Jul 19, 2013

Time Play and Perception Manipulation

An unexpected aspect of my dreaming has been taking place in the last month. They have been precognitive to concerns I will end up having the following day. At first I thought it was deja vu, or I was prompting myself, but I didn't even think about the dreams as containing ideas on the issues I will have that day. It's difficult to explain. Though I will ask something specific the night before to be explained, clarified, answered, or give information about, this incredibly off topic dream will happen instead. I will nearly dismiss that dream, feeling its message is pretty obvious or oppositely that it is just further supporting the theory that dreams are random firings. Then I will encounter a problem and realize my dream was guidance for that issue that was no where in my awareness yet. My dreams are helping me solve problems I don't even have yet.

Okay. Now what. This is not a conscious ability by any means. I doubt I can control or direct it. So it just sort of is. I can still ask when, for what issues does it happen? Is there a pattern there? Is it possible to vibrate outside of linear time, and instead hop around unfixed delineations, linger on one or a few for however long it remains relevant, than jump around again? I experienced an entire sequence of dreaming that felt like two hours of time in a matter of minutes. Woken at seven fifty-something in the morning by my partner. Went back to sleep, and awoke after a new dream series at 8:04am; minutes later. I swore I had been asleep another two hours. Time is bending around me.

This phenomenon is closely related to what contactees report. Jim Sparks, author of 'The Keepers' described the technological capability to phase in and out and in-between this dimension and others. A particular perception of an object can be induced, making the viewer (his example) see a flock of birds that is really a craft. Their mastery of time was demonstrated to him by the removal of him from his home and return of him a few minutes BEFORE he left, so he saw himself carry out the same movements as if two of him existed, though his previous self wasn't aware of his future self. When the time line merged back, his old self just faded.

Many of my dreams are confusing because of the inconsistencies and overlapping of sequences. I dream multiple times in multiple sequences a night, each telling a different story that often come together as a whole to tell a more complete lesson or demonstrate an idea. To do this, one sequence will pause while another takes off. When I return to that original one, there are small differences. I remembered both fragments of the time line. But it clouds my understanding of what happened. Sparks experience of coming back minutes before was the key I needed to help me clarify why these paradoxes happened. Except in my dreaming I am allowed to see how the information gained from the side story effects the choices and movement of the original storyline by showing me both the original and altered after new information as overlapping, alternating sequence and imagery simultanously. In this way, I see how my different perspectives or explanations for a mystery effect the path of the event.

In some dreams though, I don't recall an intersecting story splintered off the events and issues that are raised for me in the original sequence. Instead I just see two images or sequences overlapping simultaneously without any reason other than to disguise truth with confusion so I can't distinguish which of the two is the more real perception of what is really going on. This happens often with faces, where the person is recognized to my thoughts as being a familiar person, but their focused examination in the dream state (usually driven by a threatening event) clues me in to the pulsing back and forth of their face and identity being other than what I have been assuming (implanted facial recognition?). Objects have been manipulated in this way as well (see example).

Sparks, described holographic technology that superimposes a false image over a reptilian's face to appear human. This is another phenomenon I see in my dreams. A strong blonde woman was a deformed, ugly, old creature at a different angle.  I didn't see it as a deceptive tactic for evil intent, that is so absurd. She used the woman visage because I would respond best to her encouragement to 'return to school' (message being to study and keep researching I believe). Entire sequences of events have been superimposed in a pocket time stream of the original. I can't place the new sequence anywhere along the original timeline, though I have the clear memory (dream) of it happening at some point. These seem to be added events to better shape the entirety of the sequence toward what I need it to be.

For instance, my dream about Eros was actually less about Eros and more about two other male agents in my group, including the one who shot me. He was my partner who suspected so poorly of the intentions of those I was with towards me that he determined to 'save me'. But because I sought peaceful relations with them, I foiled his plan. I was shot through the hand trying to push those I was with out of the way. We had a private moment together while he stitched and bandaged my hand after the chaos. Would that have happened if I hadn't cared about his emotional status? I gave him the chance to atone for the accident. The time line of this whole sequence is incredibly disjointed and still bothers me. I remember multiple versions and scenes that don't seem to fit into the chain of events, yet showed evidence of happening by the end of the chain. My bullet wound was sewn by the time I returned with Eros, though he took me immediately after the chaos. There was no time for the gunman, my partner agent, to sew me in that private moment. That private scene also didn't take place in that same space, it was dark with only a small light source shined on us as we sat and talked and he sewed the wound. This may have been another example of active and inactive dimensions where you can phase into a slower dimension while the main timeline is halted. And when we returned, Eros took me, still in-sync with the urgency of the chaos that had endangered me.

My dreams are not physical experiences, they are experiences of the consciousness, the mind without a body. Could all the training and schooling references mean my dreams are largely serving as raising my awareness of things I have little to no resources to know about otherwise and helping me grow familiar with these things (such as technologies and creatures and telepathic interfacing, fundamentals of my dreaming)? Training implies preparation for something. Preparation for duties in this life or for after death or only for extra-dimensional work in the dream-state? My life has been geared to performing certain functions it seems. Will there be a time and place where those functions will be called for execution? They will be easy, obvious when it is time. I know that. But the anticipation is killer.

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