Dec 1, 2014

Synchronicities: Meditative Download

 While resting last week, my thoughts landed on a disturbing, though unlikely possibility that a child, in their devoted play, might pull a fake gun on a real officer. Kids love cops. My son was so excited when he spotted two officers in the fast food joint we were at. In their innocence, this hypothetical kid would pretend with such gusto and energy that an officer might panic into believing the kid had got hold of a real gun and was playing what was pretend in their mind, but could actually be a threat to the receiving officer.

Two days later, on the local news where I was for Thanksgiving, a boy pulled a fake gun on an officer and was shot. The officer thought the boy had a real gun. He died from his injuries.

Of course I didn't know how common this type of shooting was in the last couple months, nor had I kept up on the upcoming trial of the officer who shot teenager Michael Brown. I don't watch the news. So, from my perspective, when that report came on in the area I was visiting, the one time I happen to be watching the news with my grandmother-in-law, it struck me as synchronistic.

Increasing Manifestation of Dreams and Meditative Images

I feel my precognitions are increasing into my everyday life at an accelerated rate. Ideas are manifesting faster than I can track sometimes. My belief is that I am accessing information from the collective field of consciousness. The more people who know something, the easier it is for me to download without any prompting from my outside world. I don't get hints of clues, I simply tune in such a way as to be receptive to whatever is floating around. Relaxing into that meditative state of nonlocalized thought is getting easier. Perhaps that is why synchronicities and downloads are happening at an increased rate. I anticipate, however, that it will dip for a while because the excitement of this has made me hyper aware of everything around me, wondering "Does this mean something? Will this lead to a download?" That mindset tends to repel the ability to manifest and download actually. It seems I have to believe an idea/image was entirely the product of my imagination and nothing more for it to prove itself as a download in reality. Makes for an annoying relationship. I can never predict when something I anticipate/download/dream/intuit will turn out to be true. What I'm instead starting to lean toward is the possibility that anything I see might have truth that may or may not manifest or prove itself to me. I'm left with incredible faith in my ability to dream fourth dimensional representations of actual things I have no way of knowing.

I am an insatiably curious person, but I was always limited in ways to acquire certain information. As a kid, I couldn't bring home books on astronomy because the topic triggered my mother into a panic attack. She couldn't even see a book about 'the unknown' without freaking out. Her fear was deep and sensitive. To compensate, I would stay all day at the library until it closed, cuddled in a chair reading every book on cosmology, physics, astronomy, and theory I could find. By the end of a summer, I was familiar with every title on that shelf.

My ability to download information may have spawned out of that desperate curiosity. I'm sometimes very nervous to present my ideas to others because I am sensitive to criticism. I wanted so much to please my authority figures, and never seemed to, though I'm sure I exceeded their expectations in certain areas, just not the ones they wanted to see. My father wanted mechanics, my directors wanted soloists, my teachers wanted confidence and consistency. I had none of those things. But I tried so hard that now I do have an odd derivation of those. My confidence sparks under performance pressure, my soloist ability shines when I sing for pleasure, my consistency is in the pattern of inconsistent extremes, and I learn mechanics when my car breaks down so I spend less to fix it. I developed splinters in my personality that can demonstrates each of those traits, interests, or abilities to the satisfaction I thought they wanted, but not as integrated parts I can access in the ways I want to. Even my own brain is trying to help me find strength in my unique way of things. So rather than trying to learn things in the traditional ways that require an expensive laboratory, five more prestigious degrees, experience, access to people and things I don't know, I learn through dreams and extensive analysis, instead. Those are my natural abilities. I am detail oriented, love complex cosmological puzzles, merging opposites, and intense thought for hours at a time just lost in my imagination. What I'm saying is I think my dreaming abilities were the result of always facing roadblocks that halted or prevented my furthering exploration into things that excited me. I simply love to find connections and meaning in things and I've trained it enough to intersect with my reality and exceed the limitations of my available resources in the waking world. I want so much to know things I have no access to, and pursue them in spite of the limits of my place in the order of things. I grew up poor, imagination was all I had.

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