May 29, 2014

"Introduction to Alien Races" Book Review: Connections to Eyewitness Reports, Part 1

(Originally published 5/29/14, Edited 8/18/14)

Summary: Brief explanation of book's origins; Comparisons between book's (Russian intelligence) descriptions and eyewitness report data in the US civilian sector about a few key species; Points of dispute and questions about validity of some assessments contained in species descriptions; Missing information and species; Civilian record expanded by details on well-known species with the release of this book; Blood Feeding races and connection to my parasite, reptilian, and vampire dreams. 

Recommended you open the pdf of the book itself for reference to the images of these different races.

I haven't been more excited than when I found a working link to a pdf of this book. I am most interested in relationships with and between other races and our own. This is one of my greatest curiosities.

The man responsible for bringing this book into public scrutiny is Dante Santori, who met a Ukranian man named Petro in 2004. They became friends and started visiting each other's families. Eventually they went on a road trip to Portugal to visit Petro's father, a former Ukraine Diplomat. His father asked the two to clear out a room he wanted to convert into a guest bedroom. "We found about 58 boxes full of old documents and books.... Petro started reading/translating some of them and we realized that there was a lot of interesting, intriguing and even top-secret... documents! So we asked his father if we could keep the boxes for ourselves... he agreed..." (pg 5). Petro and Dante sorted through the material for weeks, until they came across a book originally dated 1951. "We called his father later that year and asked him about the book... and he filled in the missing information.... He said that he had received the book years before from one of his life-long diplomat friends and had been updating the book until recently [Dante made the book available in pdf format through Senior Editor Gordon Duff of Veteran's Today in 2013] with information that friends of his sent him, or when they would get together to talk about "old times" (pg 6).

Originally a briefing booklet for Russian agents, this book was meant to be added to and scribbled in by agents in their field work. The man who came into possession of it felt it to be important information that should be freely available, and so has provided it online first in video form, then as an electronic copy.

See the complete book online through the publisher Gordon Duff here at Veteran's Today online news site. Also see Project Camelot's follow-up article on the book, Dante Santori, and Gordon Duff here. She points out her intel about Duff being a member of the MJ12, raising questions about the accuracy of the book by some. I will simply remind readers that this book is written for Russian agents, and was originally printed in 1951. That said, some of data on the particular races may have drastically changed between now and then. Different countries are in alliance with different races, so we must also consider the perspective the original content is coming from. For instance, when we read about a race being marked as a "peaceful" race (particularly in the case of the Solipsi Rai), this is an opinion determined by that country's leader/writer (foreword signed by Chief Marshal Konstantin A. Vershinin, 1947, page 13, commander of Soviet Air Force between 1946-49, and 1957-69, with mention of the commanding 'Superior' being codename KL-44).

Wikipedia on Konstantine Wershinin here. (limited info)

This book outlines key information on 58 alien species, along with case summaries, rumors, quotes, and intel from alien contacts, a message to humanity from the races Ramay and Jefok (pages 170-181) about the creative force of the universe consistently referred to as 'She' by all alien races unanimously, despite their other differences. From the content of this book, you get the clear impression of how complex inter-relatioships between particular races are. One, for instance, the Dorsay (page 37) has been at war for billions of years with another race. Others refuse to visit Earth because the Reptilians and Maitre races are here, two fearsome species manipulating the systems of our social and political structures, as well as conducting abductions.

The number of species listed to have been conducting abductions is staggering. We've always figured only one or two particular races are responsible for abductions. This may not be the reality. And based on my investigations with manipulation of psychological and spiritual realms, it seems most contact and abduction is not of a distinctly physical nature. I still strongly believe my dream downloads, messages, and trainings connect me to various ETs, and grand events and agendas. Every time I read an interview with a whistleblower or a researcher's conclusions, an idea from my dreams is confirmed.

Detailed Review of Information on the Alien Races

Because this is MY review, I wish to record my reaction notes to the races. I read them all in one sitting, I was so fascinated. This is the gold mine I have been waiting for. However, after reading it, there are many races and distinctions missing which I am aware of through other investigator's works, channels and contactees. I am not insisting either the book's writer nor the sources aware of other unlisted races are wrong, merely that perhaps either list is incomplete (an obvious conclusion since the book itself quotes other races as saying there are over 2500 known races, and only 58 are listed in the book). Also, realize that many races may have divisions within them, sects and splinter groups that have different ideals and ways of doing things than some other sect that is more recognized by our collective contacts.

