Dec 8, 2014

Remote Viewing Experiment #1: Dreams vs. Meditative State Results

Jordan and I tried a remote viewing experiment last night and following up to today. If you're unfamiliar with how a typical remote viewing test works, here are the steps as assembled by the US Military in their extensive remote viewing research.

1. Experimenter (Jordon) chooses a target, a place or object or picture typically.
2. Experimenter assigns a random series of numbers, letters, or combination of both to the target s/he is seeing, concentrating on establishing the link between the object and code.
3. The experimenter then gives the remote viewer (Jennifer, your author) the code.
4. Remote viewer (RV) looks at the code and recites it, trying not to guess or make assumptions, just focusing on memorizing the code. Intention is established to learn what the code represents...

5. Next, RV relaxes into a calm state of mind however works best for them. [For me it is fairly easy to do with the amount of practice I have. I relax into a state of active imagination that excites great relief and joy in my body, which carries it into a meditative state where I am no longer imposing wishes on what images come into my awareness. This is what I call 'non-localized awareness', an expansion of consciousness to a network of information you can channel surf.]
5. In a relaxed state, RV takes note of any shapes or movements or colors or ideas that come into consciousness. They will likely repeat as if to redraw the image. It may be as simple as a shape.
6. When the RV is confident they aren't seeing anything else, that they are not assuming this image by way of the logical brain, and it is all that keeps repeating, RV reports what they saw to the experimenter who shows the original target to the RV for comparison.

When I first did a remote viewing test through an online site using the principles the Military came to, I was given a 6 figure letter and number code. What I saw in my relaxed awareness was an expanding circle and a two-tone coloring. The target was revealed as an image of a blue and white old photo of a hot-air balloon. I freaked out at my degree of accuracy that I stopped the test, walked away, and never returned. I have wondered how well I would have done overall, if my degree of accuracy would carry through to the end. But it was my first encounter with a test of this nature that was setup in a scientific way. I didn't actually expect it to work.

Like any skill or muscle, spirit walking abilities must be practiced and refined. They get easier with practice.

As an added experiment, I have been forever trying to determine the difference between information received through meditative awareness and dreaming, because they are two very different levels of consciousness. Astral projecting, as Jordon and I have already learned, operates at a different level from dreaming. Meditative awareness operates at a different level from either of those as well. I'm awake during meditation, but not aware of my physical surroundings. Yes, if a noise came in the room it would disturb me into wakeful awareness, but I'm not searching for noise in the meditative state. So, here is the comparison of what I saw first in meditation, then in dreaming, and finally we'll compare to what the actual target was. As I'm recording this, I do not yet know what the target was. Jordon will not reveal it until after my account is recorded.

Target code:  11753 (I kept wanting to say 11752 in my head during the meditation).

Meditative Signal: Images began rather quickly, within minutes of setting my intention and then relaxing. The most striking thing initially was two partial circles curving around and in toward each other, then down.


Then I kept seeing a partial circle with a strike off to the right. (Below)

 Then I saw a full shape of an object with a half circle over top of the two parallel figures. (Below)

I saw a clear image of a dark red or rustic brown leather chair. (Below)

It was so clear and impressing I couldn't ignore it. But what I saw next didn't quite fit. I saw rising streams of smoke whose pattern made the pane of smoke look like water, and it was coming from under a corner, like a door or the chair. It looked beautiful, picturesque, perhaps even unrealistic in its clean rise. Oh! It looked like smoke being sucked upward and flattened against the surface of the chair's side.

Dream Download: The dream was rather different. As is typical of my call-response dreams, it is a series of scenes that are different ways of saying the same thing.

Scene 1 - I am in an elementary school classroom with the back wall missing. We can go directly from a play yard to the room. I sit in the back next to Jacob, my ex-boyfriend from 6th grade who shot himself in the head. [I talk to him sometimes as a contact in the afterlife.] My 6th grade teacher is announcing something to us and now its time to celebrate. We each have a cake in our desks of a different flavor. They were randomly assigned. I believe we just received grades for our assignments. I remember thinking these desks are better suited to the younger me and the assignments of the younger me. I'm too advanced for this now, but its fun to be nostalgic. The cakes were incredible! High quality, each of a different flavor. I loved mine: peanut butter chocolate. Perfect!

