Jul 28, 2013

Learning to Sing in Harmony

 "Special characters I would classify as true visitations by a telepathic entity are distinct and genuinely unique, without material used from relationships in your physical and emotional experiences."

Summary: Analyzing dream character imprints from people in waking life; Small group of survivors in the desert; Relations with a human-arthropod hybrid mother; Establishing my limitations on willingness as alien companion; Which group to teach whose language; Snake and worm attack; Laying eggs in wounds of human host; Theory on purpose of hybridization as it relates to Universal Consciousness Source (God); Advanced alien genetics experiments.

Night of July 27/28th 2013
Choral Segment
I'm in choir rehearsal. The professor shares the essence of my old choir director. Characters who take the visual form of someone from my life, but whose essence does not match the soul imprint of that actual person, are using content from my memory to convey feelings, roles, and purpose. I am not seeing, or being visited by my teacher, to make that clear for how role adoption works. I see his contradicting faces alternate back and forth on the same body, and my familiarity shifts between the face I know and the one I don't. In some cases when the image alternates back and forth it indicates deception, perception adjustment. But in this case I felt it was not a facade to deceive me, it was to express similar personality and role:  that of a choral director and his unique characteristics. Dream character personalities represent imprints a person has on you, but ultimately, they play a role in the story. Special characters I would classify as true visitations by a telepathic entity are distinct and genuinely unique, without material used from relationships in your physical and emotional experiences.

Rehearsal was typical, set in old choir room at highschool. Co-ed. I stood in the center back, a place of leadership and strength of voice. Only those who are confident in their parts don't need to hear it verified to them from behind. I didn't think the concept of the Choir of Angels, or the Choir of God was literal. What is choral singing? It is the organization of many voices producing beautiful sound. It requires technique, self-assessment combined with placement in the sound of those around you. There are leaders and followers, but everyone must still sing together for the goal of song. The conductor guides the music. They often say "Let the music flow through me." He shapes and maintains the piece, giving directives in gesture and non-verbal facial communications to individuals, groups, and the whole. His concern is bringing the piece to life, quality assessment of the combined voices, and overall guidance for cues, tempo, volume, texture, technique, and style. He is our all-knowing source of information about the genre of choral singing. We must trust his expertise and ability to work cooperatively for a quality performance. I toured Germany, Czech Republic, Canada, Mexico, and my home state doing professional performances. My college choir was incredible. We respected our conductor greatly, and never placed our own egos above that respect to contribute to the whole, to earn praise and recognition for our individual abilities by our command of our sound and execution of his directives and willingness to study and lead.

Desert Scene and the Limits of My Offer of Companionship
The scene transitioned to camping in the desert with my family. Small community of survivors. No electricity, no organized activities. I figure someone has to put together something for people to do. I helped organize a classroom to teach Spanish, since many of the survivors are Spanish speakers, and the Caucasians couldn't communicate with them. The class moved slowly since I didn't have much, but mainly because the majority of those who were attending were the Spanish speakers.

(Disjointed, but bear with me) Scene with a humanoid being, short, gaunt, pale, and one other person. We're negotiating something with her/him (androgynous? started out like female, then became male later). I revisited this moment standing around his/her bonfire in an abandoned glass facility (futuristic to modern buildings, but seemed ancient in this setting, layers of dirt ground instead of a floor, and no items or furniture anywhere) later. I was laying in bed in the corner of this room with this being. It explained to me the true intent of it having summoned us here to meet with it. The scene is shown again to me with my perspective looking at the back of this being in rather than from my body's point of view. Down the head of the being are thick layered exoskeleton segments, like a trilobite or scorpion (arthropods).

The back of this creature in the above image is near exactly what the back of her/his head looked like built into her head and hanging down her back like hair would, but more resembling a tail from her head. This is an artist's recreation of Hallipterus (Stylonurus) excelsior, an eurypterid from the Late Devonian of North America.

Small larvae of the creature are peaking out from under the scales as my vision zooms into the movement and high-pitched sounds coming from this tail. (Similar to the Ceti Alpha V eel from Star Trek: Wrath of Khan). A few peek out from the scales then make a high-pitched, quiet, but fast squeaking like a laugh before burrowing deeper toward her skin. She was somehow preparing her offspring for prey. Perhaps they caught our scent or knew food was on its way.

"It was a trap. You tricked me."

She was sadistically amused and pulled me in to try and release her larvae on or in me, though it looked like she wanted to open mouth kiss me. I struggled fiercely, having reached the limit of my willingness and compassion to be a companion to alien beings for cooperative understanding and exploration of our species. I was not about to be host and eaten alive. I ran.

When Snakes and Worms Attack
I'm running out of the woods. Snakes are appearing everywhere, of all natural patterns and sizes, deliberately placed to block my path. I hop over logs, avoiding them at all costs. A few try to rear up and peck at me, but I shield their blow with some large blanket I have. A couple other people are escaping out of the woods as well, noticing the sudden appearances of snakes everywhere, most coiled on themselves in a single spot, but others hang from the trees. I warn them not to touch them and get out carefully but quickly.

