Jul 6, 2013

Red Grid Marks Case Report #2: 'Antal'

The following is a series of emails from a reader who came across my post on the Red Grid Marks phenomenon. To honor requests for anonymity, I assigned him the codename Antal. Minor editions have been made.

First email, Dated April 14, 2013 from 'Antal' (sentence clarity is choppy because English is not his first language; my corrections have been added in brackets to help with clarity, but I have opted to keep my edits minor so as much of his original wordings can be included. I encourage reading through to the end of a sentence and into the next one to grasp what he was trying to say in the previous sentence. )

"...[R]ecently I came to your comment on http://www.blogger.com/comment.do , I would ask if you have had since then some happenings or discovered anything in this matter?
I had a similar experience, back in [M]ay 2012. Just during daytime I recognized this pattern [see image below] on my right hand. It was about midday when I mad[e] a photo of it, because it was about to vanish completely, and by the time... I have arrived[,] it was gone. I don't remember anything else, and... don't know what may have caused it. I just recently started to research for th[ese] marks[;] back then I did not mention.. anything to this.

Roughly a year ago [from] this case[,] on one night I woke up and my arm and face w[ere] full of blood, but again I did not me[et?] anything weird to [have caused] this[,] just a hot dry air.
However[,] I should ha[ve] as I [was] kind[ of] interested since my childhood in [the] UFO[']s theme.

Best regards,

Editor Summary: In this email, 'Antal' is recalling when the red grid marks appeared on the back of his hand, and was able to snap a photo before they faded. He cannot imagine what might have caused it. A year ago, however, he woke up one night to find blood on his arm and face, but again couldn't think how it happened. He thinks he should have considered these events to be related to UFO's somehow.

Email from me in response, dated April 14th:

"You have an interesting name.

All I could figure out was others have had it appear as a triangular or circular shape on the back and arms. I originally considered it to be an injection mark because my arms ached that whole day as though I had an immunization. In most occasions people receiving these marks recall a hotness on the area prior to occurrence. Only recently have I suspected that they may be more than what I believed. You can visit this thread for more people who have encountered this phenomenon: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread359449/pg3
You say you woke up with your face and arm covered in blood? Did you go to the hospital? Would you be willing to send me any photos you have?...


Figure 1. Red Grid Marks on 'Antal's right hand. Zoom in for clearer view of the red dots. Note: The blisters seen in the image are a separate scar from hot oil years ago.To the upper right, directly beside the blisters are the red dots pattern.

Reply from Antal, dated April 15th:

"...[I]ts some hungarian name.
I cannot recall... anything else. I just recognized during day time[. M]y first thought was this is weird, I did not do... anything to the top of my right hand which... may have caused this. When I pull a sleeve over and press it, then it would be more like a raster[?], but I will send that pic from home, then you may see it.

This other thing with the blood was... a year before that[. I]t was [the] middle [of] the night when I woke up and realized later in the bathroom that [there] was blood on my arm and my face. I was afraid and made some photos[,] but these I have deleted later. ( I['ll] try to recover them if I can from my laptop.) No, I did not [go] to the hospital as it was already finished with the bleeding. Usually I have a lot of rubbish photos but why I deleted them, [I] don't know[;] why did [I] not take it more seriously,[, I] don't know [either]. I am a bit skeptic[al about]... things, but there may be more when I think about.

Thanks for the feed, I will read it."

Q and A pieced together from back and forth emails, between April 15th and May 6th 2013:

JENNY: "The blood experience was curious. Was there any apparent spots or breaks in the skin where it had leaked from when you cleaned the area? Could you tell where you had been bleeding from?"

'ANTAL': "The bleeding came from my nose, and around my nose on my face and on the left lower arm as I... tried to wipe it. On some places it was already coagulated [in]... lines. On the pillow and bedsheets [there] was nothing to find, not any drop of... blood."

JENNY: "Are you prone to nosebleeds awake or asleep?"

'ANTAL': "No, I don t have nosebleeds, it happened only 2 times of my life that i had in the night nose bleeding. Once roughly 10 years ago."

JENNY: "Did you experience any localized pain or discomfort around that incident in your sinuses or head anywhere?"

'ANTAL': "Headache I have often....Do you know about people who got headaches when they use blootooth on their devices? Just when I turn it on to transfer files, I feel it in my forehead - temple and the pain is so strong that I use it only for short emergency transfers. This technology uses weak signals, less then mobiles, but around 10% of the population is affected." [Note: Most of this question was compiled from a later email dated May 29th].

JENNY: "Nosebleeds have occurred from contact with unidentified entities and crafts before. Do you recall any kind of dream or faint memory about that night that might relate to why your nose bled?"

'ANTAL': "On dreams I do not remember, not from that night."

JENNY: "You mentioned stigmata which is what I originally thought my marks were when I had them because of the thought I had as I fell asleep, which was "Did Jesus have a companion? Did he have sex? Did his body have the same needs as ours that were joyfully fulfilled as service by someone like Mary Magdalene?" I thought it was an answer to that train of thought. Not sure what the marks translate to though."

'ANTAL': "I am not so religious, and [I] don' t know much about of the life of Jesus....
Strange, years ago I had [a] situation [with what] it... felt like to be out of body and there was God and the Evil[. I]t was really weird; scary at the beginning[,] but when He claimed to be the Father I got calmer and very happy."

JENNY: "You also had an encounter with God? I heard from him in a dream, like many of my communications with strange creatures and spirit beings. What manner did your encounter happen under? Were you in a dream-like state?"

