Jun 13, 2014

Supernatural Encounters

 Summary: Encounter with a Christian God, clairaudience, diamond-shaped UFO imitating stars, and orbs; Working as agent for an ill lord, depiction of good and evil vying for superiority, uncovering a doublecross by the lord's adviser, holographic technology, remote suggestion to human agents, turtle race to determine superiority,

The night prior to this dream set, I sat alone in my car staring in calm wonder at the swirling color changes of the Acappella star in the sky, the same one that some months prior I had finally looked at through a telescope, decided in ecstatic bliss that it wasn't just a star, and then witnessed a beautiful, slow comet trail across my line of sight. It was as if something was celebrating and saying "Good Job, you found us!" I imagined a ship's crew cheering in relief and joy before settling back into their duties. We all breathed relief, and knew it was only the beginning of this journey. 

As I stared at that star, I sent a prayer to Lord Ashtar (whom I learned about from a channel I followed, but don't anymore). I said I was ready to expand my awareness, to receive whatever I was missing or resisting. I declared my submission to the wisdom of the Galactics. My prayer was answered in abundance. 
What follows is one of my most significant dreams from two years ago, for the first time in its entirety. This is a two part dream series containing multiple scenes, all from the same night of dreaming.

Sequence One: In my old room at my parent's house upstairs, facing the sky of the setting sun, where I used to gaze out at the open sky. A strange sensation fills my body. Someone is calling my name from within. I look down at my torso to see a brilliant stream of light erupt from my belly, and curve into an arc to meet the other side of my abdomen. I concentrate on the light until I realize there is an outline of a face staring back at me. The energy is a mix of water and electricity. At one point, the energy clogged along one string near the outer edge. The thickness of the flow started shrinkig in from that spot, then cleared the clog, sending a ripple of electricity back through the dozens of long glowing worms that made up this image. Its color was bright yellow and white, like lightning. [This lightning feature reminded me of the lizard I once saw in a previous dream.]

Amazed, I finally ask, "Who are you?" He was waiting for me to speak first, letting me absorb what was in front of me.

"I am God." He stated clearly. His voice was calm, but echoed.

Holy Shit! is honestly what I thought. God was giving me a personal visit? I asked him so many questions, thoroughly excited to have the chance to do so. I asked him if he could show himself to me in reality, my having already desperate to witness a manifestation of a super-dimensional being. He seemed angry, and lectured me on not being willing to accept him as the jealous and angry God that he is. Our connection began to wane. It was like the volume was turning down, or he was moving farther away. I tried to move around to adjust for interference. I asked him to repeat things and explained what was happening.

In an instant, he had switched from the face of flowing light strings to a voice in my left ear. The clarity was so precise, he sounded as though he were standing right next to me. He was transmitting directly to my ear drum. The signal was still faint, so I cupped my hand around my ear, pulling my lobe forward to redirect the sound waves back in. That improved the volume.

I explained that I do want to understand him, but that I was struggling to accept my creator as both an angry and loving personality. I asked if maybe he could send me a representative who could better help me know him. I figured I was being insulting, but I honestly wanted to learn.

I've been pacing around while we talk. I stop at the window to see an orb dancing around outside. God is jabbering away as I watch this orb grab the attention of a group of children by flying deliberately across their faces. They look up in awe and gleefully try to catch it. Good, I think to myself. There are witnesses, I'm not crazy.

The final question I ask, the one I had been holding back for fear of granting him the greatest insult of my curiosity:  "Are there are any others like you?" I was asking if he were the only god in the universe, or if there were others. I'm nervously awaiting either to be struck dead or to feel the rumble of anger clouds growing above me. Instead, there was silence. "Hello?" Silence. I had lost the signal. Damnit, I lost the signal with God because of my lack of faith.

I look out at the sky after a sense of movement. The orb wanders away and I notice four stars moving in unison toward the north. "Look!" I shout to the kids. "Those stars are moving away together! It's a ship!" I'm amazed how well the color within the diamond shape of the four stars matched seamlessly that of the night sky. There were never stars in the center of the four, but the sky in the city only shows bright stars anyway, so there weren't many specks of light to see in the distances between the larger stars. I also couldn't believe how exact the four points of the ship imitated the light of little stars. I watched it fly silently and slowly over the trees and out of sight. I had the distinct impression that this ship made our communication possible. I sent thanks to it.

Sequence Two: I'm in a beautiful landscape with a group of working women. We are tending to pigs and chickens, some are sitting peeling vegetables talking. I am wearing a lovely, but loose two piece blue satin outfit. The bottoms remind me of Jasmine's from Disney's Aladdin movie, but much bolder blue. The top is not more than a thick ribbon wrapped across my breasts. I also have a ribbon around my head of the same color.

One of the pigs is nosing my top open to try and breast feed on me. I am embarrassed and confused. The women around me are both laughing at it and teasing the logic of the idea. (I was breast feeding my son at this point in my life).

An elder woman in perhaps her forties approaches us with two handmaidens. She is elegant and wise, though with smooth and beautiful skin is wearing a mauve (light purple/pinkish) dress with a large skirt and long sleeves. There is more intricate beadwork on hers than on mine, and over her head is a flying nun. She is kind and solemn. I recognize her status reigns higher than me. I am inclined to call her Lady and bow to her, though she is too humble to accept such formality.

I am fascinated by the difference in our garb and ask her how she came to earn the dress she wears. Her thoughts were distracted, so instead I asked her why she was so sad. She explained the lord that protects and governs our lands is deteriorating. He is growing weak. She is his companion and confidant, though not wife. He had no wife I was aware of. This woman was the closest thing to a Queen of the realm. I recognize at last that I am a servant in a kingdom to the lord this Lady is concerned for.

