Jul 22, 2013

Rupturing a Hole in the Fabric of Reality

In Super Mario Bros. 3, on two levels there is a cheat move that allows Mario to go behind the image of the 2D platform world and run through the level without having to deal with the enemies and dangers. Crouching down on certain white blocks for a few seconds will let Mario drop in behind the scene. This sneaky move only works at a couple particular spots, but lets you glide past obstacles in record time to the reward screen at the end of the level. Behind the reward screen, if you make it that far staying behind the scene, is a warp that allows the player to jump to a level farther ahead in the game.

What if we could do this relative to our 3 and 4D realities?

The amazing findings of the research outlined in this video discuss a fundamental order built into the fabric of our reality, evidenced by the tendency of plasma particles to form into galaxy-like spirals and even DNA-like strands. The writer whose article linked this site, where I found it, was adamant the hole you see halfway through the video in the vacuum tube is not a hole in space. I don't know why that empty space is created at the center of the plasma formation, but you are free to read that writer's thoughts here. Turn on the subtitle captions because its in Russian. Remember, plasma particles are electrically neutral, so the collection-behavior you are seeing is not due to magnetism. Plasma particles are considered the fourth state of matter after gas, liquid, and solid. Lightning and neon signs are made from plasma. Topic of interest is the plasma fountain, or polar wind.

My area of investigation is in manifestation and power of the mind to create. I have no access to high technology, nor do I have the training to handle nor education to understand the kind of tech that would allow me to test such things under mechanical analysis or to produce the effects I am left with nothing more than my mind to generate. Encounters with beings capable of phasing entire walls out of perception to a single individual while others in the room can clearly see the walls (a friend of Ted Rice in the book 'Masquerade of Angels' experienced paralysis, encased in blue light, saw two alien beings, and the walls and ceiling of the room disappear), my dreams of distorted space and barriers and fences and flooding oceans keeping me on land but close to the water and sometimes playing on structures over water, my knowledge of modern theories and research in sub-atomic particle physics, all lead me to believe this physical dimension is a barricaded school and there is an ocean with different attributes from our dimension that I am close to and keep playing on. My teachers would prefer me to stay, they limit my time within this type of space. It's not that I am driven by an animalistic urgency to escape my cage, rather I am curious to understand the makeup of our universe and what forces or beings lay beyond this. I want to know who my creators, governors, guides, and neighbors are.

So I am experimenting with perception as the key to peering beneath the fabric of our reality. The following is what I recorded as steps to trying to do so during my experiment. These steps are what I was seeing as I went and so added onto each other while reiterating the previous statements, because I had to start over so many times. Concentration is difficult for my ruminating mind. But it became easier to get back to where I left off the more familiar I became with the preceding steps.

Perception experiment (so far) to bend the fabric of reality:
"See between the space and matter. Don't think of it as a solid, but as an illusion, like a picture being held in front of your eyes. Let the image distort and become less real. Trying to puncture through our physical dimension with the mind, setting your mind's perception at the forefront of experience, not the body's. The body is a hanging residue, a vessel for the soul to live in this dimension. See the object's fixed dimensions change, expand or diminish. Change your perception. Tell the object what it is rather than let it tell you. See the air waiver in front of it like heat above a road distorts the image of a car approaching. Be taken in by the trick of your eyes, allowing yourself for this moment to believe whatever effects you see are real. See the walls wave slowly. This is the first cue to successfully rising the vibration of the space around you. Focus at your designated spot like you want to see what's behind this dimension, little aliens in endless space holding the walls of the box in place. The spot will dip, you'll see the objects around bend like you are creating a wormhole at the target space. Bring your desire to know what's behind it to the surface and fuel it as much as you can. Aliens can do it, they can render an entire house invisible to a single person or a group of people..."

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