'ANTAL': "I am not sure about that[. I]t was not a dream[, but] I was not aware of the loud chatter from my flatmates in our garden [at] that time. It was... comfortable at the end, but before that I felt a strong pull from the evil. I cannot describe this[:] feeling like I was falling deep into somewhere and I was scared. But then He lifted me up and called me 'Son'. ...He showed me some aspects from my life. I got the feeling that I was floating around and... relaxed. Afterwards I got a picture[vision] [about] a happening [in the] next days[,] and He told me that I don' t have to be afraid. It was that we had to leave our rented flat in [a] short time[. ...M]y Sister [came] to visit me on that weekend and we had to leave on the same day[,] all of us, but we got a new flat... the same day. This was in the UK some 8 years ago.

I am not religious, still not. My guess is that this has occurred because we smoked some weed on that late afternoon."

'ANTAL': "I have read your new post, it is interesting. I would like to know what is behind all of this, immunization, tracking, or some kind of hidden ability of our mind to create these marks just like stigmata on some peoples body. Might be possible to produce such amount of energy and concentrate it in our dream state to make visible changes on our skin, which lasts for hours? Simple formations, but consciousness lies behind..... Its sad that no one has any hard evidence, skin sample, cell analysis. I went tHrough the possibilities, and came to the conclusion that it cannot be from a "meat tenderizer" [a cause suggested to dismiss the occurrence of this phenomenon by an ignorant commenter on the forum I recommended 'Antal' visit] nor from any cloth, mouse etc...."

New mark appears on 'Antal', from emails dated between May 6th thru May 29th:

'ANTAL': "Last week I... discovered this V shaped mark on the left side of my loins, just below my tummy. We been camping near Florance and I discovered it in the evening. ( 03. May 2013) I don't remember about anything, I and my partner are sure that there is no way that I have caused it to my self. It can be older but since then it has not changed a bit. This is not like a normal wound, the surface is plain, a little bit of itching, but no pain. The stems are 3 cm in length and the gap between is 1,5 cm."

I was very skeptical at first to report on this mark because of it's lack of pattern. But with further investigation into 'Antal's life, its significance in this phenomenon became apparent.

JENNY: "I'm hesitant to say the V mark on your crotch is anything paranormal because of its size. We can so easily get scratched and nicked and not realize until later that it cut deep enough to leave a mark. Itching would be consistent with a cut or small wound as it heals. However, just to be thorough, are you aware of any health issues relating to that area (internally and externally) of your body? Cancers, tumors, erectile dysfunction even?"

'ANTAL': "Well after 3 weeks i[t] disappeared[. W]hatever this was I am sure [it] was something which I did not cause..., as I and my wife can reconstruct those days[:] what we have done, worn etc. Even I have tried to reproduce something on that area but [in a few] days it... vanished.

I am not aware of any dysfunction or tumors, though we don't have any child[ren] th[ough] we want one and we have been checked for some issues."

JENNY: "I did not mean to give the impression that the mark you found was absolutely not worth investigating. The fact that you are convinced it is something strange even after 3 weeks is enough for me to consider it real....

You say you and your wife have been trying to have a baby. What were the issues you mentioned? I ask, because it seems coincidental that you would find a mark on your crotch and you are having trouble conceiving."

'ANTAL': "Yes, since roughly 5 years on now but... maybe the age is the problem. She had more tests, I just one but that was OK. There was one little issue, but the doctor said apart from this is OK.... In earlier times a medium said that I am connected to my yet unborn child, but this connection has broken apart and I cannot reconnect to him anymore. This is quite complicated, as I see that something... I don't understand fully is [at work here,] but I don't want it to happen to me." [Summary: 'Antal' wonders if their age is hindering their ability to conceive. They had tests done, but nothing significant turned up that would account for their prolonged infertility. They contacted a medium for support. Ultimately, the occurrence of these marks has been a detriment to his mental well-being.]

JENNY: "Did your wife also have any marks? "

'ANTAL': "She [hasn't had] any marks."

JENNY: "What is your feeling about the mark as to why it happened or what caused it, if any?"

'ANTAL': "From my cats I got regularly scratched and they heal usually quicker than this was. The skin tissue is of course softer on that particular area, but this v-shape made me curious a[bout] the marks a year ago on my hand and the nose bleeding [the] night before that year. A wound this shape and size appearing on a day when I can recall [all] my clothes, what we ha[d] done... th[ose] days [when] not any accident or injury happened to me is strange. There was nothing that could [have] scratch[ed me] so, and a light scratch on the surface would heal quicker. But I am not a doctor. This whole thing is like a big puzzle. I wish it would not happen, or we would be able to get more assurance about this phenomenon and why it is happening.

He is obviously upset by the appearance of these strange physical events. For something to be creating visible markers of tampering with his body mysteriously and without permission or notice is unnerving. But what if the cause is not a living, autonomous entity, as our deepest fear would have us believe?

In our discussions, not posted here, exploring spirituality, he mentioned a link to an interview between a reporter and a young boy who says he is an alien being. The details of this boy's testimony are incredible to me. The world he speaks of matches so many idyllic and paleo-astronomic concepts I have accumulated in theory through my dreams. The most significant thing to me is the central mechanism that serves as governing body to the people. It is a program or computer or force built into the fabric of reality, a bridge between the spirit realm and the physical realm, capable of producing all conditions and material needs for the people with mere thought.
JENNY: "Could you identify any hobbies or distinguishing factors about your personality to help me try to compile a profile of persons targeted by the phenomenon?"

(See upcoming post for an analysis of commonalities and trends between the three cases I have examined to generate a working profile of who these marks and other bizarre events are happening to, and what it may mean.)

If you have experienced Red Grid Marks inexplicably appearing on your body, please contact my team using the form in the right-hand column of this site. 

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