Feb 13, 2014

Dream Experiment to Uncover Truth about Red Grid Marks Phenomenon, Part 1

There are a few answers to questions in my call-and-response dreaming technique that return mysterious answers so complex that they seem off-topic, yet consistently return with an iteration of the same message. One of those is "Why are red grid marks appearing on a small group of people? What are they caused from?"

An experiencer from my case files under the assigned alias "Michael" (anonymity at his request) and I conducted a tentative experiment in Nov. 2013 to try to connect in our dream states. Our hope was to boost our signals by cooperatively focusing on our joint desire to know the truth behind the appearances of our grid marks only a year and a half ago. We live in different parts of the country, and have been Skyping regularly with updates about our personal research and new experiences.

The night we planned to try this first experiment, he dreamed that the classic investigative partnership into the unknown, Mulder and Scully were pursuing a dark case, "possibly about a murder." They tracked down the perp who carried a box that when directed toward Mulder rendered him unconscious. 'Michael' recalls Scully was unsurprised by Mulder being so easily manipulated into an altered state. He also recalls a malevolent presence or omnipresence, commonly detected by him in his levitation and probing experiences that continues to haunt his nights. Unusual for my average strength of recall, I could remember only a vague detail about mass murder. Still, the common thread was enough for us to continue on with another attempt, building off this initial one.

I've long suspected, given the dreams that tend to occur when I do ask the above question, that it is related to some mass harvesting or depopulation, however, the details are difficult for me to translate to the physical world. Dreams communicate via analogies and story sequences, and much of my energy is spent deciphering those translations and coded messages. Really, though, the story and all its images hold the code of its truth built into it (or so it seems to me), that minimal deciphering is actually required, it's more about recognizing honestly without imposed interpretation what you felt and saw and perceived during the dream. When my question is answered repeatedly with troubling images and feelings indicating an effort to prepare for famine and depopulation, with no explanation what the marks meant, I am at a loss for translation. I see the trend, but fail to see how the marks are related.

Taking 'Michael's dream as a clue, I absolved to dive into that which I have avoided, a challenge he agreed to do for himself as well. He would, at least for the purposes of our experiment, consider the liklihood that, despite his unwillingness to accept it, he might be more easily hypnotized than he believes, and that his nighttime visitations are testament of how easily his state of consciousness can be manipulated. I would fuel my dreaming with more ideas and images I tend to avoid with the belief that my consciousness has set up such a barrier against believing darker possibilities, that it is actually cutting me off from knowing the truth I seek. Dreams need content to work with and receptivity to new ideas. So, I would watch a horror movie, one that embodies a dark concept I have been avoiding.

"What's the scariest movie you know?" I asked my fiance.
Without hesitation he replied, "Aliens."
I laughed. Yup that's about right. I have avoided that movie for years because I boycott the genre of invasive, murderous, abusive, animalistic alien visitors to be an illogical and unbalanced perception of a species intelligent enough to interact so secretively with Earth and develop technology or master consciousness to travel the stars. Yes, I would have to watch Aliens.

After hitting a few stores, we finally found a copy. We put our son to bed as early as we could and watched it. Well, I surprised myself. I was so familiar with those negative concepts and ideas of survivalist aliens that I wasn't scared. Some of the concepts were intriguing, like acidic blood, and apparent intelligence by not killing the last source of food (Sigourney Weaver's character), but instead waiting for it to possibly lead to another source. But, I wasn't scared. Seems, I had come to terms with that type of alien as a possibility long ago. Really, my trouble is understanding cold, serial murders and abuse in my own species. How does the mind work with no empathy? What are its thought processes that can lead to delightful killing for no justification other than it seemed fun or interesting. Is there a species like that? A childish joy for killing?

That night (Nov. 10th 2013), as I settled for bed, I meditated on our joint goal to learn more about the red grid marks, and envisioned 'Michael' and I walking into a scene of terror hand in hand, with our connection as our only source of comfort against what we will witness.