For starters, the information on the Pleyadiyans/Pleiadians is summary at best. More is known on this race than most others because of contactees and channels. See sites related to crystal cities, Galactic Federation, and encounters with honey-blonde tall beings (not bleach blonde, different race). In that same vein are the Arcturians which may be listed as a different name in the book, but none fit the descriptions I'm aware of (though my visions of this race are very different from what depicts them as in one of the photos, other photos they show are closer. The one where it look like almost like a classic grey is not accurate to me). Much is known about them as well. I always assumed they were part of the Council of Five, but I suppose not. Either way, they are in old race in partnership with the Pleiadians (the spelling contactees use). Arcturians are scientists, highly advanced technologically and spiritually. The only other race listed as 'scientists' which caught my eye because I was looking for where the Arcturians fit in the book, was the Ramay (pg 25), but they aren't the same race. The Ramay summary is of particular interest to me for a couple reasons. For one, they are from the star Capella, the same star I have been fascinated with as having a portal directly linking our planet to theirs. Perhaps a silly observation, but one I intend to follow through with by visiting a major observatory in Sun River during my family reunion there this summer. I want a telescopes view of the star to deny or confirm the effect many videos on youtube are popping up about (see the Berlin Star as a starting point to related videos). The star appears to be fluxuating, rotating, or spinning with an incredible spectrum of dancing colors. At its center is what looks like a worm hole (grey descending inward target). Find links to posts on my portal investigations here.

Another point about the Ramay summary is one I wish to dispute. If the Ramay were a peaceful race when they cultivated the Mayan civilization, how the Mayans find it appropriate to conduct blood sacrifices in their honor after they left? Was it simply that without the Ramay as guides, the Mayans fell into human fallacy? Why would that practice suddenly spring up after their departure? What did they learn from the Ramay to think that was a proper way to honor them? What else is missing from this history lesson? This summary brought me more questions and unease than it resolved. Knowledge is relieving to me, regardless its nature. The more I know, the faster I can learn to cope with a reality. 

Other races which I'm not sure are included are from origin myths by tribes like the Hopi, which I have had confirmed in my dreaming:  the "Ant" race that saved the Hopi by bringing them underground to avoid fallout from a war between races in the skies of Earth. I saw a trio relationship between and Ant race (all depicted on a ruined pyramid in my dream), a Serpent race, and a Hawk Race. Two of these were in constant war, and the other one was trying to serve as mediator. The Ant race as a title is obviously a descriptor, and not what the race or other races would actually call them. So, I analyzed a few of the ones listed in the book to determine which may be close that could have been the Ant race. The Kurs (pg 20) are one:  "related to the race Annunaki"; "'behind' the story of Enlil and Ninlil" ; "directly involved in the development of the human race during our early stages." MThe image is unclear as to its body type. It could be an arachnid. I'm fairly certain an giant arachnid species has been a problem for some races. A tall blonde agent trained me to target practice on an invading group of them with an unusual blast weapon in a dream episode.

Since I brought it up, an eagle race was never mentioned as well, and that race recurs in mythology and contact experiences too much to not be real. What I believe is the case though is that the Eagle race is a spiritual form of the Pleyadiyans/Pleiadians.

Hybrids are mentioned only in the Zeta Reticuli section because Egypt's Pharohs were supposedly hybrid human-Zetas left as liaisons between the Annunaki and Zeta, and the Human cultures they erected/influenced. [Note: The Graysli race also has influenced Egypt, with the Djoser pyramid being built in their honor, according to the book, pg 45]. But where are the other hybrids contactees are so aware of? The Cat-like blonde hybrids for good example? Where is the upright Feline race in this book? They work closely with the Pleiadians I believe. identifies hybridization very clearly because it is related with other genetic experiments such as the creation of biological androids. One biological android race is mentioned. X5-Tykut "was created by the race Maitre in order to be used as slaves.... They can live forever as they are not organic... however the raw materials that the Maitre need to "build" one are very rare." The book estimates 300 under Maitre command.

