Jul 23, 2013

The Little, Simple Things

Summary: What determines my dream content; Gardening encouragement and tips; Back to the classroom; Dredging up old relationships; Metaphorical lessons on recurrent subjects Math and Reading in school setting dreams; Frustrations with contact and faith; Applying the visual help I'm shown.

Night of July 22/23rd 2013

Every night before I fade to sleep, I wonder what will my dreams show me tonight. Will it be something about earlier in my day nudging my attention to, or will it be something entirely different about something I could not have imagined, or will it be a series of scenes meant to illustrate a complex message to a question, or will it just be a simple answer to a problem I am having?

Last night I went through those familiar motions of wonder. My garden is dying, and I can't seem to water it enough with my schedule and puppy Maya's energy getting in the way. But I haven't dreamed of my garden yet when I asked for validation on putting such effort into it before, so why would it now. Must not be important enough. What do they want to teach me then? Am I being trained like Jim Sparks was, though I haven't had a classroom based dream in a while and I certainly have not been taught about alien language (except on a few occasions were alien pictograms and writing included, but not in a classroom sense, it was while in the field)? I always leave it in their hands. They will show reiterate things for me if something I am unsure about is the case.

Lo and behold, a classroom dream sequence, AND a garden dream. You did that just to prove you're listening and can surprise me right? Of all the many things I think about before bed, you chose those two.

In a classroom with other students, including my old girlfriend, who is sitting across from me. I recently figured that she is among my group, the group that you train with that I've had a teacher ask me about before. I don't know much else about the significance of this group. The teachers keep wanting me to address our silence toward one another, but I am firm that it is better for all of us that I not try to reopen a friendship that troubled my partner and I for so long. Isn't she healthier without me? She needed to let go and move on. I needed to let go and move on. Why do you keep bringing her back? Yes I miss her. I miss what we used to have, I miss how easily we got along and cared for one another. But my feelings for her distracted me from my family. I'd love for her to meet Link finally after nearly three years, but is it worth the trouble and risk? Jim would not approve after all the emotional stress I went through with her.


We are taking a math and reading test (the two subjects that keep appearing in my dreams, I thought I was studying astrophysics?). The math is too easy, yet I still keep missing it (common theme). Our answer pad was an electronic series of light switches that you think the answer and activate the button by the question number, except I skipped a question on two occasions and it made all the answers after that one number off. This was visualized as an unlit little green light next the number. I think I missed number 16 or 18 and 25 or 28 (identifying that in case it shows some significance later). I remember thinking, "I know these answers, and I'm going to fail the test because of a stupid mistake with the answer key." Which I did. This outcome overlapped with my realization of it going to happen, like the cause and effect happened at once in time.

I explained to the teacher that I needed the questions repeated so I could fix my answer pad, but she declined saying it would be unfair to the other students. What a silly reason to fail a test.

I'm failing my math test because I'm not paying attention and answering in the correct sequence? I'm jumping ahead is what you're saying? I was trying to explore plasma physics. Is that skipping a step? I keep doing this then because I keep having this kind of math dream. In the last one I had forgotten to do my homework and so even though it was easy, again a silly mistake, not sure how I could have forgotten if I am the kind of student who is always on top of my assignments, I still had to catch up in time for the final. Silly mistakes about my math work that I don't realize until near the end.

I know that this should be an easy thing to interpret, but I am so confused. I don't know how this translates to my everyday work and efforts. I'm comforted to know that I do know the math, it's not difficult or new,  as I keep assuming it is when I think about how complicated the mathematics must be of invisibility, timeshifting, dimensional phasing, sound wave and thought frequency communication, telepathy, astral projection, etc. My trouble is I still don't know what area of math I am working on in these dreams. It's just a metaphor, I know. What would be the equivalent for math then in what I've been doing? Solving the problems of how to achieve a physical encounter or waking communication, and why they've never helped me with my most pressing project: my book. Makes me wonder if they don't approve of my book or some aspect of my plan for it, though there's never been any display that would make me think that. There's never been ANYTHING really relating to my book work.

I finished through Calculus, and research and statistics in college. Should I just job my memory on some of those old processes and problem-solving? Maybe it will help fuel my dreaming, granting them more specific content to convey the answers I am wanting more clearly. In other words, my limited recall of the math necessary to describe the answers I keep seeking are putting myself in my own way. I already am familiar with the course work, but I forget to do my homework or mess up what should be a simple test. I do have a tendency to over-complicate things or over-analyze. But what do you expect when you're speaking to me in visual metaphors?!This is why I want a face to face! I'm hoping it will make things clearer.

After the test we were to sit at our desks and read. I got confused. I asked the girl across from me "Do you know the course name of this class?" "Yes," she replied, "Fun with Reading," or "Loving to Read." What am I doing in such an easy course? I wondered. I should switch classes. This course felt below me. I don't know if this scene was meant to tell me my recent streak of finally starting to read ET related books is a cheap, easy credits toward my goals. I have been reading these books for first hand clues about the different races since I have never had a purely physical encounter.

I keep trying to convince myself that they know better. They know I would freak out worse than most if a quiet race were to walk through my wall or take me in the middle of the night with full recollection and awareness. It's better for my personality and likely my path if I'm to help in their efforts that I am not overly traumatized. Each liaison's training is different because we each are doing different roles. Do I have the privilege, if I were to exclaim a readiness at a particular time for a visit, for it to be fulfilled? Am I dumb? Am I missing something that really should be easy for me? What do I already know that I keep forgetting? That I already am communicating, most definitely. Regularly I enjoy my training sessions. But there is no physical presence. Can I see and touch a physical presence, please? Probably a silly request to your kind, but it is still important to me. It would validate a whole world for me. At this point, though so many of my synchronicities are verified by other contactees, I still have a nagging concern that its all in my minds, our minds I guess. That doesn't make sense.

Gardening Help
The garden sequence showed my neighbor prepping a large area of soil right in front of his apartment to relocate the garden to. Bring the garden closer to the water I use to feed it, yes I get that part. He was transplanting the already bloomed plants into the large raised rows of dirt, much larger than mine were when I seeded. They do need to be larger because the mounds flattened out from the watering over time. Ugh. I need to move the whole garden to less sun? There is a spot closer to the water hose but it would be a lot of work. I also was shown my little lawn, which looks awful right now: pieces of broken sticks everywhere, dry, irritating grasses, large holes, bald spots. A young woman and man came on a flying car, looking like adolescents from the the 60's, and landscaped the lawn. They made an oval flat space of colored asphalt in the center with fresh grass lain down around it. The holes were filled and it was lovely, though the flat space was an unexpected addition. Now that I'm awake though, and having just returned from my friend's yard, for what my little lawn is, a center spot for playing like soft asphalt would be really nice actually. That would be better even than just a whole lawn. Link would be able to play there instead of on the concrete tiles. I could reseed it, but with my large dog, it would take a while to regrow and he would have to keep out. They showed me while I was helping my neighbor transplant the garden, bringing me in to show me what they did. It was lovely! "You laid down new sod!" I exclaimed in joyful surprise.

I don't own my property though, and I can't afford to put that center spot in. Why show me what I can't make? And my land manager wouldn't pay for that. Hmm. That's discouraging.

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