Jul 6, 2013

Red Grid Marks Investigation Update - Compiling a Personality Profile of Targeted Individuals

[Previously published on 7/6/13, updated 5/9/14]

[Author's Note: I interviewed a medium in the Lightworker/Galactic community about the marks possibly being a sign of the individual's awakening as a Lightworker, since many apparently report having rashes or single red dots. Without judging the validity of their symptoms, it still became obvious to both of us that what I was exploring was a different phenomenon. She had never encountered marks of the size and design as those in this investigation. The marks being a sign of spiritual upgrading is still a contender on my list of possibilities, but I don't believe it is the whole story.]

Personality Commonalities Between the Three Cases

Among the three cases I've collected, there appears to be a predisposition in all of us toward thoughtful analysis of the world's condition, and the state of humanity, with an emphasis on either its eventual desolation or ascension. Paleoastronomy is a particular interest for all three individuals. At one time or another all of us have explored the mysteries of the universe, including ufology, mythology, and fringe sciences.

We are curious about our possible galactic origins and connections to other species, both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial. We have an affinity for nature and animals, and demonstrate empathy; capable of relating and deeply interfacing with the experience of different lifeforms.

We are all prone to challenge popular beliefs, play the role of devil's advocate, and consider alternate perspectives.

We have a gnawing sense that the systems of our societies, and our egocentric perspectives are not conducive to what we feel Earth's potential is. What we feel is heightened awareness isolates us from the trivialities of daily living, with the rest of the world either oblivious to, in denial of, or depressed about the hidden realities. It sometimes feels as though we are observing a foreign species and confounded by its blindness.

In a sense, we may be record-keepers, driven to artistically document in some manner the human condition, whether through writing or photography, for our own insatiable wonderment and self-evolution, but also out of some belief that we are providing valuable insight through our unique perspectives to the conditions and experiences of Earth.

None of us are religiously affiliated, though we have had religious encounters and history of family affiliation to particular religions. We are open-minded about other explanations to the questions of our origins and purpose, and we contemplate these philosophically throughout our lives in an exhausting search back and forth between theories.

We are as familiar with anxiety, panic, and fear as we are capable of feeling absolute peace, appreciation, and love.

The other obvious correlation is that all of us have had some sort of supernatural encounters. As hesitant as I am to categorize this phenomenon in with the negative mystique around the abduction phenomenon, there does appear to be a relationship. The general sense everyone arrived at about their own marks was that it was related to a grander plan driven by

I have researched the alien abduction syndrome, and all the bizarre events, communities, conspiracy theories, and such, and I still cannot lean either way on whether the occurrence of these marks identifies us as special in some way, or if all humans are subjected to the same interactions and we happened to will a physical manifestation. It could be that the marks are the result of spiritual maintenance, like installing upgrades to a computer. If humans as a race of physical bodies are the latest advancement in physical realm experiments, there needs to be regular assessment of the condition of those bodies. We could be testing the human body as a container for soul energy.

An extradimensional species may not need instruments or even physical presence to extract samples. It could, in theory, create a portal at the site of the skin, extract (or inject) the material, and close the portal before the person got wind. A shielded, camoflauged, or non-localized (vibrating) entity could also have performed the extraction/injection.

Or perhaps no third party is involved and the marks are entirely the product of some internal process that focused our energy at the spot to force blood to the sub-dermal layer.

The one thing I am certain of is that fear will not solve this case. I do not believe we are cattle, I do not believe we are harvest crop. I do believe some organized force is responsible for the marks, but it may be in cooperation with the person's own evolution of consciousness.

[For more insight as to their reasons for occurring, see Why are we being harrassed by unknown visitors? and the 3-part series beginning with Dreams to Uncover the Truth of the RGM Phenomenon.]

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