I make it back to the three or four dry mud huts lined closely together along a single alley of the settlement. I catch my breath and describe what happened. The classroom is now being taught English and the Spanish speakers are all thrilled to be able to say 'hello' to me. My friend Kate is helping. I accidentally step on a strange domino game they were playing. They fussed at me and picked up the piece made of bone and different colored clay. A woman gasped. I felt a soreness on the bottom of my big toe where I stepped on the game piece. The woman said a prayer and explained that the way I had shifted the clay on the piece made it the symbol of a bad omen. An air of danger gathered toward us and I weighed the viability of her superstition. The little girl she was playing the game with was trying to reshape the clay off the edges of the piece, hoping to correct any energy emitted by the omen, but the colors of the clay remained as stains. Someone pointed out a cut on my toe. I lifted my foot to examine the source of my pain. A small worm crawled out of the cut. I panicked.

Worms of varying thicknesses, ranging in color from pinkish to dark brown swarmed the area presumably from the ground, though no holes appeared with them. They pressed around my feet and between my toes. I pulled at them, disgusted by the sensation. The woman, fearing for the fate I had brought to our already dying settlement, said I was cursed at the site where I touched the gamepiece and changed it into an omen. "What if I just clean the scent off my toe? That's what they're attracted to?" She thought maybe it would work. But the worms were swarming me. I remember thinking as I pulled long brown worms off of me that some of these would be perfect for composting, yet here they are attacking me. How could I have been so wrong about them, thinking they were helpful? [What I felt during the scene].

I barge into my friend Kate's quarters, lavish considering the settlement is made of mud. The worms are relentlessly attacking me. I tell her I need her help. She asks what is happening? I explain and shut the door, holding the loose handle closed tightly in the door frame. The frame and door are scavenged, so there are nicks and cracks I watch dreadfully expecting the worms to come through. One managed to cut me on the knee before I shut the door. A baby worm drops out of my fresh cut. I scream. I am terrified. How am I going to escape this? How long can I keep this door closed before they come in? A thick worm pushes through the door jam right into my hand and manages to bite me. They swarm in from up and the dirt ground, and through the door. I back up and hop onto a dresser. Height will help me right? I knew it was hopeless. The dream ended.

I acknowledge now that there are some species I don't want to join with. Worm-like creatures have been appearing in my dreams in small ways for a while. I do not have a phobia of worms, I used to hold funerals for worms that washed up during the rain when I was a kid. I went fishing with worm bait. Recently I went to a composting seminar and learned of their importance. I also dream about snakes sometimes. Though I know snakes and worms are two different classes of species. How then are they related other than being legless and long?

The snake-like beings that have part of human abduction breeding programs may hold the key to understanding this all. We must realize that in God's infinite experiment with living consciousness, beings of all kinds were created, all tasked with overcoming the test of our physical programming to feed on one other. Suppose one method of compromise to help two species get along that would otherwise be natural enemies of prey and predator is to reconfigure the base instincts of a prey or predator either with each other to promote unity or with other genes from other species in a way that would allow the two groups to cooperate with their base needs for one another intact. Say these arthropods needed hosts to lay their eggs. Say a blood eating creature needs a vertebrates blood. How can you as an advanced alien geneticist manipulate the evolution of these creatures to cooperate without removing the source of the problem: aka, make them not need blood or a host. Removing that trait doesn't teach cooperation against instinct, it doesn't provide a bridge, it takes away the existence of that trait, an offense to the infinite consciousness that seeks commune with all kinds of beings. If there is a way to allow the prey and predator to work together, the essence and lesson of unity would be truly upheld. When the lion and the lamb lay together.

An example of how this is accomplished is offered in abduction experiences. Reptilian beings extract sperm and eggs for these experiments.

Make the offer of blood an erotic experience for the host, or take small amounts of blood by spiritual (subconscious, soul) volunteers spaced out in periods rather than an all at once deadly feeding; produce clones to act as hosts of the larvae so the original soul housed body does not have to experience it (temporary, the point is for shared experience, which this method sidesteps), hybridize both species to be able to reciprocally exchange. Each would carry a percentage of the companion species that would increase in time (astroevolution). Man and woman are such an example. Two different species made to exchange and cooperate for reproduction of the greater species. Their sexualization represents the cooperation between their two species. Each given a part to play if they so choose. The act of submission or domination is a matter of perspective, usually indicative of imbalance when not properly understood. Both parties should be able to have an equal balance of both sides by recognizing one another's need for each other. Beautiful love between a man and woman is a flowing give and take that seems to vibrate so seamlessly that unification is established, where empathic consideration of each others needs is balanced and willingly provided and taken. Duality becomes an equation to unity rather than the barrier or deduction of.

So I ask you higher dimensional geneticist masters, what is the next step in unifying humanity with this arthropod species? I don't know about the rest of us, but the hybrid experiment you showed me failed. They abused their new form to lure us to a trap. What was humanity supposed to get out of the relationship? What do they have we need? Composting I suppose. Heh-heh. It will take some convincing before I am ready to host larvae in my blood and skin. Microscopic larvae are bad enough. I have trouble with parasites and infestations like lice.

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