Mar 11, 2019

New Data Analyses on the RGMP: Blood Type & Sleeping Position

Our online survey form has been receiving submissions from RGMP experiencers since June 2015. When the 1st edition of the RGMP Dossier (see button in right-hand column of this page) was assembled, this website's investigation team had one year's worth of data. Now, we have over three.

The commonly requested Blood Type of experiencers comparison, and Sleeping Position to Mark Location on Body correlation are the two main topics discussed in this Analysis set.

Mark Location on Body Compared with Sleeping Position

This set had a few highly significant trends. The most immediately obvious to me as I was tallying was the number of back marks correlating to stomach sleepers. According to the National Sleep Foundation and Chris Idzikowski’s research, stomach sleepers are the least common among the four major sleep positions [Fetal=41%, Side (Log=15% + Yearner=13%) 28%, Back (Soldier=8% + Starfish=5%) 13%, Stomach=7%]. Yet, out of the 92 responses to “What position were you [sleeping] when the mark appeared?” a whopping 20 (21.7%) suggested sleeping on their stomachs.

Bar Chart 2. Mark Location on Body & Sleeping Position #s (grouped by body part)

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