The Maitre are an important race for humans to be aware of because pose the greatest threat, along with the Reptilians, according to this book and most alien research circles. "'The violence and hatred that humans have inside themselves, when compared to the violence and hatred that the race Maitre has inside themselves, is like comparing a flower to a volcano.'" (pg 161, quote by unspecified alien representative). I can't get the image of the expression, those eyes, from its picture out of my head. It has lingered in my mind every since I read this book. I thought for sure I was inviting one to me just by show curious fear in its angered expression. Thankfully, I have not seen any response with them mentioned in my dreaming episodes so far.

The Draconian Reptilians supposedly created a grey race that rebelled against their creators or sought out on their own. That race could only pursue the interests favored in their genes by their creators, the Reptilians. I wonder if the Maitre are that cloned race. Maitre are hermaphrodites. Perhaps a product of their creation/genetic manipulation? They do have home planets listed in a different constellation from the Draconians, but its widely accepts that the Draconians forcibly colonized solar systems across the galaxy. Maitre may have been native to Megopei, and genetically manipulated by the Draconians as slaves.

The cycle of abuse continues because the Maitre created their own slave race, the X5-Tykut (51, mentioned above) --if they are indeed the proposed cloned race of the Draconians. X5-Tykut have long necks, according to their picture, and were last seen in 1997 in Australia. The book has updated sightings to other listed species into the 2000s. If this slave race were the ones commonly seen doing the abductions by witnesses across the US, I imagine that date would be far more recent. So, this duo isn't the ones most commonly seen as the tall Greys with the small Greys slave race. There's an alliance with a tall blonde race as well, which many people believed were shapeshifted false appearances.

There are two races of blondes researchers have discovered from eyewitnesses. One is the tall whites, which is actually a nickname listed in the ARB, and the other is the tall blondes from the Pleyades. These two have been compared to the Angels and Fallen Angels of the Bible because contact with alien races is dominated by these two alliance groups. 1) Tall Pleidian blondes with a race of grey-types, and 2) Tall whites with reptilians and tall Greys (Maitre, presumably). None of this is clearly identified in this book, not the alliances at least.

The 'Tall Whites' in the book is a nickname for the Indugutk, who are known as shapeshifters, have close contact with many Earth governments, bases on the moon, and are also known as MIB. Despite what the movies suggest, MIB's are terrifying people to the humans who encounter them. They are best recognized by their out-of-date clothing (shapeshifters are behind the times), and pale skin. This description fits together well with the reports of Tall White encounters. What surprised me is the picture of their true appearance (page 31). That is an incredible face to transform into human. They have hard edges, prominent eye sockets, wide eyes, depressed cheeks, and long necks. A very inhuman face.

However, there is another race listed as being Tall-blondes in the ARB. Their only sighting, a crashed capsule in Russia, granted them their own entry in the book. The picture displayed is of a drawing is misleading and possibly misinformation. This whole entry is confusing, and here is why. The picture used is the bottom half of a 1991 capsule crash in Russia (formerly the USSR). In that crash, any bodies were retrieved by military helicopters seen spotted at the sight (because one of them crashed trying to hoist up one of the craft's parts) by expeditionaries. In this instance, the enclosed beings very well could have been Tall blondes that smelled like roses (contactees have reported this same scent with glowing tall blondes, like angels, perhaps an illusory trick). The 1935 USSR crash had a very different tone. Nine hikers were mysteriously killed in the Ural mountains where multiple eyewitnesses saw a red comet fall. That is known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident, comparable in fame to our Roswell Incident. There were no testimonies of beings encountered. The site was a mess, with strange beads, black film across rocks, oddly burned trees, and the bodies were unnaturally decayed. One of the hikers faces was torn off.

Why would this book use a drawing unrelated to the entry? I would say "because they're the same race", but the entry says the beings have only come once, in that crash, and from a distant galaxy 13 billion light years away. So why else? Don't say, 'because it was the only image of crashed UFO in Russia they had' because this book was written by Russia for Russian operatives. Of course they had other images. Makes me wonder what else is half-truths in this book.

