Jun 12, 2014

Reptilians Revisited

Recommended reading Item 2 in Investigations Page as back story and for links to posts about the individual creatures listed below.

Looking back through my encounters with reptiles (lizard, dinosaur/Thunderbird, turtle, eggs, frogs, dragons, snakes), I'm wondering why I have lost contact with the spirits of those races. They were trying to tell me something and I let fear overwhelm the message. Alien research emphasizes the deceptiveness, manipulation, and tyrannical nature of ONE or two Reptilian races. Dreams read averages though. I was only getting two out of a dozen reptilian featured dreams with the brutal nature ET Reptilians are recognized for. Each time they were Dragons. Even then, however, I've had cooperative relationships with a dragon, perhaps from a different group or race. I should not have been presumptuous and discriminatory.

Fuck mainstream understanding. I wish to re-establish contact with these species. If I reconsider the messages of those old dreams, they were very clearly not showing me reptilians (the ones contacting me anyway) as malevolent or predatory, though I am aware there are those. They are always in a position of BEING manipulated, exploited, misunderstood, or tracked and killed out of fear. I'm developing a sympathy for reptiles as a result of these dreams. My son (3 years) has developed a strange fascination with the Komodo Dragon after it was featured on Curious George. He wanted to watch every youtube video available about Komodo Dragons. Odd, considering his unusual nightmares about dinosaurs that are also somehow friendly (according to him). Freaked me out nonetheless, considering the research I do.

I used to recognize that the reptiles and amphibians I was seeing were not the same malevolent species many other people have encountered, as indicated in this post, where I identify different consciousness' I have directed my prayers and questions to, including "the benevolent or lost Reptilians (in the forms of a turtle, a lizard, a dragon, a prehistoric fossilized 'Thunderbird' all in separate dreams...) calling to me."

The Reptilian dilemma of distinction is multi-layered because of the number of races and personality types represented. There are reptilians that prey on sexual energy, there are reptilians that consume flesh, there are reptilians that abstain from feeding to the point of starvation, some can camouflage their appearance, some are shy, others wish to be close to us, others still are exploited. Two races had overpopulation problems.

We must be careful how quick we are to respond with fear.

Another concern I keep hearing is if Reptilians are masters of deception, how can we know if we are being deceived? Think about what state of mind that concern creates:  fear, doubt, anxiety. You play into their hands to be even more under their control if you allow those emotions to rule you. It invites them to feed on you. Develop a spiritual support network, have archetypes and spirits and entities you can call upon to have your back. Recognize that truth is transparent if you believe it to be stronger. You will begin to see the double images overlapping one another, the facade and the hidden truth. The truth is about faith and knowing with your sixth sense. Faith and relationship with truth will attract it to you. You will see it even when you are not trying. Truth is not fear, because fear creates doubt and anxiety. Now here's the thing, anything you can imagine is technically true. Here in lies the power. If everything, any side of a coin, is true, you need only to focus onto the truth you wish. The spirit world is shaped by consciousness. When you believe you have the power to see through a deception, that reality is strengthened in the spirit realm. If you are being visited by a predatory race, realize that every fraction of knowledge you learn about that being is working against him. Pursue truth at every opportunity. Manipulate him to learn more about him. Arm yourself with knowledge. It will bring you confidence. The way it handles you, the emotions or lack of emotions it broadcasts, its facelessness, are all clues. Use them against it. It hides itself because its ugly, or its afraid to reveal anything about itself to you. Ignorance and masks are its power. What is a master of disguises weaknesses? For his true face to be seen, for his disguise to fail, for his deception to have no effect. Override his control. Love him. Hug him. Be so angry at him you no longer feel fear, and no longer hear his threats or respond to his mocking tone. Whatever will work.

The reptilians you have to watch out for are serpentine shapeshifters. However, if my vision of the three levels of serpent temperaments is true, one serpent group is aggressive, quick to attack, predatory for the sake of sinking its teeth in something. Its after the kill and the thrill. The second is shy and prone to lash out from fear if taunted. This kind of snake is best left alone or observed from a distance, so it doesn't know you're there. The third is friendly to the point of being annoying. It wants so desperately to curl up with you like a baby kitten and enjoy your company and warmth. If it is carnivorous, it will not feed on something like you, it will stick to alternatives like mice. With this one, set boundaries, but show it welcome. It has a cool temperament and needy nature.

Not all are sadists. Observe first before letting fear rule you. Caution is sensible, fear is surrender. You can't fight a first tier serpent with fear governing your actions. It is empowered by your fear, and will be attracted to you more deeply if you have no discipline over it. Channel it, let it fuel a hot rage, observe and take notes, empathize, feel sorry for it, tease its disturbing nature. Be kind first to yourself. Identify to yourself that you are afraid and ask yourself why. Move through that thought process, let it take you on a natural course of data gathering and self-awareness.

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