Apr 7, 2014

Do Dreams Read and Retain Electrical Energy?

The brain may be able to tap into encountered electrical field. 

I've been fixing my car the last few weeks. The tail lights were out, the dashboard dials and lighting
stopped working, the airbag signal beeps incessantly once I close the door, and the starter began having trouble. Though the forums said replacing battery cables is an easy task, it was painstaking for me. I saved a bunch of money doing it my route, but still it was a long process to hoist the car and change the positive cables on the starter. Car manufacturers did not make my model to be friendly for a mechanic. Tubes and cables overlap each other so much so in this crammed space. Replacing anything in there is a hassle.

According to some forum posts, my model has a common issue of wires being cut or broken in the hatch assembly where the hatchback door opens. The wiring for the taillights, back wiper, license lights, etc. run together in a clump at the crease of the door. Sure enough, one of the wires was cut through, and a bunch others were exposed and rubbing. I patched those with electrical tape and connected some extra wire to the cut one so it would touch, then wrapped it tight (didn't have the right cinching/crimping tools).

I couldn't get back to fixing my car for a week, and during that time the windows were down, and the battery unhooked and a few of my new cable parts were laying under the hoisted car. I was nervous someone would steal something, so I made sure nothing expensive or important was in the car, and hid the old cables under the car (didn't care about those much). Thought I was as careful as I could be given the circumstance of my schedule and the condition of my car, but I still worried. I set up a protective shield on my car with my imagination, asking that anyone who walks by will be oblivious to its windows being down, and assume because its raised that its broken and not worth stealing anything from.

When I got down to work on the car again at the end of the week, the most important cable I needed was missing. I searched all the bags and took kits, inside the tarp laid down under the car, in the seats of both my car and my partner's. Nowhere. Dammitdammitdammit. Did someone take the one cable I can't easily replace? It connects from the starter to a plug near the battery, and that plug end means buying the specialty part. I'm sure its not expensive, the annoyance would be that fixing the car would again be delayed, my day meant to spend on it would be scrapped, and my trip in three days would be in jeopardy. I double and triple checked bags and the gravel driveway around the car. As I looked, I tried to channel, asking my guide and any knowing energies around where it would. "Did someone really steal the one hard to replace cable?" I couldn't tell at first if the anxiety I felt in response was a confirming answer or a No, as my channeling typically would work. The situation was becoming hopeless, so I surrendered. Where is it? And I listed each possibility I could thing of and listened for the response. I kept being directed back to the car. In the engine somehow? Why would it be there? Did I throw it in there when I closed up the car last time? That doesn't make sense, but I'll look. I scanned under the hood, not sure what I was looking for, expecting to find a strewn out cable, though I know I didn't do that, that would have been so reckless of me. I spot a plug that looks unattached. Wait. Is that it? I grab it. Indeed its unattached. Its the plug end I was looking for hanging out from where it disappears deeper into the car behind parts and hoses. OH! Right, it attaches to the starter and I added it when I connected the new battery cable down there. I had forgot. It was ready and waiting for me to just connect it to the socket laying near it. Wow, how did I forget that? I connected it and took a moment to thank whatever energy helped me find and remember that. Maybe spirits really do have an easy time locating electrical things, as my interviewee explained about his phantom who helps him find only missing electronics around his house.

Unfortunately, despite all my effort, my car is still not fixed. The tail lights and dashboard lights do work now, probably from me fixing that broken wire. But the dials and turn signals don't. A friend who helped me yesterday with the battery cables wants to replace the end of the pos. cable that connects to the fuse box as one final idea. That may help the flow of voltage. I'm back to the drawing board otherwise.

Last night I dreamed I was working on my car and I was back at the hatch assembly where I fixed the cut wire. I moved the clump of wires around and found two more clearly split wires, a black one and a striped colored one. Oh, what a relief and surprise! I thought. It was just there was two that were still inhibiting the flow.

That was all of that scene. Waking up today, I have great doubt that that is true, but I will check. Before I do, I am investigating why the airbag light is the only thing in the dash freaking out. I will return with an update after I see an auto electrician today about the problem.

UPDATE: Turns out all the patchwork I did solved the original problem. The unrelated problem that arose later was the result of my partner messing with the fuse box (though I assured him I already checked the fuses). The instrument cluster fuse was missing altogether. He must have returned the fuse to the wrong hole. Only after my partner played around (though I already checked the fuses), did the dash lights and signal lights stop working. I had wondered about that coincidence, but gave him the benefit of the doubt and figured the original problem had expanded to affect my instruments as well.

Anyway, this is why dreaming is so confusing. The dream showed two wires cut in half impeding the flow of energy through to the other side. It indicated a hole in the flow. But instead of showing me exactly where the flow was impeded, it showed me the most recent example of the same problem. Maybe I'm reaching, I don't know. Perhaps there still is a wiring problem in that cluster that isn't a problem right now but will be soon that I don't know about. Something else doesn't make sense. Why was there two wires shown instead of one if all that needed replacing was one fuse? Rewiring the one I did solved the tail light problem, along with replacing the cables to the battery. Things are smoother, but I specifically recall feeling ... Wait. I have a hunch. I taped many wires in that cluster. I was shown a black and a striped green colored one in the dream. Well, the green one was the one I had to rewire, but I also taped a black one (among others). The dream could have been showing me that my patchwork taping of those two wires DID solve the original problem I was asking about. Specifics, specifics. Dreams, more often than not, tell me where I've been with increased clarity and truth than I can recognize when awake.

Well, my car is finally fixed! With a little help from some friends, physical and non-physical. Thank you!

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