Apr 17, 2014

The Unveiling

 "'...They use tornadoes to clean.' In that moment I recognized this was not some random act of nature, this was a deliberate effort by a living force with technology sophisticated and grand enough to induce a storm on an area that has never before been witnessed in human history." 
 -From Act 2 about launched tornadoes to cleanse an area

Foreward: A dream I've been waiting for. Nothing could have prepared me for the strangeness of some of the details. It compiled multiple topics of consideration I've meditated on for going on a year now.

Dream 4/17/14: First scene I remember is walking in a busy city with a few family members. Most people are walking about their daily tasks, but something is different. There's a change in the air of potentially global proportions, certainly something that affects our city and surrounding cities. Anomalies in the sky, in the clouds, sudden discolorations and movements that should not be there. Does anyone else see these oddities?

I pause from my group to stare hard at a section of the sky where symmetrical lines and circles outline what could be a large alien ship. The harder I concentrate, the more it takes shape until it completely becomes clear as though uncloaked at being caught. But the size I anticipated did not come close to its actual size. The mother ship filled half my line of sight in the sky. Massive. I turn quickly to my family. "Do you see that? Something is going on!"

When I turned I became aware of other half-cloaked areas. A huge passenger spaceship was being constructed by humans in the middle of the city block. The colors reflected like water as I moved around the site. I sense they would be concerned that I was trying to unveil them, but they were in such a hurry to finish that they set aside any agenda to hide anymore. The alien announcement of presence and purpose was upon us and a revolution would begin. Some people were aware of these construction sites hidden in inner spaces around the city, especially as their cloaks waned with the full view of unknown crafts. (See Further Details at end of post on Decloaking).

I expanded my awareness to scan the rest of the sky over the city. For miles to the horizon, unidentified crafts littered the sky. There was no secret of their presence now.

People were panicked in their minds, some expressed theirs externally, but most were simply unsure and afraid. They didn't know what else to do but try to go about some of their regular tasks and places to be with familiar people and exchange information. There was no mass panic in the way we always assume there would be.

The passenger ship the human engineers and astrophysicists are building is not intended to hold a large quantity of people. I get a drowning sense that those seats are already reserved. The people I walk with in these streets are doomed to weather this new reality themselves without escape.

"This is it!" I say. "This is what I've been telling you about all this time." My excitement in this confirmation of suspicions overrides whatever pride I have. Instead, I am inclined to point it out to those around me too scared to look at all the unveiling ships and people and projects around us. They know something is there, but not what. 

I walk on up a paved path beside two buildings away from the busier streets. Reflections of hidden areas are unraveling to me. I catch sight of another construction area closed off with temporary fencing. Some of it is a garden area, but a large portion of it is erecting a ship more massive than the passenger one. A crane higher than any nearby building shifts with the colors of the sky, outlining its shape far above me. How could these projects have been underway right here in the spaces we walk everyday? I thought to myself. The crane was busy at work, almost frantic to make completions.
It caught my attention before and led me down this path.

In the corner of my eye I see a figure walking inside the fencing. The being has the whitest blonde hair I've ever seen, long, and pale skin, with enough peach color to not look like a ghost. He is dressed in a long-sleeved garment like an Elf, with rich reflective colors and designs (reminds me of fish skin) in a triangular cut over his lower half, sewn into his robe. His outfit was a cross between Lord of the Rings Elvish wear and a Jedi Knight's garb (no cloak):  beige, taupe, dry pink colors. 

I knew he was not human. I grabbed the first person that walked by me and pointed them in the direction of the being as I called for him. He heard me! He paused gracefully and turned. He walked in a garden you might make at a retirement home or in front of a doctors office. It had a little walking path that curved in between neatly tended shrubbery, flowers, rock formations, and man-made streams. "What is this place? Do you know what's going on? Are you part of the fleet in the sky?" I asked with the same exuberance as before.

His lips curled into a smile and he laughed. He laughed with sadistic amusement.

I pulled back, let the person I held continue on, this time with their head down and their hand covering their face. Their pace intensified.

This alien being was not friendly. He walked away uproarious with laughter. My skin crawled. Shit. This IS an invasion.

ACT 2: Already boiling with grey clouds, the same ones that somehow seemed to be the very ships
that were unveiling in the sky, grew and rotated. In the distance I saw rapid rotation. "That's a funnel cloud!" I yelled from the vehicle I was traveling in with a group of others.

"There's another over here!" Someone else declared. Tornadoes were dropping all around us. I debated with myself what was happening. This area never gets tornadoes. How was the unveiling of the alien fleet related to these storms?

"Go in-between these two." I directed our driver along a path between two tornadoes.

I can't accurately express the horror of this situation, feeling trapped. This was an attack with weather. We were being attacked, but I didn't acknowledge that until later.

In the sky to our right I see a ship or a missile on a collision path with an area I knew my parents were in. Running to get to us, I witness them vaporized. What began as an angry rage from mother Earth became a war.

My faith in our driver failed as his panic led him straight toward a tornado. I jumped out with a few others, picked up, and ran from the tornado's path.

We reach a neighborhood or low to middle class houses. The area already looks abandoned, but I sense people are ducked down in their homes. We climb into an empty house and gather our breath from the wind and chaos.

"What is going on?!" Someone in my party cries in panic.

I answered. "This is how its going to be from now on. If we are going to survive, we will spend most of our time scavenging for food. We'll hop from place to place finding whatever we can. We stay mobile, unless we happen upon a stash or can gather enough to stay in one place for awhile." My speech was meant to prepare my sisters for our life ahead, to make it clear so it seems doable.

Our break was cut short as two new thin tornadoes touched down close be in one direction, while another large one twice the distance away approached from the opposite direction. "There's two coming over there, we have to move!" I say. "And another from this way!" Someone else said.