One more note about the Maitre that struck me, they are described as a 'parasitic' race by other aliens! My investigations kept bringing up a parasitic association. If my suspicions are true, Maitres may be responsible for my partner Jordon's encounters in astral form. They are parasitic on an energy level, controlling and feeding off human feelings of being out of control, and subjected to the will of another. Makes psychological sense to me that a race manipulated by the Draconians would also take delight in doing the same to other races. The joy an abused boy gets from tormenting a kitten. Except, the energy is their sustenance. They consume those feelings like we consume energy of plants and animal tissue. Condense the essences of those living organisms down to the raw energy, find a way to harvest that essence, understand the subatomic energetic realm, and you have yourself an astral parasite. If we could consume energy without the need to consume the relative matter, our species would operate very differently. The physical world would not be as important.

I am left with a few key questions about the Maitre. Why is Maitre so intent on colonizing Earth? Why do they only abduct human males? Is there any correlation between the Maitre abducting males and the Reptilians preference for human females?

Terminology Leads to Confusion

So many races display features characteristic, or easily lumped into the category of what popular lore calls "Grey". The Killimat-Arr (pg 32), the El-Manouk (pg 34), Akart (39), Maitre (40), Graysli (45), Afim (-Spiantsty, 48), Solipsi Rai (idenified in the Book as what we've been calling "grays", 49), Airk (53, color difference?), Zeta Reticulai (Shamtbhala, 62), Elffaf (69), even the Council's Emerther (80) all could be miscategorized into the general term Gray/Grey. This obfuscates any effort by witnesses to bring clarity to the issue of racial recognition of different alien groups and their agendas. That generic label needs to fall out of fashion because it does not aid in our creating a collaborative classification system of alien species.

What's more, The Maitre have alliances with other Grey-looking species. Subtleties in appearance can be as little as the size of the eyes, their shape, the color of their skin, and the number of fingers on each hand. But to the public, this means inconsistencies between stories. Researchers struggle to determine which species was spotted/encountered by a witness and where that one fits in the larger database.

There are also multiple reptilian-types listed. This further clouds the issue because witnesses speak strongly of the alliance between a Grey and a Reptilian species. Allgruulk (16), the first listed race, evolved from an extinct reptilian species. Of a very similar name, the Al-Gruualix (23), is noted as often being mistaken to be reptilian in appearance. Tisar-3 (71) are survivors of a reptoid race and retain a reptilian eye, though they have human-like skin. Mythilae (57) are said to have been related to a Reptoid species at one point in their history, but no longer are, which may mean their anatomy evolved so far away from each other that they no longer share enough genes to still be recognizable as brethren.

The Draconian Reptilians are the most commonly known alien species to shapeshift. But its important to note alien shapeshifting may be a manipulation of our perceptions and light more so than manipulation of their form or color. Witnesses say they can look like humans. Whether done by technology or some kind of glamour, its clear to me as a researcher in this field that some kind of perception manipulation technologies are used on humans. The Kiily-Tokurt (17) are listed as shapeshifters as well and conduct abductions, though their eyes do not change with the shift. X-1Z (67) also shapeshifts, and also abduct. Notice the trend yet? (To be explained further in Part 2)

Blood Feeders

Enough military intelligence officers have come forward through civilian investigators for certain facts to be ascertained. The concensus between their stories is that a 'Gray' race harvests human and animal blood for sustenance. They have no digestion track, being a cloned race, and so they absorb the nutrients by smearing it on their skin in a mixture of iodine.

A while back, I began researching how a living creature survives and ingests blood. In my dreams, allusions to vampiric and parasitic races would return as answers to my questions about the red grid mark phenomenon (RGMP), spiritual war, reptile channelings, and other topics. I began by studying how earthly creatures in the animal kingdom ingest blood and what it provides them.

Blood eating is called hematophagy, a form which thousands of species practice. Seven-hundred species alone are leeches. "Since blood is a fluid tissue rich in nutritious proteins and lipids that can be taken without enormous effort, hematophagy has evolved as a preferred form of feeding in many small animals such as worms and arthropods." Like worms, leeches are mostly hermaphroditic, meaning they carry reproductive organs of both sexes, and thus can mate with any leech of its kind.