The Dream
I dreamed about an ancient artifact that grants power to the wielder. A female leader, male leader, and his team of cronies pursued my sister and I around an unfamiliar house built in the same space as my dead grandmother's old house. It had two stories and multiple rooms. We had the artifact on a leather necklace. Only the cronies came into the house after us, while the two leaders called orders from outside. The female wanted the artifact, knew what power it held, and maybe hired the male and his team to fulfill the acquisition of the item.

My sister got caught and gave the item to me as she wrestled with a black dressed crony so I could escape with it. When I took it, a field of soft color emanated out. I felt it gave me power, some advantage over my pursuers. The field was sharply outlined with blue, and the inner circle or field tinted everything pink, like looking through rose-colored glasses. My relatives were getting captured one by one.

For some inexplicable reason, the team gave up and suspended their pursuit. I hid the artifact with my uncle, and proceeded to get ready for bed. My childhood sweetheart and I were setup in the same room to share, which excited me, having wanted an excuse to talk and be near him after years of separation. I prepared to take a shower, knowing Chris wouldn't believe what I had just been through. He cut off my thought process when he showed me a holographic projection and recapped the story about a university having conducted an experiment on hamsters that showed as many as 56 lice/eggs can be present in one combful of fur or hair. I had lice as a child, and with four sisters and an unhygienic lifestyle, the infestation remained for years. It was a constant battle of washing our clothes and bedding, three hour sessions of picking through our hair, coating vaseline on our heads, or shaving it all or half off, hot drying our stuffed animals or sealing everything in tight bags for weeks, showering together immediately upon entering the house like we were in a prison camp. School was awful, anxious about head checks and embarrassed for peers to know. It created a fear of visible parasites. Ticks, lice, fleas, crabs, mites, anything of that nature sent me into a panicked frenzy of cleaning my house as an adult. I've since managed to get the panic under control and use that energy instead to fuel an organized cleanup.

Back in the dream, I washed my hair, knowing I didn't have lice, but curious why Chris had brought up that article. I fumbled around to keep the shower curtain closed, and to get cleaned when the shower was dirtier than I ever thought the shower at my aunts would be. How had I been so oblivious in my youth to its less than pristine state? Compared to my home shower at my parents as a kid, my aunt's shower was beautiful just because it was somewhat clean and not falling apart with mold and broken tiles.

Michael's' Dream that same night, Nov. 11th 2013

"There’s a very vague recollection of you giving me your phone number and it has a 5** area code [Omitted for my anonymity].
Some vague narrative about me traveling West (very common dream theme for me).
I’m going to see a powerful Catholic priest. He seems like a great holy person. There’s beautiful religious music playing. He lives down some stone steps and as I’m heading down I begin to have the sensation I’m being raped, I wonder if he has to do with this or if it’s something I’m doing to myself in my sleep. I begin to wake up and remember to try [to] determine the position of my hands so I can see if I’m hurting myself. I realize that it wasn’t me causing that sensation (at least physically)."

I'm not sure what to make of your dream! Next time we do this I'm going to try to avoid being on the computer very much during the preceding 24 hours. I had spent a lot of time writing a paper on the computer that day as well as miscellaneous dicking around on the internet so my mind may have been a bit cluttered."

Subsequent dreams the following nights (Nov. 12th and 13th)  from this catalyst connection

M: "Oh boy, here we go again... Last night I had a bad one. Well, technically it was this morning but it was during the overall sleep cycle of last night. As happens sometimes, I went to bed with that particular uneasy feeling that often preludes my abduction-type experiences and had trouble falling asleep. At some point in getting into bed I said, half-jokingly in my mind, "Come and get me".

I woke up once or twice and then I woke up the final time in maybe the 6-7 am range. I then fell into my deepest sleep of the night, I think with the sheet over my face. At some point I was sort of "turned on", ie brought into about 20% wakefulness and I began floating somewhere. I had a vague sense of being able to see through my eyelids but I doubted that, it did not seem real. Almost like it was some residual dream state. I fought some, trying to get my muscles to work, thought of interrogating whatever was doing this to me and then thought better of it because it hadn't worked before.