"C'mon, we got to get out of here!" I yelled hurriedly. They lingered in disbelief.

We crossed the street to an overhang shelter and paused to realize another one approached from down the street.

"Where are all these tornadoes coming from?" My little sister asks.

Matter of factly, and with some amount of calm and intention to invoke understanding, I say "They're cleaning up. Like sweeping. You sweep your house to clean? They use tornadoes to clean." In that moment I recognized this was not some random act of nature, this was a deliberate effort by a living force with technology sophisticated and grand enough to induce a storm on an area that has never before been witnessed in human history. I could no longer see the ships though. All we saw were sudden accumulations of clouds and funnels. The two rope tornadoes we saw across the street were made of thin white clouds with no substance to produce rain, much less a spinning vortex. These were molded. It made us feel targeted.

A family running up the road from the tornado down the street was sucked up into it. We had to keep going. I was not going to lose the only three people left with me (a younger sister, older sister, and aunt). We run.

ACT 3: Out of the storm, a giant walks onto the street, surprising the hell out of us. This fantastical apocalypse just crossed with the realm of imaginary beings. The giant spoke at us. It wanted to handle us like new playthings. It had been locked away or denied access to joys it sought for many centuries. Now it was free. It was not a boss of sorts, just a creature unleashed by the same overlapping of realities as the alien ships and hidden construction sites. We didn't want to test the theory that this being really did want to help us. We turned around and began to run.

Two steps in front of us a trap door fell. We dropped down a vertical shaft into a tight space. No where to go. The walls were carved smooth.

I turned into the face of the giant as a secondary form, matching our proportions. It was female now, with tangled black hair, a slimy face, rotted teeth, rags for clothing... a most unpleasant witch-like creature. She stuck her face forward inquisitively, touching our hair and skin. Fuck.

My appearance changed as well suddenly. I became a high-ruling princess with golden hair and a beautiful (everyday) gown. "Perhaps we could make a trade." I proposed. I took four golden hair clips out of my hair and placed them in her hand. "These are pure gold. Put them here, and here in your hair." I touched the sides of her forehead and back of her head where I had pulled them from mine.

"Oooh." She exclaimed.

I needed to make the deal more appealing.

"Where did you get these from?" She asked.

"From my love." Sadness shone on my face.

"Where is he? Will he not be upset?"

"He was killed in the storms that rage on the surface."

"You will like Verdreanel (some weird name)! Come, he be your new love." The creature expected to pair me with one of her other captures.

"Wait, Verdreanel! He is my love! You have him?" My hope became alive. "Where is he? Take me to him."

"Yes," she began to lead me the way, hopping about excitedly. In a sequence I don't remember, she decides my hair is adequate exchange since I won't need it where I'm going. What good are gold barets without the gold hair to put them in.

I push my head up this muck (dimensional change), to see bones and a male head sticking out two feet from mine. This muck pit is situated on a rock bed connected to a tall rock cliff. We are underground, there is no sky, but there is light in the uppermost ceiling a thousand feet up like its own atmosphere. Its colors are pink and purple and white swirls. Its a hellish place. Moaning and raucous noises echo between the two cliffs.

"Verdreanel. Turn around!"

He turns. I (as this ruling princess character) recognize his face strongly and am overcome with relief. He is glad to see me, though we are trapped in this fate, buried alive in mud and dark, rotten moss. "What did you do with your hair?" He questions.

"It was a sacrifice." I replied.

Further Detail on Decloaking: 

The light reflections of the decloaking sites and crafts were the most stunning things I've ever seen in my dreaming. How could I have imagined that when I can't even find accurate renderings to represent it from the internet? I searched for 'reflective shielding', but that only turned up aluminum-like materials. This image from Predator Unmasked is the closest thing I could find resembling the failing of the reflective tech or dimensional shifting I saw. Though, what I saw was not as ghostly. It was a matter of angle. Some areas became very clear in their full physical form, like maybe torso and one side of arms of legs, while the rest was indistinguishable from the background image, rendered invisible, except for a beautiful sheen of the light spectrum (like a fish's scales have a colorful sheen). Sometimes you could see outline or shape, but the transparent sheen with the background image was overlain in the other deatils. The human craft being built, for example, the windows were clearly visible, but the outside paneling of the ship had the transparent sheen with some outline. Again I think of water, how the surface reflects the outer world, but you can see through it to the bottom. Imagine the water ... [Why don't you want me to say that?

I'm getting biofeedback on that sentence:  "Imagine the water as a physical object." Why? What is inaccurate?

The water IS a physical object. Yes. Okay. But in trying to explain to a reader how to understand the way this veil works... What am I talking about, I don't even understand. Walk me through it then.

The water is a physical object. What are the ships and people hidden behind that veil than? How do they start to unveil into the same space with us? I'm again back to reflections on the water, as you keep leading me back to with this investigation into the overlapping realms. Water only reflects the physical world. Aww. The realms only reflect... No. Incomplete. Okay... The realms will align, are aligning, merging. I get that. Affiliation insignias on the uniforms of visiting alien beings to other contactees, as well as their conversations with those beings placing an importance on their role to prepare us for this merging confirms that for me.

But how are there humans also behind that veil? They weren't spirits of the dead. Who has access to those realms?

The only thing that's ever perfectly represented on the surface of still water without shadow is pure light, the sky.

Is it something like reading in between the lines? If I stare at a space or object long enough, deep enough, will I start to see the veiled beings and things? Is that not just hallucination?

I wish I had a messenger like dreamers in the Bible who could help me decipher in my 4D perspective the images of my dreams. If I already do, he really wants me to work for it.

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