An announcement sounds that a neighboring lord has arrived to visit our kingdom. We all move across fields of grass to greet our King and our visitor. Our King was wheeled to the greeting, looking indeed sickly and old. He wore a white robe. The visiting lord wore a black robe, how deliciously obvious. He was younger, arrogant, but cunning. The Lord in Black commented on our Lord's aging appearance, tossing candid insults at him. Our lord was unaffected by the presumptuous bashing, making the Lord in Black's remarks show more about a long held frustration with division of power. He was here to propose a challenge that might win him what he wanted, full dominion. 

"Prove you are still worthy to reign..." The Lord in Black challenged. "Compete with me in a turtle race!" 

What an odd way to display superiority, I thought to myself. Turtles aren't very intimidating. These people were strange. I thought the race to be frivolous and silly. We had more important matters than to humor the childish envy of this neighboring lord.

A servant then brought out a small turtle in a tight cage, which the Lord in Black sung praises for its speed and determination. It was an all black turtle with thin lightning strikes as the only coloring running down from the top of its shell. [I have not been able to find a turtle with these colors and markings in nature, but the lightning strikes were incredibly significant to me because they were the same brilliance and energy type as what the face of flowing energy bursted from my abdomen was made of who called himself God.]

My heart cried out to the turtle in its crammed space, a slave to this being with no real concern for it other than its ability to serve him. The cage wrapped snugly around the creature. There was no room to move. Anger grew hot in my body. Surely, our lord doesn't raise turtles for racing and keep them in small cages for display. 
Our lord seemed confused and senile. He broke his fog to explain he didn't have a turtle to race with. His advisers reminded him he did. I can't recall what that turtle looked like, only that it was cared for. There was no significant emotion emanating from it, which was better than the strength of the sadness and plea I felt from the black turtle. 

As the race began, I snuck away to perform my covert duty. I made my way to a warehouse, with the sounds of cheers from the race muffled from the distance. I slip inside a specially sealed door, and quietly close it behind me. The room has tall vaulted ceilings with light streaming in from windows above, and more space lengthwise than width. Near the door to my right is a 3D holographic map inlaid into a square table. The map was a model size of the Kingdom, but built with holographic legos to simplify the amount of detail and appeal to child abilities within us. It depicted everyone's movements as feet prints, and I believe we were organizing ground agents by moving pieces as well, like a signaling system. Moving a piece transmits an order to an agent of where to go and what to do there because my logic is attached to the move and the message transmitted.

My partner, Chris, is sitting on a dark red loveseat in front of a large holographic projection screen playing a Batman video game, except that Batman character was really fighting someone else in the kingdom. Chris was remote controlling a drone spy, super soldier.

Without looking up, he asked how things looked outside. I explained the race and how frail our lord looks. I also notice my abdomen is cramping. I wonder to myself if my waking body is starting menstruation. Only later did I remember the first dream sequence. This cramping felt like post-labor pains. Had I birthed God in order to communicate with him?!

Chris breaks my wonder over the pain in my gut to grant me an update on his end. "I just have more troubling news. There is a leak in our order. Someone close to the King is sabotaging him."

"I bet its his advisor, the Leader of his Guards. I was hoping he'd summon me up to his chambers already so I could question him."

"You're going to sleep with him?"

"That is my skill set, that is the only way someone will learn his truth." I walk to the Lego map and coordinate a few things. An event catches me eye, unfolding as feet prints and emotional download. "Wait, there's someone with the Adviser." I inform the agents and insist they converge on the location. [Note: I wish to be clear that both Chris and I were not controlling the human agents, we were delivering suggestions that they received and executed at their discretion. The cooperation was such that they responded quickly enough to make it appear like immediate and direct control. This may be how higher forces coordinate events on Earth, by transmitting suggestions we feel as inclinations or reflexes in our bodies that make odd synchronicities happen. Like a late cat owner deciding the best place for the kennel and quality litter box she no longer needs aren't on Craigslist or donated to Goodwill or the dump, but out on the street where a woman debating whether to add a soon-to-be-born kitten to her busy family happens to come upon. Or when Linda Howe's arm felt oddly compelled to roll up her car window moments before a deer jumped out of the forest in front of her car. These messages are subtle, and constant, but we resist and interfere with their reception. We would more easily execute them if we had faith and trust in the forces we let guide us.]

"They are struggling... Oh. He just disappeared." I stare at what once was two sets of close feet prints become one. "Someone else just killed him."

"What? Really?"

"I guess I won't have to sleep with him. That's odd." I didn't give an order to terminate. Who killed him? Was it someone aware of his betrayal, or someone who wanted to keep him silent? "Shit." Either way that meant we couldn't get all the information we needed. He was not the highest notch on the totem pole. Someone else had to be pulling his strings. We were hoping he would give up his master. I suspected the Lord in Black from the beginning, that his visitation was not just a casual taunt. He came to have one of his men exterminate their infiltrator. One threat was gone, but the larger one remained. Our Lord was safe for the time being.

Extra Dream set in my old room looking out the window as well, dated within a year before Nov. 2012:  A scene is displayed in the sky of Obama and an opposing presidential candidate waving together at the audience. One group (the faceless candidate) wore Nazi armbands and made the Hile gesture to the crowd, and Obama and followers wore blue armbands. Though they wore complementary colors, they were after the same goals, unbeknownst to the public.

Alien ships started appearing in rows growing outward from the platform where the candidates stood over the audience. The crafts were stationary. Obama was announcing their existence.

Broadcasting ended, and the truth of the scene was revealed. The sky lifted like a stage set, and individual humans climbed out of the wooden seats where they pretended to be UFOs. The actors chatted and laughed about the gullibility of the viewers. It was a silly game to them. The whole disclosure was a setup. They showed only enough to satisfy accusations.

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