Dec 8, 2014

Cracks, Earthquakes, and Sinkholes: Unrest in our Crust

Brief Dream Record for Night of 12/6/14 - Significant details only

An earthquake split open the ground and resulted in a 40 ft wide sinkhole crater that nearly swallowed my friend. We ran into a crop field of tangled, low lying plants. The earthquake was closer than we thought.

Could this be related to the series of earthquakes along my border, to the southeast? I learned that region being hit is closer to my location than I previously assumed. California and Nevada are getting swarms of earthquakes these last few months.

UPDATE: Cracks split open in the mud playa 40 miles outside Cedarville, where a swarm of earthquakes have been occuring since July 2014. Linda Moulton Howe has been following and investigating the three areas where an accumulation of thousands of earthquakes have been near the California, Nevada, and Oregon border.  The recent activity has prompted seismologists to set up research in those areas for close monitoring. The USGS has issued warnings to California residents to be prepared for evacuation, though they cannot predict whether a larger earthquake will happen. Previous swarms have led to only 5 point magnitudes that did little damage.

Read Linda's report at her Earthfiles website for images and information about the playa where the cracks formed.

My interest in these earthquake swarms is for dream precognition research and accessing information in the collective consciousness. In the above dream the earthquake felt far away or too deep to create a significant impact on the surface. So we thought we were safe from any effects. Then the ground started splitting beneath our feet that led to a crater-like sinkhole. The Cedarville earthquakes were 40 miles away from where the ground opened, confusing scientists about whether the quakes and cracks are connected. 

Whether the strange sinkholes that happen across the country are related to either quakes or these cracks is yet to be studied. 

A Related Dream that May Yield More Information
In the morning before Thanksgiving (Nov. 24th, 2014), I discussed my latest dream in the car with my husband. He reminded me about it yesterday as we talked about the earthquakes. How could I have forgotten? Thank you dear!

In the dream, I'm swimming in a lake with a friend back to a dock where a large carnival boat is setting off. When we reach some 15 feet from the dock, we pause to watch the carnival boat load its last passengers and gear and set off in a time lapse of sudden jumps forward in time. We follow the boat out to the center of the water and share a lovely experience of intertwining at the surface of the water. It was not sexual. We were contrasting the interpretation of love and sex happening in the world around us, though no one could likely see us. I remember it as such a pleasant unification of our minds. I reveled in the joy of sharing such pure love and understanding with another being.

We noticed something odd in the distance. A man had walked out into the middle of the water at only calf-deep and was setting up a swingset in the water. One pole shoved into the water like it was mud just below the surface, showing significant resistance. We looked around in confusion. The entire scene time lapsed. The water receded down to reveal a rock bed. People built houses on the uncovered land, next to what was now a slim stream of water instead of the large reservoir and river it was. We were seeing the geologic evolution of the landscape. People came and went, entire lifetimes in the blink of an eye. The houses grew mold and fell apart, were abandoned, torn down. People visited the area to play and left in a split second.

We worried the water was going to return and flood the area again, and this felt connected to lava flows. People would be caught off-guard.

The scene changed. We are agents trying to sabotage a construction and mining effort to save the workers and the area from what they will trigger. We pretend to be kids playing as we moved passed workers closer toward the opening into the earth. "They have no idea this area will be flooded." We thought to each other. We find a sign that tells me where we are, it says "Lava Lasnds" there was a lot of 's' in that last word, but I couldn't make sense of it. I heard and saw it as "Lasnds" on a National park sign. When I woke up I tried to fit it into something familiar like Lanes or Lands but neither was right. It didn't make sense until I read Linda's reports about the earthquakes in Lassen Volcanic National Park. The park lands are just southeast of me but I'd never heard of them. Only time I go south through California is when I'm visiting family, and I stay on the freeway. I've had no reason to take the southeast routes through the wilderness, so I never ran into it. There is a sign along the freeway (that we noticed on our way back) that directs you to the Park route, but there again I never consciously noticed it. Anyway, I still found it rather coincidental that I had this dream at the same time the area is wracked with quakes.

My companion and I back at the mining site were almost caught, so we engaged in another activity to distract them from our real mission. I became entranced with a female friend of ours who is naked and has beautiful skin. We enjoy a little menage a trois, a rather graphic one where I have a false penis. The pleasure and telepathic interaction between myself and this woman is engrossing. I am fascinated by her body and my connection into her pleasure.

Our distraction works, but I don't recall how it went from there.  I know we had one final obstacle to overcome, the boss and number of workers at the mining entrance. We planned to tell him our knowledge of the situation and urge him to withdraw his men and his construction and drilling operation. They were about to hit something that would release the pressure on water or lava just below the crust. I saw it as a long pocket of lava forced upward by a plate. Why the river nearby would flood again with water as it once was in the past is beyond my comprehension of geology, but it was connected to them poking where they shouldn't

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