I had no idea about whats going on. These marks are 2x2 inches exactly grid patterns in diamond shape.
    Later that day, I googled it and found some articles but nobody exactly can tell what it this thing. An alien or something ? I'm so curious now. Can someone help me with that strange thing.?

  7. I woke up this morning with the same pattern on my left arm. I have a noticeable prick just above it almost like the ones you get when they draw blood.