Then I tried to initiate some breathing exercises but that didn't really work because I seemed to be under too much control. Then the sensation of being raped started and there was some sense of having my thighs raised, sort of like in a sexual position (like this only I didn't feel any hands touching me http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Griechen4.JPG).  It felt all the more humiliating because of this.

After that, there was a sense of being back in my bed and then briefly pulled back out and then I had a sleep paralysis experience that I had to work my way out of by wiggling extremities and breathing deeply. That was scary but in a different way from the rape experience. The odd thing was that when I was back in my bed I had the sense of the sheet being back over my head again. Why would "they" or "it" bother with that? Then again, it's all so jumbled up, I have no real idea of what happened. Perhaps my energy field or soul is being taken out of my body and the raping is part of some sick energy siphoning. [Emphasis added]. On the other hand, it does feel physically real so it's hard to qualify it as being only spiritual or psychological (and you know I'd desperately love to conform it to this) or whatever. Or maybe I'm just remembering experiences I already have had when I fall into this deeper sleep and it's a jumbled replay."

And now an addendum.

M: "Last night I had an experience in a dream where I decided to do a handstand. I'm pretty sure I did this as an experiment. I realized that it felt like the muscles in my forearms hurt when I attempted this. I guess I was trying to see if a mere dream could effect my physical body. I hadn't even decided to do an experiment before I fell asleep. Then a while later I dreamed of some feminine presence in bed with me (not so much my bed at home, but one in a dream that had some familiarity) and we touched and kissed. It had a sense of physical reality to it. Then this shifted into a malevolent presence, possibly from the feminine being (though maybe she just drifted away) and I had the feeling of being raped and moved around some. Not quite as vivid as the night before, but still intense.

As I was falling asleep last night I also made a possible connection between a dream I had as a teenager (I was probably 16 and it was of a snake going into my rectum) and these experiences. That dream wasn't so much an experience as a vivid still image in my mind looking at myself from outside. Though come to think of it there may have been some physical sensation...  I also have lately had "random" vivid memories of the most mundane nature come into my mind as I'm relaxing for sleep--things like specific deliveries I made in my last job that I probably wouldn't think of otherwise. This leads me to think about how all these experiences might be connected into memories as I'm more susceptible to them coming up and probably invest a lot of energy in my waking hours towards not remembering..."

Editor's Analysis and Comparison

[Note, that these rape scenes are very common for 'Michael', we have discussed them before (see posts under marker P1 about Red Grid Marks case #1 in Investigations Page) and conducted many consciousness experiments to understand and affect these recurring experiences.]

The idea of me giving him my number is a wonderful metaphor for us linking up in dreaming consciousness. I gave him an invitation to connect to me/ call me.

The fact that he returned to his body with the sheet unmoved over his head indicated to me that these are indeed consciousness shifts, where he is being lifted (levitation a common occurrence in his rape encounters), and his energetic body is being assaulted. 'Michael' tries to be 'down to earth', hesitant to accept for himself that his altered states could feel as real as he is experiencing them during these frustrating visitations. He differentiates between dreams and altered consciousness where the mind is partially awake during earlier stages of sleep. But this type of half-awake, half-asleep is very different from early stages of sleep because there is an awareness of outside the body, not just of the inner mind. That state, identifiable by the sign of feeling like he's looking through closed eyelids is difficult for me to achieve, and only happened once:  the day the red marks appeared on the heels of my palms (my forearms ached all day like I had a large dosage vaccine shot right into both heels).

Could the red marks be indicative of a tracking program? Perhaps a blood oath with a species that can manipulate consciousness via the spirit realm?

If any readers have doubt about the theories we purpose, by all means please conduct your own tests and investigations. Use whatever method(s) fit you. This test should be repeatable. Let me know your data and results.

To Be Continued in Part 2, and Part 3

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