May 23, 2013

Continuum - Clarification on the State of Power

Summary: Small group hoarding information and technology to rule over public, keeping them in peaceful poverty, while imprisoning inquisitive minds manipulated to serve their further hoarding of scientific knowledge; dream as clarification about the twisted plot of show Continuum from reality.

Night of May 22nd/23rd 2013

Prisoner in a locked down white, high tech, lab facility along with others. We aren't allowed outside the building. The system is upside down. This is supposed to be an improvement on conditions and the system of the real world today. It is futuristic. They tell us we should be happy, that everything is provided for us, but we are experimented on, given drugs, treated like criminals or mentally disturbed patients. I remote communicate with another prisoner, a special one. A middle aged male in a small room with tall ceiling serving as his cell. The entire back wall is a canvas of a projected display, red or salmon colored with words. He tells me he pretends to be 'doing great work' for them, like he is thinking and this is his work space, so he gets a better cell and more privilege than us other prisoners. They prize his intellect and are trying to have him sort out scientific matters for them to use. A female in a white lab coat enters to give him his regular dose supposed to be good for him, but we wonder why they can't just give us regular food rather than an injection of nutrients. They generated the belief that we need them, they keep us under tight control.

A group of us, while the attendants are busy wrestling him, escape somehow. The prison with no doors, somehow we escape. The world outside is not as we were told, its not devastated or in chaos. We were told we were saved from the disaster that destroyed the world (apocalypse) and provided for so we could be happy in this tall self-contained facility. But our building is in a small old town like old Italy. Kids and fewer people than what used to dwell here are playing and chatting and doing their daily mingling. No businesses that I see, everyone seems to be carefree, though they run around like homeless kids on the streets. Still, they are all happy. Why were we prisoners kept from this life? Why aren't they aware of what's happening in that giant building (the lab prison)? They are brainwashed to believe we are criminals, so we have to steer clear of being seen. We are both prisoners, the people kept from going in the building, and the people held inside the building. All they know is the governing body that runs the town provides for all their needs. The governing body has full control of the law and enforcement of those laws. Still, the people are happy.

My group is in disguise, using holographic technology to generate dogs and appropriate clothes. We appear to be citizens walking our dogs. I get caught up observing this world around me, strange from what we were trained to see. We didn't know people were living beyond the walls of the building. It is simple living without technology of any kind. They hang their clothes to dry, play with sticks and rocks, a different generation from those that built the house structures of brick and wood and spackle of the town.

I am distanced now from my group, and I hear commotion down the way they had gone along the water front the line of connected houses or spaces run parallel to. A young boy runs back toward the lab building, sticking out like a sore thumb among the quaint town rows. I am looking down from a second floor glassless window (no glass anywhere actually, and no doors anywhere; town is a ruins of the 18' or 1900's). He looks up briefly to say "sorry" like his running had disturbed me. I know he is going to report the criminals lose already being captured. I am the only one left. I have to get the word out.

Further outside the town are more modern businesses and technologies and cars. I am still in cognito, blending in with the locals. I have a car now. I made a few friends who help me in my cause, also in cognito. We are trying to make more friends who can back us up, friends with influence and hearts of charity.

Analysis: Though I asked other questions for explanations to with tonight's dreaming, instead another concern I didn't specifically ask but spent much thought contemplating was an issue brought up from the show Continuum. The way it is setup, the liberals are an extremist terrorist organization that go back in time before they are to be executed to change the past and prevent big corporations from becoming the government. But corporations as the governing bodies is viewed positively by this show. How is that? The liberals ("Liber8") are depicted as harbingers of chaos, who want , willing to kill without second guessing, slaughter a baby to keep one of their own from being captured. They supposedly represent a movement of power returning to the people, a return of freedoms and rights. But they are depicted as immoral and selfish, dangerous, and barely loyal to their own, much less to the greater population they are supposed to represent. This all seems backwards.

Clean Free energy technology was in fear of being weaponized because it could contain dark matter. The people who were part of the research into this energy were depicted as liars, corrupt in their decadence, wrapped up in a scheme of murder and betrayal, lust and envy. Really? All because they were afraid the technology would hurt people. Really? I can imagine the tremendous energy available here can of course be harnessed for destructive purposes. The show at least pointed out the technology is neutral, who uses it and for what determines its connotation. The energy eventually would become a leading corporation in the future that saved the global energy crisis, but at the cost of murder, what the main character emphasized her moral displeasure with. So, corporations are a better governing body?

Its all twisted. I was very confused how accurate this is to the truth. Time travelers sent to the past to change the conditions of the future is talked extensively by interviewees in the Camelot Project, and by Dr. Greer and company. However, people like Greer and his team and the scientists working to develop free energy, including those who already did whose patents were classified from release and their work confiscated, are seen as the new corporate rule of the future when their efforts and sciences take off. They could very well change the face of society as we know it, that is the point, but will they take charge as corporate entities? These are the modern liberals of the day, they promote unity and cooperation, peace and returning power to the people because the government has not maintained transparency to the people it represents. They are not violent, indulgent, extremists. They have striven to move through peaceful means even if it means a drudgingly gradual process of one person at a time, rather than force.

For a moment, lets assume the creator Simon Barry doesn't know much at all about the real situation and is just speculating and generating a story, rather than trying to impose a hidden agenda of manipulating public perception on events that will become public and what becomes of those unveilings will depend on who people deem the threat, like I am assuming. There's still a lot of coincidence I have trouble ignoring between the show's content and what I dream and am aware of within the UFO/ET presence community.

My dream must have been trying to clarify. A group of people are hoarding scientific advancements and technologies from the public and using it to control the population, all while lying to both those outside and those being used to further their database about their activities. This remains true, and is what military and contactees consistently report. It irritates me though to see instigation of fear. I saw a child's toy at a local food store of a slingshot with little alien targets. It's okay to teach our children to translate fear of the unknown into aggression toward outsiders? I'm sure the manufacturer thought it was cute, but I am looking at a greater picture of how people will respond when the reality of ET presence is revealed. The third world shaking (war) from the Hopi prophecy would be signaled by the red cover or cloak. ET's and crafts are often witnessed in infrared. Could the red cover be awakening or granting humans the ability to see in this lower spectrum and thus see the crafts and beings all around us? See this UFO hunter's site who specializes in infrared camera photographing of aerial objects.

I guess the question though that everyone will ask themselves is: who are the ones in the building in the lab coats, a group of humans/ possibly time travelers, or the ET's. Both will generate an illusion of need for them. Is there a way to reconcile both perspectives on what is best for our world or is this down to a matter of black and white, good an evil, slavery or freedom?

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