Jul 4, 2014

RGMP Case Report #5: Jacob

Jacob Stark is a 30 year old freelance cinematographer in Las Vegas, Nevada. He lives with his wife and two kids, and enjoys spending his free-time on creative projects, as one might have guessed given his chosen profession. Nature fuels both his passion and spirituality, his favorite place being Yosemite National Park.

In the morning of June 21st, 2014, Jake prepared for an early swim, when his wife noticed penny-sized marks across the middle of his back.

"There is a line of 5, then a box of 9...." like hickies or blood blisters. The dots are subdermal, devoid of pain, raised bumps, or irritation other than the fact that they were visibly present.

 Jacob's grid marks from June 21st, 2014, reminiscent of Michalak's marks after a blast from an exhaust port on a UFO craft he was allowed to inspect near Falcon Lake in Canada. Michalak experienced symptoms of radiation sickness and was hospitalized when the picture of his marks was documented.

"I think the most unusual part is that I don't remember anything and nothing was out of the ordinary."

Jake insists he remembers nothing from that night that would explain how the marks appeared. He awoke with his covered back facing to air, meaning he was sleeping on his stomach with his face down in the bed. Typically, he is a side-sleeper, preferring his right side.

What confuses him is the fact that Jake is an avid dreamer, and of all nights, that one happened to be blank. "I have very vivid dreams, mostly negative in content, but last night was black. I don't remember a thing."

I inquired, being a dream researcher, and trusting the inside perspective dreams provide, about some of his dreams. He recounted one series in particular:

"I would always enter an unfinished house still in drywall stages. At the top of the stairs to the right on the second story is a room with a closet. Inside the closet there are two air vents big enough to crawl through. One must be held up by someone else or jump up to get inside them. The vent on the left takes you to the world acting as a portal you crawl through. When you exit the vent after crawling for about 20 seconds, you exit through a vent on the side of a natural cliff side. The space you enter is almost like a rocky, brown, earthy arena; a complete 360 of natural cave with no roof. There is about 20 feet of walking space on all sides from the walls with a large body of water in the center. However the water is about 50 feet down in a giant recess. Like a football field cut out but dropped 50 ft down and filled with water. There is no roof above the water. You can jump into the water then be lifted right back out as if there is no gravity. There is a great feeling of calmness and pleasure while in this cave. Your body feels light and you have not a care. Everything thing also feels in real time. There is no erratic jumping of scenes in this dream arena. Time acts normally. Also, around the sides of the cave are different tunnels [which] lead in different directions. If you enter these caves they take you different places[. O]ne was a world where the colors were bright and over-saturated. There were kingdoms in the sky and great dinosaur like beasts that roamed the floor. I exited this world through a hole that dropped me off at railroad tracks.

...[E]very time I would enter the vent I would become excited, because the cave made [me] feel incredible. Sometimes I would take people with me and tell them of what lies ahead. I entered the vent on my first trip alone, and have been back many times acting as a guide to take people there. 
The last time I went to the house, there was a line of people to enter the vent, and after that it was covered up so that no [o]ne could enter anymore. It was like whoever created it was upset that it was no longer a secret, so they closed it off. I miss it all the time."
But during a night following his grid mark occurrence, he dreamed about brown insects that wanted to burrow into his skin.

"They clung to my body from head to toe, covering every inch but my face; and when I tried to take them off, they would come off like strips of velcro. Layers of my skin... ripped off with them. The pain was intense [and] it burned incredibly... [T]he insects would spread out to cover the area from which I removed them, thus prompting an endless cycle of terror and pain."

[Editor's Connecting Point: See my own dream investigations about the grid marks that showed parasitic creatures burrowing into the skin linked here under item #2 Archive list.]

With no phobic tendencies toward insects or parasites, he cannot fathom why he would have such a dream.

The marks remained for five and a half days, fading gradually and leaving no scar. He speculated they may have been a biopsy test, but for what and by whom he doesn't know.

Finally, I asked if, even though he could not recall a dream, did he sense a presence in the space with him the night the marks appeared. Their dog seemed to corroborate his story because his wife reported the dog was undisturbed the whole night. [Editor's Note: Animals often behave with agitation when a ship or non-terrestrial entity is around. Their barking, mooing, bleating, whinnying, and hiding continues to prelude the approach of a non-terrestrial vehicle in the area, as farmers report accompanying the appearance of crop circles and mutilated cats and livestock.]

The Nature of Things

Jake is familiar with matters of the spirit realm, and is not a stranger to topics outside of popular science. He proudly declares himself an amateur cryptozoologist, specializing in the study of Sasquatch behavior and physiology. " I have had a fascination with them since childhood."

Based on his personal study, he believes the creatures we call Sasquatch are Neanderthals with better evolutionary favored defense mechanisms to our planet than humans. In a roundabout way, he suggested humans were placed here, or at least manipulated into existence from a common ancestor with the Sasquatch.

"Humans don't fit in the natural scheme of life. Our lack of defense mechanisms and extreme self awareness are just a couple things that separate us. The main scientific fact is that we have more genetic disorders than any other creature by miles. It's like someone made us in a lab and there were defects as side effects. Scientists will say some of our 46 chromosomes look spliced as if they were modified."

What struck me was his one sentence response to my question about how intune with nature he would consider himself.

"I love nature and feel the positive energy of flowing water. Yosemite is my favorite place in the world."

Two things. One, back in June 2013, I received a location in the form of white letters on black just prior to waking up. I literally opened my eyes and said to my partner, who was just getting out of bed, "Where is Yosemite?"

"What?" He said, surprised by my random question immediately out of sleep.

"Its a National Park, where is it?"

"California, I think. Why?"

"Because I just saw the words Yosemite National Park before I woke up." I didn't know why. I have never been there or looked into going there. It made no sense to me. I do believe I have remote viewed it many times though.

Yosemite National Park is located 195 miles east of San Francisco, twice that distance from Las Vegas, and about 50 miles to the Nevada border.

A seven mile stretch, Yosemite Valley, is the tourist attraction most travel to see, but the park stretches across the western Sierra Nevada mountains. It is home to 50% of California's plant species, and is primarily wilderness of forest, waterfalls, valleys, streams, and wildlife.

The beauty of this valley that attracts three million tourists each year is the combination of a lush forest nestled between close mountain flats with waterfalls running off of their tops into clear streams.

The area is majestic. When the park name appeared in my sleep, I believed at the time that it was a designated sanctuary high enough and bountiful enough to support evacuees from a coastal disaster and massive regional flooding. That was where that investigation rested. I have not explored it further.

Now, the flowing water, which Jake pointed out being special to him, has always been strong element to me as well. I see information carried through the waters from somewhere deep in the mountains and the Earth. If I meditated in the waters of this valley, what would I learn? What messages would I see in the clean and uninhibited conduits of our planet?

To read other RGMP cases, and related information, see Items #1 and 2 on the Investigation Page of this blog. If you would like to report your own occurrence of grid marks or unusual dreams, use the contact form in the right hand panel and submit to our investigation team. Check-in regularly for upcoming cases we are currently working on.

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