Aug 19, 2013

Learning to Fly

After the dream challenge when I was encouraged to jump off a waterfall into a thin river below, I began to re-evaluate just how strong my faith in my imagination and courage to enjoy creating the things I want to see and experience is in my dream state. Why didn't I trust how consciousness works with dream physics to fly, or adjust as I descended to landing in the water? This should have been an obvious possibility for my level (I refer to my skills in dream dynamics and spirit communication and attributes of my person in real life like I am playing a game, more entertaining and uplifting that way). Fear still has power over me. Determining the complex inter-relationships between dreaming and the solid matter world continue to fascinate and evade me. Small victories retain my hope that there is such an intimate relationship of affect and effect between the two worlds. If there is a delay in the magnetic attraction between a question and answer, what someone requests in honest need then receives in the solid state world, how do acts that defy solid state laws of physics translate from the infinite possibilities of the flowing energy state? How can flight become possible?

Dinosaurs of massive sizes flew, could athletic humans fly with bat-like wings with practice and proper design? The atmosphere back then was thicker with CO2 and other elements that apparently made it easier for heavier bodies to fly. Are we returning to such a time (before another ice age when greenhouse emissions are melting the polar ices) when this could be possible? Could we mimic the wing maneuverability, material distribution, control, and integration of a bats wings to human arms? It would be slip on like a wet suit up the arms tightly as some sort of rubber material. Still the wings must be light enough to not add too much weight. Hence, why the human would have to be an athletic, trim, and strong person. The person would have to learn the aerodynamics of a bird's flight, or a bat's flight, to imitate the techniques and build strength. Legs and head are used as much as the arms/wings are, it is a full-body work-out to gain altitude. We are less than baby birds when it comes to self flight without the use of a mechanical device. But such a discovery is too damn awesome to not be possible.

Article link discussing why building a human-powered flying device hasn't been plausible.

Last night (August 19th, 2013), I explored my curiosity with flight. In a house, I was confused when I noticed everything was upside down and I was moving along the ceiling. I realized I was flying. Small obstacles of gaps challenged that faith of possibility that influences the dreaming state, as I mentioned before. I knew I was dreaming. I also knew I had hoped to fly soon again, and here was my chance. I leapt in faith between gaps I should not have been able to clear in solid state physics. With each leap my faith grew firmer, until there was no longer any doubt. The focus of the scene gradually shifted away from that challenge as I became comfortable with it. I moved outside to fly more freely. Why should I confine such a skill to a house, I wanted to stretch my 'wings.' I came across a neighbor. She was awed by me, not by my flight though, but by a strange glow i seemed to be emitting. I could see the glow reflecting off her face in the night, though not from my body. She was seeing something different from what I was seeing of myself. I suspected what I might be. "I'm a floating spirit aren't I? I look nothing like human." I looked in a reflective window and saw I was indeed a floating jellyfish like creature glowing with a beautiful radiance that made my body. I turned back to her unphased. "Yeah, that makes sense."

I was curious how merging of body and spirit, like Christ's resurrection (which I am perceiving here as a unification of the body and spirit, since his material body resurrected with him, not a rising of the soul as it separates from the body like we have mistaken resurrection to be), merged the physics of both worlds, allowing for flight and instantaneous communication with the flow of all energy in the universe that makes the impossible possible (like immediate connection to a teacher who can answer your question, or a knowing provided upon a pondering). I saw myself as a human body flying, the neighbor saw me as a spirit creature. We were one and the same, yet we (spirit and body) were not merged. I did not see the glow when I looked down, though I saw the affect of it upon her face. Or perhaps we were merged and that's how I was flying.

I want to fly. That step closer to freedom. To see the lands from a bird's view. I don't have the materials to make the suit I have in mind, but I strengthen the idea in the awareness of the world so that it might gain strength and become a reality.

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