Feb 4, 2019

A Shout Out On Behalf of the RGMP Investigation

To answer concerns from commenters:

YES we believe intense dreaming and heat are interrelated in the production of the RGMP marks. Let me allay your fears by saying up front we have no clear evidence to suggest the appearance of the marks implies malice now or in the future to you or your loved one.

Please read our Dossier to learn more.

Contact me at experientialdreamingatgmail.com or use the contact form on the bottom right if you still have questions or have a unique case from the ones featured in the Dossier and on the website. 

Remember to include your email in comments or when using the form so I can reply to you directly. Otherwise, check back regularly on the post you left your comment on for any replies. 

A Call For Funding

Our research took a lot of man hours, and the funds from the dossier sales are the only thing supporting further upkeep on new cases and site maintenance. This site continues to be a source of community for experiencers.

If you would like to support the continued research, editing, and correspondence with new case studies of the RGMP investigation, donate below to show your interest, or purchase the dossier featured on the right hand column of this page (and above).

A new edition of the dossier is in the works to make it cleaner and shorter. As well, a new data set analysis will become available for purchase as an addendum soon.

In the beginning years of our investigation, we volunteered our time to interview, report, document, collect data, and analyze our ever-increasing archive. Since the dossier's release, my team has dispersed. I simply cannot afford to do the work anymore without incentive. If this research is valuable to you, please consider donating even a few dollars. As long as donation come in, I will work on bringing you more content.

Thank you for your comments, emails, and continued interest over the years. Your words are not falling on deaf ears. Your experiences matter. Some day the goal is to submit our findings to a medical journal or newspaper for exposure, to invite scientific resources to the phenomenon.


  1. hi Jen! i found your site after digging around. i woke up with a much mor elaborate grid marks that dont seem to be exactly like the common ones reported here. mine have what seems to be a faint circle around the big grid and my grid spots are massive compared to the dotted ones being reported. also i got them it two spots...one looks like a failed one on my lower back mid spine...the other really vivid one is on my left upper back. i create music for lucid dreaming and astral projection and so i am used to seeing and experiencing amazing visions and dreams. but this is new to me. anyways thought i would say i find my case slightly different in the pattern and thickness of the markings

    1. Thanks for your comment. Your mark sounds very similar to our 'pacman' dubbed group of marks. Marks appearing in pairs also make up a small fraction of reported cases (mine being one of them). Send us your photo (please take photos of your marks!) to experientialdreamingatgmail.com. We'd also like to hear about your dreams.

  2. I’m sure I get them more than I think I do bc I can’t see my back. I’m aware of two times.

  3. I am either completely insane, or I have my foot wedged in the Twilight zone. I have had a -v- with the dashes at the rop of the v on my lower back- which gives me nonstop problems (my back, not the ma
    rk itself), and I have seen what can only be described as rejects from a TRS 80 game. Big, pixel blocks. I watched one chase our kitten out of the living room a couple weeks back.

    And dreams??? Oh, BROTHER. I had to combat those in ways I didn't know would work. I won't go into them on here, and would like to get a reply before I launch into that particular mess. It's THAT BAD. 20 someodd years of them, yet.

    And why, yes... I DO question my sanity.

    1. Wylekat, I would like to talk to you more about all of this. Please email us, or post your email here and I can delete it once I have it.