Jun 2, 2014

Hoarding Supply Post-Disaster

June 1st/2nd 2014 Dream

Five of us, on a boat in the ocean, stranded. We've lost contact with the mainland, the coast guard. Is there any land? There had been a serious flooding. Our boat is overturning. We can't find one of our mates. Men and women. Below deck, I find a crewmate and help him regain consciousness. My breathing becomes labored. I can't breathe, why can't I breathe. I struggle to, but every breath is shallow with little oxygen content. Pulling in deeper only constricts my airway more. I tell the crew that has now joined us down below that I can't breathe. I'm starting to fade and I wonder if something in the air from the diaster has caused this. Will others start to show the same symptoms? Will this be what kills us, not the water? The storm outside is increasing its intensity. Waves are pouring water over the sides of the boat. Soon we will sink. Our attempts to radio our location seemed to fail. Connection was lost as we were transmitting our coordinates. The storm threw us so far away from safety...

I suddenly realize I was trying to breathe deeply through only my nose, I needed to open my mouth. This has happened before on a couple other occasions. My sleeping body is inhibiting my dreaming self. My dreaming self excited, which excited my sleeping body. Somehow my body was not responding properly to that excitement, so when my dreaming self recogized my other self wasn't breathing with the mouth as well, my sleeping body opened the mouth. I didn't wake up, my consciousness shifted between my dream self and my sleeping body. I gasped with relief when oxygen finally got into my system. Was my physical body actually suffocating?

Our boat crashes into a gravel island. We awake in both shock and relief. Land?! There was still land in our world! But where were we? The coast guard had arrived and said they heard our signal in time and sent a search team to find us. Being 'safely' on land, they departed, figuring we were fine now. We weren't. We were still missing someone, and we somehow had to survive in what seemed a desolate landscape. Not desert, it was gravel, crumbled rubble, gray skies, no vegetation. Miles of empty gray landscape. We crawled our way to the edge of a miserable town. The first two buildings were a mini-mart you'd find in the outskirts of a city, appealing to the depressed residents with smokes, booze, and candies, as well as a bar/billiards club without windows. The town started rather abruptly with these two buildings. Everything before them was emptiness.

I notice a woman sitting in a chair in a little breezeway. She is clean, wearing simple colored clothes and boots with no patterns. Blonde hair in a ponytail, earrings and a purse. She is waiting for someone, and occupies herself by adjusting her various accessories. I approach in bemusement. "How... how is someone like you here?" I ask her, drawn to her condition in contrast to our own. She was fed and clean, her basic amenities met enough for her to concern herself with decore and business.

"I've been waiting." She stood and gestured for me to follow her, rather hurriedly. Oh, she was waiting for me?

She nudges me along before I can tell my companions to follow. We enter an underground club with clean carpets, space, bold colors and brightness. Young adults are mingling, drinking healthy juices and laughing. She sits me down and tidies me up, hands me some items of decor and a drink. I feel grateful and humble, though surprised that she is just granting me all these free luxuries. Before I know it, she backs towards the entrance and says "Enjoy!" Then flips the lights into club mode and closes the heavy door.

"Wait, what?!" I drop the stuff and try the door, a thick concrete or metal with no handle, locked from the outside. We are trapped! Everyone starts dancing and enjoying the music and colored lights. The dream ends.

The theme of manipulating the desperate after a climatic disaster is becoming common of late. See also related dream posts Prophecy, Rough Winter Approaching?. Flooding, earthquake, a shortage or lack of access to food and the manipulation of . Why should only we be saved and live in luxury, closed off from the others who starve and suffer? Is this a vision of current affairs, or a projection of what will come in the aftermath of serious disasters? Both, probably.

As distressing to me as these dreams are, I must remind myself that reporting is as important of a job as the obligation to do something. I worry myself raw with the personal responsibility of "What should I do to help?" For now, I can only report what I see. I asked this once before, "What can I do to prepare?" And the answer replied to the underlying fear of "How do I save myself and those around me?" The dream showed me enjoying the flood waters, playing in them like a nymph. Then I helped others who were caught in the current of water ten feet above the road it ran down. Cars swept away. I pulled every hand I could grab up on a small board with me. Naked bodies crammed together on this board and I loved what it meant, that we were saved from the flood. Except I missed one person, and I knew her name, and in the dream it bothered me, though I knew to be glad for those I could catch.

In these flood disaster dreams, I see clean-up efforts after the immediate flood along the coasts, debris everywhere, no visible coastline anymore. The water rose so high that the new coast was somewhere in the trees, through neighborhoods.

I just watched a video series by James Gilliland, a fascinating contactee, spiritual master, and author. He owns a ranch in Washington where he hosts group consciousness initiated contact events with UFO's. In his contact experiences and visions he has also seen great climate changes. Everywhere evidence is surfacing, and forecasts are stated about abrupt and severe shifts in weather patterns that will bring arctic conditions, droughts, and floods to the northern hemisphere. My dreams iterated this forecast well before I was aware of any of the evidence supporting it. I did what I always do, document it, analyze it, track it for patterns. Talk is rampant about a global grid reset. Gilliland discusses, as many others have, a coronal mass ejection crippling our electronic network. Dan Sherman, through Project Camelot, talked about his work as an intuitive communicator (remote consciousness contact) becoming the only means of communication we will have should such an event occur.

In fact, I just remembered all those dreams I used to have about a warehouse stocked like a Costco with clothing, food, and anything you'd ever need or want was often accompanied by a night club for the youth to entertain themselves in. These underground bunker-like places, fit to hold hundreds of people in the wake of a disaster, are these of ET design or Human design? Who will be welcome in them? In two instances, I dreamed a group of us lived in our own shelter. In one case we grew our own food, and scavenged for the rest, though hunger was a constant concern. The environment was inhospitable in all cases. In the other case, we brought food with us into a bunker I led a group to. Another was an underground city in a mountain, with some advanced railway system.

The night club/partying scene partnered with this flooding theme occurs in this dream and again in this dream as well, a dream dating back Jan. of last year! Two and a half years (approx) I have been seeing warnings of floods and the aftermath of disasters. This one has warehouse and club theme, as well as this one [oh this is not typed up, was my first warehouse dream dated 12/8-9th/2012]. I'm noticing my dreams nowadays are more fluid, with the various themes intertwined in the same sequence, whereas my older dreams had multiple scene changes. Perhaps I'm learning how they connect, and so my dreams are expressing that upgrade in awareness. They continue to challenge me.

A while back I tried to research what would create the persistent dark skies and death of vegetation from lack of sun that I kept seeing in my post-apocalypse dreams. When the dinosaurs and over half of all life on the planet was killed from the asteroid impact, debris and ash filled the skies. The same thing happened in the early millennia of our planet when volcanoes erupted constantly. A layer of ash is found everywhere around the world at the depth before the last ice age. I'm not suggesting an asteroid is coming. I've dreamed of nearly every disaster imaginable, including large meteor impacts and the moon colliding, even the Earth flying out of orbit from the sun. Those are few and far between though. I deal with averages. Images that repeat at a significant average have higher probability, but not certainty, of occurring. Dreaming accesses possible timeline events. It actually shares many similarities with Dan Burisch's Looking Glass device.

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