Dec 11, 2014

Remote Viewing Experiment #1: Target Results

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Jordon revealed to me, sadly, that the target was a picture of me and that he mistakenly made a code with sentimental value, the rearranged date of our first email contact. Other than the reflectiveness of my dream that night, he could not account for any of the ideas or images I saw. It was incredibly reflective of a current problem I have been having, so perhaps it was not worthless. Some of the best information is found in failed experiments. It certainly wasn't a remote viewing the traditional sense. I have struggling to understand precisely the lesson I taught Walt in the dream, that I don't need to be so concerned about over-explaining what I mean about every sentence I write (in my book). The reader will understand which way I mean from context, and sense who I am and the goal of the book from its overall character. In other words, I don't need to make sure the audience knows my intention at every turn because it already comes through without needing to try so hard.

However, this then opens up a new question for me, how and why did I see the chair with smoke coming up from under it?

I was rather discouraged about the amount of information I received and very little of seemingly to do with the experiment itself. The first couple scenes I believe were suggesting to me this level of remote viewing is actually elementary for my ability, though I didn't want to admit the arrogance in that possibility. I have yet to prove that to myself in a more scientific manner than the unexpected coincidences of information download and knowings I receive that link up to reality.

Jordon insisted we try a few more times using the right parameters:  1) No sentimental value to the object or the code; 2) Random code assignment to the object; 3) The object has no direct association to the transmitter or receiver in the experiment.

If sentimentality can be transmitted -- which is a hypothesis I have been suspicious of, see my post on loved ones at a distance ("Math of Love"; information I don't have and is unavailable to me for some reason) -- I did not receive any indication I'm aware of that linked Jordon's feelings into imagery for my dream.

We continued our tests in a second experiment Dec. 10-11th, 2014. Upcoming report...

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