May 13, 2014

Welcoming a New Investigative Agent!

Prompted by a string of comments by people with their own Red Grid Marks, I have decided to bring aboard a partner to help me handle the caseload. Previously known as 'Michael' from my first case, Jordon has followed my work and become a valuable asset in dream experiments. Together, we are exploring the capabilities of spirit communication via dream signaling, contact, calling, and downloading (where we receive information about the other person). We've managed to transmit and receive cold calls from each other. Jordon will meditate on wanting to contact me before going to sleep, then check a day or two later if I received anything. I will channel information for him about his personal life, and report my readings.

Jordon came to me originally about the red grid that appeared on his back. He ended up trusting me with a secret that plagued his nights. A malevolent presence would invade his psychological space to rape, abuse, and absorb the energy of him feeling a lack of control. After a thorough background and history, and failed attempts to fight the presence, Jordon found success in unleashing his doubt to the possibility of astral flight. He found himself escaping the control of this being by conquering his fear and learning to levitate of his own accord.

We worked to generate a faith in something safe and loving that could aid him. His personal work was paying off. On one occasion where he again rose himself away from the beings imminent presence, Jordon saw the sky open up above him as if he had opened the map to the universe. A star shined and he believed it was my light standing out (April 20th, 2014 Dream; Interview April 24th).

Now, I have invited him to join me by following up on cases with me as an investigator. This is his coming out to embrace a mission we believe he could play a significant role for approaching changes in.

Welcome to the Team, Jordon!

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