Dec 11, 2014

Remote Viewing Experiment #2: Dream Result

Assigned code to Target object:  35618
Transmitter: Jordon
Receiver via Dreaming: Jennifer

Night of Dec. 10/11th 2014 Dream Response

I felt I was in a live-action horror, trying to escape someone I was afraid would hurt me by going out a window and onto the roof.

The most vivid scenes I recall are fighting an enormous monster reminiscent of a boss fight in a video game with my childhood sweetheart Chris. We were throwing axes at it's head and arguing over where best to strike him. We fought him from rooftops because he was so massive. The rooftops were our ground. We had targeting cursors that appeared and flashed before we released a projectile. It was terrifyingly real.

The other scene I remember was in a town hall meeting space with my distant family members. There's a tension between me and one of my cousins (which exists in real life). Next thing I know a woman is giving birth there and I'm trying to help carry a table with a few men for her to lay on. They expressed births happening here being a normal occurrence. I found it odd it didn't happen in a hospital. Must be an isolated and dedicated family to perform their births right there in the family hall. Some silly discussion about a trivial issue regarding the running of their little town was happening in the main space, setup with fold out tables and chairs, so we brought the motherly woman out into the hallway to finish.

What I can remember vividly all seems rather short compared to how long the dream was. There was significantly more about Chris trying to protect me and me trying to prove we should handle the boss together, that I can contribute and he'll only get hurt by refusing help, which he did. He yelled for me to run away or his effort would be worthless. The boss caught him off-guard and flung him away. I ran away, and I believe my cousin came to help. I was so afraid Chris was killed I wanted vengeance on the boss.

Target Revelation Upcoming...

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