Jake wasn't as fond of his, but he tolerated it. I found an extra slice in my desk of a different cake. How lucky I was to get two cakes! I kept it to myself initially, but chose to share with my friend who ate hers beforehand.

Everyone was leaving for the day. My friend, Christine (from 2nd grade) came to my desk to invite me over to her place. She seemed ill, quietly ill, like the degenerative kind. She couldn't eat certain things. I try to pack my cake to bring with me and share it with my family.

I walked through the halls of the school, into a counselor's office. I'm a grown adult walking around my old school after 20 years. There are familiar faces still working there, though about to retire. I move on to the computer area where younger students are doing homework and educational games on the computers. I turned to Jim (my current partner) and discussed how elementary what they are learning will seem to us. We realized how much older we are from that stage in our lives. We also thought about the shift in preference for youth nowadays towards computers rather than books. More students were using the computer area over the library. Still, there were a few readers. I was more in awe by the excitement to learn in the whole group, regardless of which method they chose to learn by. The atmosphere was alive with curiosity and talk of theory and problem solving.

Scene 2 - I walk through a neighborhood to get to my friend's house. We pass through a house that looked abandoned at one time and was now being lived in by a small family with modern tastes. I could see its past and present unfolding at once. That's what I call fourth dimensional space. When I arrive at my family's house, my friends and family are all living together. I don't recall the conversations there. Something about my friend's eating habits.

We're going to go swimming or shopping, so we move outside where Chris (my old childhood sweetheart) is monitoring a large grey, white, silver, and black humanoid beast as it runs about. It has massive muscles and long horns on its head, can move bi-pedally and quadra-pedally. We are digging a hole and need help setting a gray scoop --that looks like a large pvc pipe with one end cut diagonally to create a scoop-- into the sediment by the hole. Chris instructs the berserked creature to pick up the scoop and throw it down into the sediment. It tries a few times, failing with each attempt. Chris has to refocus it after each failure because it throws it down and then starts running around again. Short attention span apparently. Annoyed, we tell Chris to just do it himself, but he is insistent on training the creature and proving its not a threat. I believe we need it set in the dirt to divert rainwater into the hole, but when it's finally in place it just looks like a gravestone. I'm confused, but the scene shifts before I can figure out what its for.

Scene 3 - I walk into a working area where a building competition is being held. I walk to Walt Disney who is hunkered over one corner of the foundation for his construction project trying to figure out how to prop or somehow incorporate a Mickey stuffed animal into the design. He is distressed, demanding his crew stand aside and wait to let him think, while the other teams are already twice as far along on their buildings. I crouch down beside Walt to talk to him.

"If you're going to tell me to leave Mickey out of it I've already told my crew I won't."

Instead, I say "I've been writing this book about imagination. I talk about imaginary companions and impressions. But I kept getting caught in the way I used to see things, digressing to where I once was. I was so attached to the detail that I lost sight of the greater goal. It was preventing me from seeing where I could go. I had to find perspective and step out of it."

Somehow I had delivered a great story to a master of stories, though I didn't see myself as a good storyteller. Walt recognized he was too attached to this element of his success. He wanted to keep it alive by forcing it into the structure, but he didn't need to. It had its place in the past and he needed to let his crew construct a new foundation of their design to represent his legacy.

He picked up Mickey and stepped back, instructing his crew to continue their work. He no longer held back their chance to win by trying to incorporate the symbol of his work in the project itself. His intentions and past work would already by infused in the project by carrying his name, the Mickey doll was overkill. He inspired the next generation to expand upon his baseline. They worked in honor of him, though the structure was new wood and designed with ideas not from his mind. It would be their expression of his inspiration.

For me, this meant I worry so much about adding proper explanation for each idea --more than is necessary to convey my intention. Never had I dreamed about my book or its content in such detail and with such clarity. I have tried to seek insight and guidance about it so many times. But in this, I was giving advice based on the struggles and path I paved on that project. This dream reinforced my finding before I forgot it. All those elements of my past --old friends and places and concepts-- years away in my evolutionary understanding were saying I have advanced further than I give myself credit for. You're not dealing in elementary concepts anymore. Give yourself credit. You try to infuse yourself into every detail of your book to the point it hinders its progress. Trust you will come across how you try to make sure you come across as without needing to try so hard. You will be present.

Comparison: I find no correlation between the meditative state results and the dream. Only the target may reveal what these two widely different results had in common, if anything at all.

To be continued in Part 2, Target and Analysis

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