There are also fish, bats, butterflies, moths, and birds that feed on blood. Biochemicals in the saliva of these animals improve their chances of avoiding detection by numbing the area of contact, and prevent coagulation. These species are naturally evolved to be nocturnal and silent in their hunt and retrieval. The act of blood-letting itself isn't usually the cause of death unless the size of the hematophagous creature is comparable to the prey or a virus is passed onto the host, as is the concern with mosquitoes.

Why is this pertinent? Ever wonder what earthly animal the 'greys' most resemble? They are hairless, sometimes described as wrinkly, though usually smooth, slender, short, and sexless (without sex organs). Stories of one autopsied alien said the biologists they brought compared the creature to a plant in that the substance that would be blood in a mammal was oily, and contained chlorophyll. (I've read stories about the Roswell alien that say they had to bring a reptile expert as well.) In trying to find a workable comparison to earth life based on anatomical descriptions and details about the bodies, their functions, even their gait, I've landed on too many different earthly species for me to believe these accounts describe the same species. Aspects of plant, worm, lizard. I just don't know which species is which. 

In the AR Book, the Hav-Hannuae-Kondras is identified as the humanoid race behind the vampire legends of the 16th century. They consume human and animal blood, and do not match the 'grey' description. "Several human governments know and accept their actions." (pg 21), it says. Last sighting was apparently in 1996.

However, American whistleblowers say the 'Greys' are the ones responsible for the cattle and animal esanguinations and mutilations. There could be multiple species that feed on blood, whom come to our treasure trove of easy prey. One of them, however, despite their nature, is friendly. I dreamed ("Blood Survival") I was in a three sister family group of vampires who longed to be accepted in the human world. We had been abstaining from feeding to the point of delirium. We tried to offer each other encouragement as we battled with the symptoms of our hunger. I felt genuine desire to be accepted by the humans, not feared, not thought of as less than because we were driven by nature. We wanted to be seen as intelligent, but struggled with reconciling our nature.

A guard came down in a panic to inform us that a zombie plague had claimed most of the human world, and I cracked. My body took over and I leaped at him, knawing on his neck while simultaneously humping against him. It was a strangely erotic and satisfying experience. As I fed, my body healed from its starved state, until I finally regained control. I realized what I had done in an explosion of shame. I deserved to die, I thought. I screamed and collapsed in a fit, yelling to my sisters that I may have killed the last survivor of the human race. They gathered me and insisted we inspect what evil had befallen the humans. We quickly found the zombified humans, and began searching the rooms for survivors, while fending off the infected. There was a clear distinction that surprised me in this dream about how alive the vampires were. They feared the zombies, and feared for their own lives, and even their own salvation. They themselves believed they were evil, and it brought them such shame and sadness. They wanted to walk in the light amongst humans. Read the dream in its entirety, it has a happy ending.

The governments of the world may accept this hemotaphagous species because they wish to live among us as equals. They seemed to care, and hold mankind in reverence, wanting to learn from us. Granted, it'd be a strange relationship.

Read Part 2 for ordered review of all other races listed in the book. 


  1. First off, the Maitre are not native to Megopie, they took those planets from another race because they destroyed there own native home plane. The Draconians had nothing to do with there creation, that was all the Biefin(Priditor looking race) and the teachers. The Biefin had the idea to make a race of soldiers but it didn't work because the Maitre(Not known as the Maitre then) did not listen to the Biefin. So they left. Then the teachers came along and further advanced the DNA of Maitre to make them benevolent but it didn't work. The Maitre remained violent and attacked the teachers often. They were also now more advanced. There life span was 700 years but the teachers shortened it to make them go through evolution faster. The Maitre became badassed about 1.1 million years ago. They attacked and almost killed all of mars, they kidnapped the first race in an attempt to make a Maitre superior. They already had 4 hybrids called Maitre 2. Mostly for spies but we're also very violent. They are here causing the division in the Middle East with ISIS. They also seam to be present in every major battle in human history. Watch Maitre the briefing on YouTube for more information.

    1. Thank you for your comment Dustin. Could you send me an email I would appreciate a more in-depth dialogue with you on the information you provided.